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The city of Amarillo, Texas is the largest city in the Texas panhandle and the 14th largest city in all of Texas.  It has a population of about 200,000 people and is a part of both Potter and Randall Counties.  Because it is a great place to live, Amarillo is a growing city and is projected to grow to over 300,000 people within the next few years.  Amarillo, once known as Oneida, is known as the Helium capital of the world for its productive helium field as well as the Rotor City, USA because of the V-22 Osprey hybrid plant located in the city. 

The History of Amarillo

In 1887, JI Berry wanted to establish a town near the trading post.  He decided on a section of land that was well watered and near the path of the railroad.  The town, originally called Oneida, later changed its name to Amarillo (the Spanish word for yellow) after the yellow wildflowers that could be found in abundance in the spring and summer.  A year later, Henry Sanborn, known as the Father of Amarillo, and Joseph Glidden began buying land to the east of Amarillo, claiming that the current location of the city would flood during heavy rains.  People began moving businesses further out east onto his land and thus, the city moved out east of its original location.  Amarillo was a major cattle shipping point, which caused the population to soar.  Gas and oil companies moved into town with the discovery of natural gas and oil in the early 1900s.  The establishment of the railroad to and from Amarillo also played a major role in bringing people to this popular city.  Its location in the middle of the Texas panhandle as well as its mild climate year-round make it an attractive place to live.

Amarillo’s Demographics and Economy

Amarillo’s population of over 200,000 people is a diverse population.  According to the 2010 census, 60% of the population is non-Hispanic white, 6% are African American, 3% are Asian, and 30% are Hispanic.

Almost a quarter of all US beef supply is processed in Amarillo as it has one of the biggest meat-packing industries in all of the country.  Petroleum extraction and the helium industry are also large parts of Amarillo’s economy.  Tyson Foods is headquartered in Amarillo and employs almost 4,000 employees.  Wheat and cotton are the primary crops and the number of dairy farms is growing as milk production grows in the Texas panhandle. 

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Drug Addiction in Amarillo

The opioid epidemic may be widespread across the US, and while it does affect Amarillo, methamphetamine is a larger problem of greatest concern in the city. Methamphetamine use has persisted throughout the years, leading to the ban of selling over the counter cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, an ingredient used to make meth. This ban led to a decrease of local meth, but an increase of a more pure form of meth known as “Ice” or “Glass” brought in from across the border of Mexico. Meth is the number one drug brought in from Mexico as approximately 24% of all drug seizures at the Mexico/Texas border are meth, while cannabis is a close second.

Drug Trafficking from Mexico

Texas shares a majority of its border with Mexico. Every day, illegal substances from drug cartels in Mexico are smuggled into the US across the Texas border. Amarillo is in the heart of the Texas panhandle, near New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Because of its location near a major highway system utilized by drug cartels to bring in illegal substances, drug trafficking is widespread in the city. Heroin from Mexico, known as “black tar” is packaged and smuggled into Texas and distributed throughout its major cities, including Amarillo. But it’s not just heroin that is brought in from Mexico. Methamphetamine found in Amarillo is also a product of drug trafficking and is even more widespread than heroin.

How Is Amarillo Affected by Drug Addiction?

Although not as near the Mexico border as other cities in Texas, Amarillo is still affected by drug addiction. The average age for Texans to enter addiction treatment of heroin is only 33 years old. It’s not just drugs, but substance abuse in general that can affect the lives of many. Alcohol addiction is a major concern in many Texas cities. In Amarillo, there were almost 500 DUI arrests in 2016, which adds up to approximately one every 32 hours. Additionally, 262 DUI crashes were reported involving a drunk driver. Amarillo residents deal with substance abuse every day and must put a plan into place to address the rising drug addiction and alcohol abuse statistics. Thankfully, with the help of Amarillo, Texas drug rehabs, treatment is made possible to fight drug abuse and overcome the odds of addiction.

Which Drugs Are the Worst in Amarillo?

