Best Medical Detox Program in Texas

Best Medical Detox Programs in Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center is among the best medical detox program in Texas. We help people living all across the state of Texas detox from alcohol or drugs. Our medical detoxification programs help people to recover from their substance use disorders. We provide residential treatment programs along with 30, 60, & 90-day addiction treatment programs, so that you can reclaim your life from addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Medical Detox in Texas:

For over 37 years we have been helping people with our Texas Drug Rehabilitation Programs to break free from their addiction to substances. Our medical detoxification programs help people to deal with the acute withdrawal symptoms that emerge once someone decides to become alcohol or drug-free.

There are many detox options around the State of Texas, but our detox programs also include the option to detoxify from addictive substances and then easily enter into one of our Texas Drug Rehabs.

Detox Alone is insufficient treatment without further care in either an inpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program. Detox is a component of the treatment process and should be used as the first phase of treating a substance use disorder.

Detox With Dignity in Our Texas Detox Programs

Addiction Treatment Professional Recommend Detox:

Most addiction treatment professionals will recommend that an individual enter detox to become free from an addictive substance because they understand that without detox an individual has less chance of participating in other forms of treatment services.

It’s important to understand that detox alone is not a full treatment, but it’s one part of the treatment process that is vitally important, but by itself, it will only treat the physical aspect of an individual’s addiction to substances.

It is wise to choose a medical detox facility that offers treatment services that an individual can transition into for additional drug rehabilitation services after the detox is completed. This will help at addressing the entire problem and not one aspect of the substance use disorder.

Detox Standards of Care:

All of our detox programs are licensed by the State of Texas and accredited by The Joint Commission as a medical detoxification program. Our Detox programs are carried out under the supervision of trained medical doctors who supervise the detox process so that you receive the best medical detox program in Texas.

The 24-hour nursing care along with Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors and other Detox supportive team members will go out of their way to make sure that your detox experience is comfortable and effective at helping you manage the withdrawal symptoms.

 Addiction To Multiple Addictive Substances:

We can help you detoxify from multiple addictive substances, so no matter the types of drugs that you have developed a dependency upon we can help you get free from the addictive substance. Our Detox Center in Texas is an inpatient treatment program so we can help you with some of the most severe forms of substance use disorders.

Common Drugs Requiring Medical Detox

Alcohol Barbiturates
Benzodiazepines Opioid Drugs
Fentanyl Heroin
Diazepam (Valium) Morphine
Hydrocodone (Vicodin) Oxycodone (OxyContin)
Codeine Cocaine
Stimulants Methamphetamines (Crystal meth)
Sedatives Amphetamines (Adderall)
Alprazolam (Xanax) Lorazepam (Ativan)


Withdrawal Symptoms:

Our medical detox programs help people detoxify from addictive substances and we manage a person’s withdrawal symptoms so that they don’t experience the negative consequence that is associated with acute withdrawal.

Our 24-hour medical team will work diligently with you to safely manage and stabilize all withdrawal symptoms that emerge after you discontinue the use of the substance. Most people who become addicted to alcohol or drugs will need detox to manage withdrawal symptoms.

10-Day Detox & Stabilization Program:  

We offer a special 10-day detox & stabilization program for people that cannot, or whose circumstances are preventing them from committing to a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment program. We understand that not all people can commit to longer types of treatment programs. So, this program will help get you started on the path of recovery. We recommend all patients follow discharge plans when utilizing services as detox alone is not a complete treatment for a substance use disorder.

30-Day Treatment Programs (Medical Detox Included):

One of our most popular treatment programs is our 30-day treatment program which includes medical detox along with the 30-day rehab program. This helps keep the cost of treatment services contained for most people looking for a 30-day program as they don’t have to pay for multiple treatment services when they enter one of our Texas Drug Rehabs.

60-Day Treatment Programs (Medical Detox Included):

When people choose to go into rehab programs they are sometimes faced with the need for more treatment, as a result of being addicted to multiple substances or their addiction being so severe that they need additional time to heal from their substance use disorder. This treatment program is a game changer for people with co-existing disorders along with a substance use disorder. Discuss with our admissions department for more details about this treatment program. Detox is included with this rehab program.

90-Day Treatment Program (Detox Included)

Our 90-day Treatment Program is the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” as more people can remain in personal recovery without relapse by attending our 90-day treatment program. This treatment program is backed by research and dramatically reduces an individual’s chances of experiencing a return to drinking alcohol or doing drugs after completing treatment. Detox is also included in this treatment program.

Alcohol Detoxification Program (Alcohol Detox):

We specialized in helping people who are addicted to alcohol to detox safely from this substance. We were founded as a treatment center that specializes in the treatment of people who suffer from alcoholism. Our alcohol detox program is amazing for people who need detoxification. People with alcohol use disorders often require alcohol detox before they can participate in other forms of treatment.

Heroin Detoxification Program (Heroin Detox):

When a person is dealing with a heroin use disorder, they don’t want to stop using the substance without having a way to deal with their cravings & withdrawal symptoms that emerge once they discontinue their use. Someone with a heroin addiction must enter a Heroin Detox Program before attempting to stop using heroin.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms Most Common:

Feeling sick Stomach cramps
Muscle spasms or twitching Feeling cold
Heart pounding Muscular tension
Aches and pains Yawning
Runny/watery eyes Difficulty sleeping


Note: Entering Heroin Detox for help will keep these symptoms from being experienced, so it is always in the best interest of the individual who is addicted to heroin to seek help from a medical detox facility.

Alcohol Detoxification (Alcohol Detox):

Alcohol detoxification is a critical service for people who have developed a dependency on alcohol as a substance. More people across the United States and Texas become addicted to alcohol than all other drugs combined.

The Good news is once someone enters an alcohol detoxification program, they can be stabilized from the withdrawal symptoms and then be in a better position to participate in other alcohol treatment services.

Alcohol Use Disorders:

Alcohol use disorders are medical conditions that impair an individual’s ability to stop or control their use of alcohol. This can happen even when oblivious consequences are present to the individual in the area of social, occupational, or health problems.

These impairments of major areas of their lives do not always stop the individual from continuing to drink alcohol because of intensified desire and cravings to seek more of the substance. Alcohol Detox is required to stop the physical progression of the disorder.

Summer Sky Medical Detox Programs & Addiction Treatment in Texas:

If you or a loved one is facing disruptions, problems, withdrawal symptoms, or the inability to stop using any addictive substance, then consider seeking help at our Medical Detox Program in Texas. We offer a wide range of addiction treatment options to help you deal with a substance use disorder.

We operate a 24-hour day 7-day week Medical Detoxification Program (Drug Detoxification Services) for people dealing with withdrawal symptoms, substance use disorders, and alcohol use disorders. You can learn more about our treatment services by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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