Best Texas Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs

Best Texas Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs:

Our Texas Drug Rehabs are among the most excellent and effective types of drug rehabilitation programs in the State of Texas. We are on a mission to effectively help people get into treatment and recover from their addictions to alcohol or drugs.

The staff at Summer Sky Treatment Center® has a bold goal in mind for 2022 & 2023. We want to help someone from every single city in the State of Texas. That means our goal is to help 1,200 people living in incorporated cities throughout the state. An interesting fact is 400 of the cities are less than 1,000 people living in some of these cities.

Now with an estimated 29.53 million people living in Texas, we believe that we can make an impact on addiction by helping people to receive substance use disorder treatment services. Will you be the next person to help us meet our goal? We hope so because you deserve to become free from your addiction.

The Goal is Treatment & Recovery:

The process of change begins when an individual reaches out to one of our Texas drug rehab programs and request help for treatment. Every single person that contacts are admission department matters to us at Summer Sky Treatment Center® we want to be a part of the solution that helps restore balance in your life. The goal is to help you get into treatment & then provide you with treatment services so that you can experience the great quality of life that can be achieved in recovery from your addiction.

What are the Best Types of Substance Use Disorder Treatment Programs?

While there are a lot of different modalities of care that are available for people with substance use disorders we have listed below a sample of the most popular and often utilized type of addiction treatment programs in Texas.

Medical Detox & Stabilization Programs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is one of the first substance use disorder treatment programs to offer the 10-day detox & stabilization program in the State of Texas. The medical detox & stabilization program at Summer Sky is often utilized by people who have previously been in recovery and recently returned to drinking alcohol or using drugs as a result of relapse.

Some people choose our specialized medical detox & stabilization program because they are just not sure about their use of addictive substances. They know that they are physically dependent on an addictive substance, but they are not sure about the severity of their alcohol or drug use.

Since the Medical Detox & Stabilization program will help clear the toxic buildup of the addictive substance from the body, people can experience detoxification, and then various medical & psychological assessments, labs, and testing can be administered to determine the level of severity of the substance-related problem. This helps determine the next course of action for the individual who is being detoxified from the addictive substance.

Three Reason People Choose Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Programs:

  • Evaluation which involves medical & psychological assessments, medical lab reports, and various screening instruments is utilized along with determining if the individual is dealing with any co-occurring mental, medical, or psychological-related health conditions. During the evaluation phase of detox, an individual will be assessed for psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol, prescription drug addiction, and other forms of drug use problems. The entire process will help in determining the next level of treatment.
  • The Stabilization phase of the detoxification process will include medical & psychological processes that will help the individual to better understand the acute intoxication & withdrawal symptoms and what protocols are needed for continued treatment services after medical detox is completed. When the individual is stabilized, they can make more informed decisions about their treatment plan, direction for more treatment, and what are the best actions to take moving forward.
  • Determining the need for substance use disorder treatment services is the next reason people utilize a Medical Detox & Stabilization Program. The obvious need and in some cases require immediate medical detoxification services, but the advantage of a 10-day detox & stabilization program is that an individual’s acute physical withdrawal symptoms are managed during the detox process. This allows the individual to be stable and prepare for entry into substance use disorder treatment or other types of treatment & recovery support-related services.

All three reasons for seeking help utilizing a medical detox & stabilization program that involve treating the individual’s primary medical withdrawal symptoms in a compassionate and understanding manner. Summer Sky Treatment Center® cares about you and your situation and the medical & psychological conditions that you are dealing with at this time. We understand that your hope and future rely on us helping you make the right choice for what treatment services are best for your situation.

30-Day Treatment Programs:

Some people enter treatment and choose our 30-day treatment programs as the duration of treatment that they desire to utilize for treatment services. This is our most popular type of treatment program and for good reason. The 30-day treatment program at Summer Sky is a comprehensive 30-day treatment program that helps people learn about the causes and conditions of their substance use disorder and offers practical solutions to help the individual remain free from addictive substances.

60-Day Treatment Programs:

When you are dealing with a severe substance use disorder sometime the treatment will require a longer duration of treatment services. This is where our Texas 60-day treatment program becomes an advantage over other shorter-duration of treatment models.

Some people have to remain in medical detox for a longer duration of time because their substance use disorder is just more advanced than other people’s substance use disorders. Addiction is a chronic medical illness that affects the brain, damaging key parts of the cerebral cortex and limbic system.

These two areas of the brain often require more time in treatment, to properly begin to heal correctly. The extra time in treatment becomes an advantage for people that have severe substance use disorders as their brain has been under constant assault from the addictive substances for a prolonged period. The acute (Short-Term) effects of substance use disorder are primarily dealt with during medical detox, however, the more complex longstanding effects of addiction require more time to heal.

People with long histories of substance use or people with multiple medical conditions, and psychiatric disorders along with their substance use disorders can benefit from our 60-day treatment programs. If you deal with co-occurring disorders, dual diagnosis, or additional medical conditions with an addiction then seriously consider entering our 60-day treatment program.

90-Day Treatment Programs:

The 90-day treatment program is our “Gold Standard of Care Treatment Program” it is backed by years of longstanding addiction treatment research as 2/3 of people will return to their use of addictive substances with a shorter duration of treatment programs.

90-day treatment programs are proven to help people heal from the brain damage associated with their substance use disorder. It takes a minimum of 90 days without the use of addictive substances for an individual to notice the full benefits of their brain healing.

The key areas that have been damaged during the addiction are related to the limbic system. Memory, emotional states, and a direct link to conscious, and intellectual functions are all impacted during addiction to substances. During an individual’s 90-day treatment program stay, individuals report improved memory, re-establishment of emotional states, and conscious, intellectual functions improve.

An individual who is going to prevent a relapse from occurring in the future is trained to identify signs and symptoms of the relapse process while enrolled in our 90-day treatment program. More importantly, the individual’s brain can function properly since mental faculties are not dulled, and they can now be aware of their surroundings which helps with identifying triggers or urges to use alcohol or drugs in real time.

Simply, put choosing to attend our 90-day treatment program will enhance your overall life and place you in a better position to deal with your substance use disorder in a sober mindset. It will give you an edge in helping you to remain addiction-free after completing the 90-day treatment program.

Immediate Help for Substance Use Disorder or Alcohol or Drug Problem:

If you need immediate help for a substance, use problem or alcohol or drug problem you can research to discuss our Texas drug rehabs with one of our admissions specialists. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to help answer questions or to enroll you in our addiction treatment programs. You can reach one of our Texas Drug Rehabs Admissions Specialists by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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