Alcohol Treatment Center

Alcohol Treatment Center:

Alcohol treatment centers are facilities that help people become free from alcohol addictions. Alcohol treatment centers specialize with helping individuals that have different alcohol-related problems. Many people that have alcohol addictions experience alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawals, alcohol-induced disorders and need medical detoxification. It is estimated that around 136.7 million Americans aged 12 or older use of alcohol on a monthly basis. There are an estimated 65.3 million people that drink alcohol in a binge pattern each month. People that drink alcohol heavy are around 16.3 million people every 30-days. An estimated 15.1 million people aged 12 or older had an alcohol use disorder in 2016, and new data is already showing that 2017 and 2018 could be higher rates of alcohol use disorders. What this all means is the demand for an alcohol treatment center is at an all-time high in our society.

More people need help with alcohol than any other drug in the United States. Alcohol Treatment Centers are incredible places of healing for people that are experiencing difficulties with alcohol-related problems. Most alcohol treatment centers offer these levels of care below:

The Best Alcohol Treatment Centers should include the above levels of care of treatment services. However, some treatment organizations will provide one or two of these levels of care at their alcohol treatment center. Choosing an alcohol treatment program that offers more levels of care of treatment means that you can receive a full continuum of care in one location. If you are given an opportunity to choose an alcohol treatment center to attend then consider treatment centers that offer multiple levels of care of alcohol treatment services.

How to discover which alcohol treatment center is best for your situation?

Treatment centers offer different approached and features of treatment services at their alcohol treatment centers. Do your best to focus on looking for a quality alcohol treatment center, and the best way to know if the program you are looking at is a quality alcohol treatment center is to look and see if they are accredited by The Joint Commission. Alcohol treatment centers that are accredited must follow a higher standard of quality of treatment services.

Another important consideration to think about is will you need medical detoxification from alcohol or other chemicals. If you have previously tried to stop drinking alcohol and experiences withdrawal symptoms in the past, then for safety purpose choose a treatment center that offers alcohol medical detoxification services. If you are not sure if you will experience withdrawal symptoms the good news is a quality alcohol treatment center will have in place a screening process and assessment process to make sure you receive the right level of alcohol treatment services.

Alcohol Treatment Centers that offer evidence-based alcohol treatment are the best types of alcohol and drug treatment centers. These programs provide alcohol and drug treatment at higher levels of excellence because they are required to offer research-based treatment services. This is important because evidence-based treatment services are treatment programs that are focused on providing results. It is a good idea to call the alcohol treatment center and talk to treatment providers staff and begin to discuss their treatment center and what exact services they provide. Call and discuss your situation and ask questions about the treatment centers program services. Most treatment centers welcome this type of communication, and they want to be helpful to your situation. If you feel comfortable with the treatment center staff on the phone, then ask if you can move forward with the screening process to see if you are eligible for their treatment program. Each treatment center that is licensed and accredited by The Joint Commission will have a screening process.

What is an alcohol screening process?

The alcohol screening process is designed to help you, and the alcohol treatment center determines if you are appropriate and eligible for admission into the treatment program you are interested in attending. The screening process involves a set of criteria that you must meet to be able to be admitted into a program. The screening process will involve an evaluation based on psychological, social and physiological signs and symptoms of your alcohol or other drug use. Be honest and upfront about your situation. If for some reason you are not eligible for treatment at the treatment center the treatment staff will give you a referral to the program that is most appropriate for your needs.

Alcohol and Coexisting Conditions:

In some cases, a person may have an alcohol problem and other medical issues that need to be addressed during treatment. We call these other medical conditions co-existing conditions. A treatment center will screen for conditions (medical, psychiatric, Physical, etc.) and if you need additional professional assessments or services, then the treatment center will either arrange for these conditions to be addressed during treatment or help you in finding an appropriate treatment facility. Most Treatment centers that offer medical detoxification and inpatient treatment levels of care can deal with alcohol and co-existing medical issues during treatment.

Alcohol Treatment Center Special Medications:

During treatment following medical detox, individuals can elect to try anti-craving medications. You can discuss with the medical doctor at the treatment center if this a good option for your situation. These medications are FDA approved medications. The three most common medications are listed below:

  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone
  • Acamprosate

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