Choosing the Right Rehab

What is a Rehab?

What is a rehab? Rehab is a term used to imply rehabilitation. All kinds of rehabs exist.  When those that provide alcohol and drug treatment use the term rehab, they are referring to a rehabilitation center. Rehabs or Rehabilitation Centers are typically residential facilities. However, some people reference some intensive outpatient treatment programs as outpatient rehabs.

What should you look for in a Rehab?

When you are considering choosing a rehab facility, it is important to consider if you are interested in a Residential Rehab Facility or Intensive Outpatient Rehab Facility. They are completely different types of programs. A residential rehab facility is a place where you stay and live at the addiction treatment center while you attend the treatment programs. The Intensive Outpatient Rehabs are addiction treatment centers that you only attend so many hours per week. Many people that have severe alcohol or drug problems will need a Residential Rehab Facility and those with moderate alcohol, or drug usage will qualify for an Intensive outpatient rehab program.

The Commitment of Time:

No matter which type of rehab you choose to attend both require your motivation, dedication, effort and time. Your commitment to following through with screenings, assessments, and appointments to meet with the staff at the treatment center is important. Many people with severe alcohol or drug problems prefer to utilize the services of a Residential Rehab Facility because all addiction treatment services are all in one place and one location. Staying at the Residential Treatment Center is convenient for many individuals. Those with moderate alcohol or drug problems tend to like the less intense time that an outpatient rehab facility offers.

Rehab Lengths of Stay in Programs:

Each rehab facility offers different lengths of programs at there treatment center. Some programs are 30-Day Rehab Programs, and others are 90-Day Rehab programs. Most Outpatient Rehabs last anywhere between 6-weeks to 9-weeks. Some programs can last up to 6-months to one year, but most of these programs are specialized and focused drug rehabs for special populations.

Licensed Rehabs:

When choosing the right Rehab, you should pick a facility that has a license to operate in that state. It is important because licensed alcohol or drug rehab programs must follow certain rules and procedures to operate a substance use disorder facility. Facilities that have a substance use disorder license are mandated to protect the individuals that they serve.


Many facilities take things to the next level, and they choose to get accredited by Third Party organizations that are designed to review a facility to make sure it is performing to higher standards of care. One of these third-party organizations is called The Joint Commission. Facilities that are accredited by The Joint Commission go through a very rigorous process to maintain their accreditation status.

Inpatient Addiction Rehab:

There is another level of care offered by some alcohol and drug rehabs. This level of care is called an inpatient addiction treatment, inpatient treatment, inpatient alcohol rehab or inpatient rehab. This level of care focuses on treating more acute stages of alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal. Some drugs also cause physical withdrawal symptoms that are more severe and requires this level of care. Anyone that may experience medical complications in medical detoxification is often required to utilize this level of care of treatment.

Medical Detoxification:

Those that enter a residential treatment setting may require medical detoxification. It is advisable that one discusses with a treatment center the amount, frequency, and length of time one has been drinking alcohol or using other prescription drugs. In some cases, medical detoxification may be needed to help a person deal with withdrawal symptoms. Medical Detoxification will help someone before they enter residential treatment. The medical staff will make sure a person is safe and not experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms. If you do have to go into detox before attending a residential rehab, it is important to ask a treatment provider up front if they have a medical detoxification unit on site.

Call a Treatment Center Direct:

When you have made up your mind that you want to attend an alcohol rehab or drug rehab, then contact the treatment organization directly. Don’t waste time calling third-party hotlines. These hotlines are often not affiliated with the treatment facility. Third Party Hotlines don’t know the details of a treatment organization or services. They are placement services and are not licensed by a state or authorized to give you true information regarding treatment. Stick to calling the facility directly to protect yourself and learn more about an organization’s treatment services.

For information regarding treatment services, you can contact Summer Sky Treatment Center direct at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to being of assistance to you or a loved one.

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