Alcohol Rehab in Texas

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s simply too big of a problem to tackle alone. You might feel that you or someone you care about doesn’t have options and that it’s hopeless, but we can help. At Summer Sky, an alcohol Rehab in Texas, we specialize in helping all kinds of people overcome their alcohol addiction, so they can lead healthy and productive lives. We don’t just treat the problem. We treat the whole patient spiritually, psychologically, and physically.

Help Is Available

As a Texas inpatient alcohol rehab center, we are a top-rated facility. We have the highest level of certification with medical doctors available as well as a full time trained staff. We offer 30 day alcohol rehab for those that require this timeframe for recovery. But, we also provide 90 day alcohol rehab, depending on the help you need. At Summer Sky, we know alcohol addiction effects the whole family which is why we treat all aspects of a patient’s life. Every patient is different, but we will work to get you the necessary help for recovery.

Take the Stress Out of the Difficult Time

Trying to overcome alcohol addiction without rehab is both dangerous and less likely to last. Without professional help, you are far more likely to relapse. Alcohol Rehab will take into account your body’s dependency on alcohol and what kind of environment you will be going home to after rehab. They will give you the tools you need to succeed and guide you through steps to help you get well. While there are other alcohol rehabs in Texas, Summer Sky will tailor a plan to work for your unique addiction because every patient is different.

Reach Out for More Information

Call today to learn more about our alcohol rehab. There is no reason to wait for things to get worse. We accept all major insurances and make sure you get the affordable treatment you need to start your recovery process. Get the information you need today so you can begin to take back your life. Overcoming alcohol addiction is a difficult journey, but we want to help you succeed. Leading a sober life is fulfilling, and you can begin mending right now.

Contact Information

The staff here at Summer Sky truly cares about the health and well being of both you and your loved ones. If you have any questions about our facility, need assistance with referrals, or if you have any other questions about chemical dependency treatment, you can either reach us by phone at 1-888-857-8857 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, or you can fill out this contact form and someone on our staff will reach you within 24 hours.