Best Medical Detox Centers

Best Medical Detox Centers:

Summer Sky is one of the Best Medical Detox Centers in Texas that is providing medically supervised detox services. If you need to medically detox & stabilization from any addictive substance, then we can help with the entire detoxification process. Freedom from any addiction begins with asking for help and then entering into a substance use disorder treatment program.

What are Withdrawal Symptoms?

The main reason an individual enters a medical detox center is to avoid experiencing uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms that emerge after addictive substances are removed from the body system. Medical Detoxification Centers are designed to help an individual detox & stabilize so that you can become addiction-free.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms are often unpleasant to experience and depending on the drug a person has developed a dependency upon will depend on the set of physical symptoms experienced by the user. The withdrawal symptoms emerge once the individual reduces their usage or abruptly stops the use of the addictive drug.

Some of the symptoms may include anxiety, insomnia, perspiration, hot flashes, nausea, dehydration, tremors, weakness, dizziness, convulsions, and psychotic behavior. People with severe addictions experience more dangerous withdrawal symptoms that must be managed in a detox center.

Best Medical Detox Centers Provide 24-hour Care:

This is an important aspect of medical detoxification programs as an individual with a substance use disorder will need 24-hour management of acute care monitoring of the withdrawal symptoms. Safety and stabilization are extremely important at the detox level of treatment services.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® provides 24-hour medical care for all patients that are enrolled in our medical detox programs. This allows for medication adjustments as well as shifts in the care to be addressed immediately and provides for a more comfortable detox experience.


The detoxification process utilizes a set of interventions aimed at managing the acute intoxication and withdrawal process associated with people who have developed a dependency upon addictive drugs. The drug detoxification program will focus on clearing the toxins from the body of the individual who is either intoxicated or dealing with dependency issues related to an active addiction to drugs.

The overall goal of detoxification is to provide management of the acute withdrawal symptoms and reduce the likelihood that physical harm will continue from the use of addictive substances. The Medical Detox Center will focus on acute medical management of all life-threatening intoxication and other medical problems that could emerge during the detox process.

All Addictive Drugs are Not Created Equal:

One important consideration is understanding that all addictive drugs are not created equal. The mechanisms of action of drugs will vary on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms that emerge. For example, people that have become addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioid drugs are all different in the types of withdrawal symptoms that can emerge during the detox process.

This is why it’s suggested that a person enters a medical detox center before attempting to abruptly stop using an addictive substance. The best medical detox centers provide effective detoxification & stabilization programs that are focused on the delivery of detox services and promote addiction treatment. To be successful with detox services the detox center must encourage detoxification and treatment.

How to Stop the Revolving Door for Drug Addiction?

When someone enters a medical detox center the immediate focus is to detox and stabilize the individual from the acute withdrawal symptoms that emerge when an addictive substance is stopped. However, the individual in treatment will need to seriously consider other forms of substance use disorder treatment if they are to be successful at staying alcohol or drug-free from addictive substances.

Once medical detox is completed an individual should focus their attention on ongoing treatment and recovery support services. This is the best way to stop the revolving door of alcohol or drug addiction. Treatment has led to more people entering the recovery process and reduced the need for future detox services.  Recovery is more attainable for people who transition into treatment after detox is completed.

Treatment After Medical Detoxification Services:

Research has indicated that people who complete medical detoxification and then transition into substance use disorder treatment programs have better outcomes than people that detox only. Drug abstinence and readmission rates are reduced by receiving continuing care in treatment programs.

Treatment is essential for full recovery, and this all begins with appropriate medical detox services and continuing care from additional treatment support services. Summer Sky Treatment Center® does provide many different types of treatment programs to help facilitate the continuing care treatment process.

Common Types of Drug Detoxification & Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

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Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms Cannabis (Marijuana) Withdrawal Symptoms Prescription Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms
Sedative & Hypnotic Withdrawal Symptoms Amphetamine Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Anabolic Steroid Withdrawal Symptoms


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