When asked about drug abuse in Amarillo, Texas, the city’s chief police didn’t hesitate to state that methamphetamine use is out of control.  Meth use is a big concern for many in Amarillo.  Potter County was in the top 11 counties for the number of meth labs found according to the DEA’s National Clandestine Laboratory Register.  While other cities and states are seeing a rise in heroin or LSD, it’s meth found most commonly in Amarillo.  One reason for the rise in meth use could be the fact that Mexican drug cartels are finding cheaper and easier ways to produce this illegal substance, making it a more profitable market than heroin to smuggle into the US and distribute across the cities of Texas.  The problem with meth is that it often leads to other concerns, such as crime.  Police in Amarillo estimate that approximately 80% of all burglaries are meth-related.  Why?  Because money is needed to fuel the drug addiction and meth users aren’t in a condition to be able to hold down a job, so they resort to crime to get the money they need to continue their meth habit.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in Amarillo

Though alcohol is not an illegal substance, alcohol abuse is still a common problem for many in Amarillo.  When you can’t go a day or more without a drink, you may have an alcohol addiction.  Heavy drinking and binge drinking are responsible for rising health concerns among many, and Amarillo is no different.  In fact, the statistics for heavy drinking and binge drinking are even higher than Houston, one of the largest cities in Texas.  Binge drinking stats in Amarillo are 5 or more drinks every two hours for men and 4 or more for women.  This type of drinking is what often leads to addiction, which in turn, destroys lives.  Alcohol-related accidents lead to fatalities that affect more than just those who were drinking.  The effects of alcoholism are far-reaching.  Drug rehabs in Amarillo aren’t just for substances like meth or heroin addiction.  They offer treatment programs for alcohol abuse as well to help you combat alcoholism before it consumes your life.  If you suffer from alcohol abuse, seek help at Summer Sky Drug Rehab where your wellbeing is our primary concern.

Opioid Epidemic in Amarillo

According to a 2016 report, there are four Texas cities that rank in the top 25 cities across the US for opioid abuse, and Amarillo makes the list.  In recent years, the rising opioid crisis has been brought to light all around the nation.  In 2017 alone, opioid overdoses rose nearly thirty percent.  In Texas, Amarillo, Odessa, Longview, and Texarkana are at the top of the list of US cities suffering from an opioid abuse problem.  This alarming statistic has made physicians take a hard look at what prescription medications are written for pain management.  Highly addictive opioids such as fentanyl or hydrocodone can lead to substance abuse problems for those who have experienced injuries or undergone surgeries.  Over time, a higher dosage is required to achieve the desired high, which leads to an increased risk of overdose.  Inpatient drug rehab at Summer Sky or intensive outpatient options are available to help overcome opioid addiction.  Because no two addictions are alike, Summer Sky offers individualized drug rehab treatment programs that are designed to meet your specific needs.  Don’t hesitate to get help


Methamphetamine Abuse in Amarillo

It’s no secret to Amarillo residents that methamphetamine abuse is a rising concern in the city that affects many of its residents.  Easy highway access to states along the Texas Panhandle make Amarillo a prime city for drug trafficking. Meth is one of the most profitable industries for Mexican drug cartels, which is why it is becoming so problematic within the city of Amarillo.  Detoxing from meth is not only difficult as it is a highly addictive substance, but it can also be dangerous.  Withdrawal occurs as the drug begins to work its way out of the system and can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and mood swings.  The first 24 hours are the most difficult and can affect a person’s mental and physical health.  Withdrawal may also lead to psychosis or hallucination.  Coping during this time is best done under the care of highly trained professionals at drug rehabs in Amarillo.  Summer Sky staff will monitor you closely during detox to make the process as safe and comfortable as possible and will then work with you to provide tools to break free from the cycle of addiction.

Cocaine Addiction in Amarillo

In addition to heroin and meth being brought into the US from Mexico, cocaine is also smuggled across the Texas border and distributed both locally and across the country.  The cocaine being brought into the state is both of high quality and plentiful.  Injecting cocaine is more and more common although it can also be snorted or smoked.  Cocaine by itself is addictive and powerful, but when it is mixed with other drugs such as heroin, it can become lethal.  Cocaine mixed with opioids is a leading cause of overdose and accidental death.

Marijuana and Synthetic Cannabinoids in College Station

Because College Station is a university town, it is no stranger to marijuana use.  The younger crowd is usually first exposed to substances such as marijuana or “pot”.  It might not be illegal in some states, but it can still be addictive as well as cause mental impairment.  Marijuana is also thought of as a gateway drug that leads to abuse of more powerful and harmful substances. 

Synthetic cannabinoids are a newer substance that is popping up on the streets of College Station.  Unlike marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids are manmade, often with harmful chemicals. In fact, substances such as rat poison or embalming fluid have been found in synthetic cannabinoids and have led to instances of poisoning.  ER visits because of synthetic cannabinoids are rising at an alarming rate.  Substances such as K2 or Spice are only a few among approximately 150 chemical synthetic cannabinoid compounds.  College Station officials are working hard to get these harmful substances banned to protect local residents and their families. 

