Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs in Texas

Best Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs in Texas

When it’s time to get alcohol or drug-free one of the best alcohol & drug rehab programs in Texas is a substance use disorder treatment facility named Summer Sky Treatment Center® and people from all across the State of Texas & throughout the United States utilize treatment services from Summer Sky.

Summer Sky is a privately owned and operated alcohol & drug rehabilitation program that is licensed by the State of Texas through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The facility has been helping people living in Texas reconstruct their lives after dealing with debilitating addictions.

The Summer Sky Drug Rehab Programs have been in operation for over 37 years and are accredited by The Joint Commission® to ensure to the public that it meets national standards of safety and best practices within the behavioral health & substance use disorder treatment programs across the nation.

Best Practice Rehab Features:

One thing to look at when you’re examining where to go for treatment services is to pay close attention to the longevity of the treatment facility. This is important because it means that the organization is willing to utilize the best in addiction treatment and evidence-based practices to help you recover.

Addiction treatment providers that utilize evidence-based best practices do provide better results and outcomes during the treatment experience and they do guide the individual in their care down the path to freedom from their addiction to substances.

Summer Sky provides proven and realistic solutions to help you overcome your addiction to substances. Treatment works and people do recover from substance use disorders. When you choose a treatment facility that offers evidence-based best practices you are one step closer to changing your life.

Experienced Alcohol & Drug Rehab Professionals:

Most facilities that have been in operation for decades also retain and employ addiction professionals with a wide range of substance use disorder treatment experience. Many addiction professionals have worked in short-term addiction treatment programs and long-term addiction treatment programs.

They bring with them to the addiction counseling years of personal and professional experience that can benefit your treatment and recovery journey. It’s important to note that some addiction professionals are in personal recovery from substance use disorders themselves which can be an added benefit for people learning how to recover from an addiction.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment is Life-Changing Work:

The people that follow through with participating and completing their treatment work, assignments, and therapy work while in substance use disorder treatment do far better in treatment than those that don’t put in a lot of effort in the treatment process.

The education, therapy, assignments, and overall treatment work is better internalized when an individual develops an attitude that they are going to put in hard work during the treatment process. If you will put in your best effort possible you can achieve all your goal during the treatment experience.

Many Different Paths Lead to Successful Treatment & Recovery:

There is no doubt many different approaches to helping an individual to solve their addiction-related problems. People come in contact with addiction treatment programs by various paths as a result of the different physical, psychological, and social disruptions created by substance use disorder.

Depending on the level of disturbance that the individual is experiencing will determine the level of treatment intervention needed to help the person recover from their addiction to substances. Most people begin to seek treatment services by participating in a screening process.

The Screening Process:

The best alcohol and drug treatment programs utilize a screening process to help determine who is appropriate for their particular treatment program. The screening process will aid in helping the individual to learn if they are eligible for the alcohol rehab program or drug rehabilitation services.

If the individual is eligible and meets the criteria for admission into the treatment program, they can then be scheduled for admission into the substance use disorder treatment program. The screening process is an evaluation that utilizes screening instruments to determine eligibility for treatment.

The screening process consists of looking at the physiological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug use. You can contact the admissions department at Summer Sky Treatment Center® if you are interested in being evaluated for substance use disorder treatment services.

What happens if an individual meets the criteria for admission into a rehab program?

Typically, the individual is scheduled for admission to the drug rehab program after the screening process is completed. Then an initial assessment is scheduled along with a time for admission into a treatment program. The individual will review and sign documents for admission into the treatment program once they arrive at the treatment program for services.

Once the intake process is completed and all signed documents related to consent and confidentiality and rights are reviewed then the individual will be evaluated by the nursing professionals, medical doctors, and substance use disorder counselors.

In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms are so obvious with individuals needing treatment services that they are immediately entered into our medical detoxification program to begin detox services. Each individual will go through a series of medical evaluations that will focus on the physical, psychological, and psychiatric needs of the individual presenting for treatment services.

The Rehab Programs Utilize Comprehensive Assessments:

The overall treatment experience no matter which particular rehab program an individual chooses for treatment services will involve the assessment process. The comprehensive assignment process is an ongoing process that begins with initial assessments along with evaluations of more comprehensive assessments and tools to help determine the individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, difficulties, problems, and needs. The assessment process aids in the development of the treatment plan.

What types of drug rehab programs are most utilized for people with a substance use disorder?

There are medical detoxification programs, inpatient treatment programs, residential treatment programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs. Most people start treatment in one of these types of treatment programs. They are all designed to meet the needs of the individual at the stage of the progression of the individual’s substance use disorder.

Someone who needs management of withdrawal symptoms or is currently experiencing withdrawal syndrome would need access to a medical detoxification program. Another individual who is experiencing problems with drug use and can abstain from alcohol or drugs for longer periods may be referred to an Intensive outpatient treatment program.

The specific type of drug rehab program is associated with the level of severity of the addiction. Some people will need every form of treatment listed above and will transition from each level of care based on their needs as they stabilize from their substance use disorder.

Best Pricing for Texas Drug Rehabs Below:

30-Day Addiction Treatment $ 8,000.00*


60-Day Addiction Treatment $16,000.00* 90-Day Addiction Treatment $24,000.00*
Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ $6,500.00*


Medical Detox & Stabilization Program* $4,500.00 Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program $4,200.00


*Detox Included with the above addiction treatment specials “Limited Time Offer”

Medical Detox & Substance Use Disorder Special Rates:

Most Major Private Health Insurance Accepted

Addiction Treatment & Recovery Texas Drug Rehabs Special Rates

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