Alcohol Treatment Centers in Dallas

Alcohol Treatment Centers in Dallas:

Do you live in Dallas, Texas or the surrounding cities near Dallas? If you are a resident of Dallas, Texas or live in cities close to the DFW metroplex then consider choosing Summer Sky Treatment Center for your alcohol treatment needs. Summer Sky has been helping Dallas, Texas residents for over 34-years. Summer Sky is one of the Best Alcohol Treatment Centers in Texas.

Summer Sky was founded with the mission of providing effective alcohol and drug treatment for those that are experiencing alcohol-related disorders. Treatment works for individuals that are experiencing an alcohol use disorder. When someone is experiencing a crisis with alcohol, it affects the individual physically, psychologically and socially. Summer Sky is an alcohol and drug treatment program that can help you stop drinking. Summer Sky is an environment that helps promote the healing of alcohol addictions.

Innovative Alcohol Treatment Centers:

When you need alcohol treatment, it is critical that a person choose a facility that provides evidence-based alcohol and drug treatment services. Innovative alcohol treatment centers like Summer Sky operate their treatment centers above and beyond the current best practice therapies for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Summer Sky has been validated by The Joint Commission as an accredited behavioral health and substance use disorder facility. In addition to earning the Golden Seal of Approval™, Summer Sky is recognized as a preferred provider by all major insurance companies and maintains an in-network provider status with most health care insurance companies.

Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorder Treatment:

Some people experience both mental health and substance use disorders at the same time. Summer Sky can accommodate those individuals that need to be treated for both psychiatric and substance use disorders. Many people that are experiencing alcohol use disorders also have other psychiatric disorders and need treatment. Summer Sky is a place of healing for people that are experiencing co-occurring disorders.

Alcohol Use Disorders and Other Co-Occurring Disorders:

It is not uncommon that someone who has an alcohol problem may also have other medical issues that need to be stabilized during treatment. An example would be someone who has diabetes and an alcohol use disorder. Summer Sky can help people deal with other medical issues while receiving alcohol treatment. If you have medical issues other than an alcohol use disorder, then contact our addiction specialist to discuss your co-occurring disorders. Our staff will be able to help you figure out if our alcohol treatment center can help you with your co-occurring disorders. We have 24-hour medical staff available to help manage other medical issues while you are utilizing our inpatient treatment center services. The main thing to remember is that you can call and discuss your situation with our staff and don’t let other medical issues prevent you from receiving alcohol treatment.

Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment:

Alcohol Use Disorders are a specific set of addictive disorders that if left untreated spiral out of control and can cause other medical issues. The physical and psychological damage that is created by an active alcohol use disorder is an alcohol consequence that no one wants to experience. However, it happens to a lot of people that need alcohol treatment. The good news is that once a person goes into treatment for their alcohol problems, they can complete treatment and experience a meaningful life in personal recovery. Treatment helps to stabilize the acute effects of an alcohol use disorder and introduces a person to a way of living without the use of alcohol. There is no doubt that alcohol use disorders are complex, but with proper treatment, a person can deal with a past alcohol problem and begin to experience alcohol freedom. Alcohol use disorder treatment is designed to help a person deal with alcohol-related issues. Treatment provides an opportunity to learn solutions that will solve your alcohol problems.

Alcohol Use disorder Treatment Medical Detox:

Medical Detoxification for someone that is alcohol dependent is critical to becoming alcohol-free. A person must experience abstinence from alcohol to experience progress through inpatient treatment or residential alcohol treatment. The first requirement is to become abstinent from alcohol, and this often involves an alcohol detox procedure. An alcohol use disorder detox center becomes a necessary treatment service for many individuals. Some people will need medical attention from alcohol withdrawals, and the process of withdrawal management will help these individuals become free from alcohol addiction. An alcohol medical detox center is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help a person deal with alcohol withdrawals.

Alcohol Detox:

Alcohol detoxification (Detox) is a medical procedure that helps a person that is dependent on alcohol eliminate the toxic chemicals from one’s body. While helping a person eliminate alcohol, the detox program will help manage any associated withdrawal symptoms. Detox will help individuals that have progressed to chronic alcohol dependence. Once medical detox is completed, the detox staff will help motivate you and prepare you for the next level of alcohol treatment or a specialty substance abuse treatment program. It is important to let a trained medical detox center help you with managing associated alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Never attempt to detox yourself and always allow medical personnel to help you with the detox process.

Alcohol Inpatient Treatment:

Some alcohol treatment centers offer alcohol inpatient treatment services. These treatment programs are specialty alcohol treatment programs. Alcohol inpatient treatment programs offer 24-hour medical care and monitoring by trained medical and clinical personnel. The safety of the individual is the most important aspect of inpatient treatment. The inpatient treatment program provides a high level of nursing and medical doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alcohol inpatient treatment helps prepare an individual for a follow-up to a residential treatment level of care. Inpatient treatment helps in promoting long-term abstinence after the acute medical detoxification is complete. Thousands of people per day obtain inpatient treatment after completing a medical detoxification program.

One of The Best Alcohol Treatment Centers:

Our innovative alcohol treatment centers offer evidence-based alcohol treatment services at our Stephenville, Texas treatment center. Some individuals may prefer intensive outpatient treatment services and will find that our Dallas Intensive Outpatient Treatment Center is an amazing treatment program.

Summer Sky is a privately-owned alcohol treatment center located in Dallas, Texas and Stephenville, Texas. Our alcohol and drug treatment centers offer medical detoxification services, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment.

If you need an alcohol treatment center in Dallas, Texas then contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857, and our admission department will help you choose the right alcohol treatment center that will fit your needs.

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