Other Commonly Abused Drugs in College Station

Methamphetamines and opioids top the charts of commonly abused substances in Amarillo, but they are not the only drugs that can lead to substance abuse.  Other drugs found in Amarillo are just as dangerous and addictive. For instance, club drugs, such as GHB or LSD are still very popular.  Hallucinogens like mushrooms or PCP were more popular in the 60s and 70s but can still be found in the drug market in Amarillo.  The fact remains that substance abuse of any kind is harmful to your health and can have significant consequences.  Summer Sky drug rehab in Amarillo, Texas has drug treatment programs for all types of addiction.

HIV from Injected Drug Abuse

Certain drugs such as cocaine, meth, or heroin can be injected intravenously using a hypodermic syringe.  Drug abusers may choose this route as it injects substance directly into the bloodstream for a quicker high.  But complications from intravenous drugs use can include the transmission of infectious diseases such as HIV.  Needle sharing often leads to sharing of HIV as well.  HIV infection can spread rapidly through cities because of injected drug abuse.  HIV can be spread not only from sharing needles, but also from sharing syringes or other drug paraphernalia such as cookers.  Cases of HIV from sharing drug paraphernalia have been reported in Amarillo, Texas.

Drug-Related Death Tolls in Amarillo

Sadly, one side effect of drug abuse is accidental overdose and death.  One devastating statistic states that overdosing on opioids in the number one cause of death for new mothers in Texas.  In 2017, Texas reported 715 meth-related deaths and 539 heroin-related deaths.  Also in 2017, there were 14 fatal car crashes in Amarillo because of alcohol misuse.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is a traditional addiction treatment that has helped many overcome addiction before it can lead to long-lasting damages or potentially death.  Let Summer Sky help you fight addiction before it’s too late.


Traffic Fatalities Linked to Substance Abuse

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of people dying on the highway is on the rise.  This data suggests that the year 2017 was one of the deadliest years for traffic fatalities since 2007 as approximately 28,000 people died in traffic-related accidents, up 8% from the previous year.  In Amarillo, traffic fatalities jumped from 24 in 2015 to 27 in 2016, well above the average in previous years of 22.  While it may not seem like much, every life matters.  Of these 27 accidents, alcohol or drugs was a contributing factor in eight.  To cut down on these numbers, local police are working to curb drinking and driving by cracking down on establishments that serve and then allow patrons to drive.  Additionally, Amarillo drug rehabs provide alcohol and drug treatment to help those affected by addiction.

Dangers of Substance Use Disorders

Drugs and alcohol are chemical substances that ultimately affect the function of the brain and body.  Misuse over time will lead to lasting health effects.  These substances cause dopamine levels in the brain to rise which in turn affects our emotions and feelings of pleasure and produces the high that we crave.  However, as the body adjusts, it requires more and more of these chemicals to achieve the high, which can lead to overdose.  Nearly 7 million people suffer from substance abuse disorders.  Sadly, one in four deaths is a result of illicit drug use.  Thankfully, substance abuse disorders are treatable.

Side effects of drug addiction can vary from person to person but may include a weakened immune system and increase the risk of sickness or infections, nausea, weight loss, memory problems, seizures, strokes, or organ disease.  Drug use also affects behavior.  It is important to note certain behaviors in friends or family.  Signs of substance abuse can include impulsiveness, paranoia, hallucinations, aggressive behaviors, or impaired judgments.  Family or friends that once enjoyed being around others may suddenly keep to themselves.  Those affected by substance abuse disorders may not be able to hold down a steady job and might even result in stealing from family or friends to support their drug habit.  If you are concerned about a loved one, be sure to discuss addiction treatment options with them from reputable drug rehabs to get them support during this difficult time.

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When in the grips of addiction, it is important to know that help is only a phone call away.  Summer Sky Amarillo drug rehab has helped thousands of people overcome addiction for over 30 years.  Men and women alike have found hope through addiction treatment at Summer Sky.  Expert medical professionals and supportive staff members oversee treatment at our addiction treatment centers to ensure everyone received the individualized care and guidance they need to ultimately fight addiction be successful on the road to recovery.  At Summer Sky, no two treatment programs are alike as we work to meet your specific needs.

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A wide range of addiction treatment options are available no matter what your situation.  30- or 90-day inpatient treatment is available as well as an intensive outpatient treatment.  Highly trained medical professionals provide medical detoxification serviced in which they observe and monitor you around the clock to ensure a safe detox process.  A 10-day detox and stabilization program can get the process started.  Family treatment programs are also offered to educate families as they walk alongside their loved ones.  If you have relapsed, you don’t have to give up.  Summer Sky’s relapse track can help you get back on track. 

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