Alcohol Rehabs in Texas

Alcohol Rehabs in Texas

When it comes to providing alcohol treatment in the State of Texas there are many alcohol rehabs in Texas. Summer Sky is an inpatient alcohol rehab program right in the heart of Texas that is helping men and women to become free from alcohol-related disorders. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are helping people to recover from substance use disorders.

Our alcohol rehabs are licensed and accredited to deliver alcohol use disorder treatment services. Every day our nationally-recognized alcohol rehabs are helping men and women to recover from their alcohol problems. We are proud to be among the top alcohol rehabs in Texas that are providing evidence-based treatment services and helping individuals and families put their lives back in order from the devastating effects of alcohol use disorders.

When people enter alcohol rehab, they are literally deciding to leave behind alcohol and start fresh in a life of personal recovery. Alcohol treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to alcohol and Summer Sky is available to help guide an individual through the treatment process into personal recovery. You will reclaim your life and enjoy a life of lasting sobriety by taking that first step to enter rehab and you can heal from your alcohol-related problems.

Our alcohol rehabs are licensed by The Texas Department of State Health Services & Accredited by the Joint Commission. Summer Sky Alcohol Rehabs are known as one of the best alcohol rehabs in Texas. We have been helping men and women with alcohol treatment for over 37 years and have helped over 25,000 individuals and families recover from their alcohol use disorders. If your looking to become from alcohol or drugs then contact our Texas Drug rehabs Admissions Department at 1-888-857-8857 today.

Helping People Who Need an Alcohol Rehab in Texas

When you choose treatment at one of our alcohol rehabs in Texas be prepared to leave your alcohol problems behind as we show you the way out of alcohol addiction. We believe in treatment and recovery and we are a strong voice for those living in Texas. There is no city in Texas where we have not helped an individual or family member to break free from their alcohol addiction. We know that people are suffering from untreated alcohol addictions and it’s one of our top priorities to be there for the next individual or family that reaches out for help.

If you or a loved one need alcohol rehab in Texas, then call our confidential 24-hour admissions line and speak with our admissions department about our alcohol rehab. If you’re not sure how to help someone with an alcohol problem, you can talk with our admissions department and they will be happy to guide you through the process of how to help someone with an alcohol problem. You can reach us by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

What is alcohol detoxification & why is this important?

Thousands of people attempt to stop drinking alcohol monthly and some can achieve this task with no consequences. They make up their minds to stop drinking and they quit drinking alcohol and then they go on to other things in their lives. Some people cannot stop drinking alcohol without professional help. These individuals find themselves returning to alcohol or other addictive substances repeatedly.

It’s not that they don’t try to quit drinking, but they find it difficult to stay stopped once they attempt to stop drinking. Once a person gets tired of the repeated failed attempts to stop drinking, they normally reach out for help from a family member or friend who guides them to an alcohol rehab program for help with their drinking problems. Many of these individuals enter an alcohol inpatient rehab, alcohol residential treatment program, or alcohol-intensive outpatient treatment program.

However, there is another set of people who attempt to stop drinking alcohol and discover an uncomfortable reality that they have the inability to stop drinking alcohol, and when they attempt to stop drinking they experience cravings, and physical discomforts that force them to take another drink of alcohol to stop the unpleasant experiences. These individuals normally have developed a severe alcohol use disorder. To successfully stop drinking alcohol they will require alcohol detoxification if they are to stop drinking. These individuals need medical detoxification because their severe alcohol use disorder has progressed to a point where they are now experiencing withdrawal symptoms that are harmful and fatal if they stop without an alcohol detoxification program.

Alcohol detoxification is the process of eliminating alcohol from one’s body and managing the associated withdrawal symptoms that present once a person stops drinking alcohol. Alcohol detoxification is for people who have developed a severe alcohol use disorder. It is vital and necessary for those who show signs of withdrawal symptoms when they have attempted to stop drinking alcohol.

If you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking alcohol, please seek help at an alcohol rehab that offers alcohol detoxification services immediately. It is not advisable to abruptly stop drinking alcohol if you are someone that experiences withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and life-threatening without the assistance of a trained alcohol detoxification program.

What is an Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorders are chronic primary disorders characterized by some loss of control over drinking alcohol, with addiction to the drug alcohol, causing interference in any major life function, for example, health, job, family, friends, legal, or spiritual disruptions. Some alcohol use disorders will require alcohol detoxification services while others will require both physical detox and psychological help in becoming alcohol-free. Alcohol rehabs are primarily focused on treating a person who has developed an alcohol use disorder and helping a person to break free from their alcohol addiction.

Do you make promises to others that you will stop drinking and then break that promise?

Many people set out to stop drinking alcohol and they have every intention to stop drinking. They make promises to their family members or friends because at some point a friend or a family member has become concerned with the individual’s drinking and behaviors while intoxicated. If you have made promises to stop drinking alcohol to others and found that you cannot seem to stop drinking alcohol, it may be a sign that your alcohol usage has progressed into a drinking problem.

It’s at least worth an honest discussion with your family or friends about their concerns about your drinking. If you need some guidance, or direction, or need alcohol treatment then reach out to our alcohol rehab program, we are more than happy to have a discussion to share some of the ways in which we can help you stop drinking alcohol and honor your promise to stop drinking alcohol. To speak with a caring addiction professional, you can call us at our confidential phone line at 1-888-857-8857.

Major Metropolitan Areas of Texas Summer Sky Serves

Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington Houston–The Woodlands-Sugar Land San Antonio–New Braunfels
Austin–Round Rock–San Marcos Corpus Christi McAllen–Edinburg–Mission
Brownsville–Harlingen El Paso Killeen–Temple–Fort Hood
Beaumont–Port Arthur Lubbock Laredo
Amarillo Waco College Station–Bryan
Tyler Longview Abilene
Wichita Falls Texarkana Odessa
Midland Sherman–Denison Victoria
San Angelo Midland Addison

The above is an example of Texas areas and cities that people are from that utilize our alcohol rehabs.

Summer Sky Treatment Center Services

Alcohol Detoxification Medical Detoxification Alcohol Inpatient Treatment
Alcohol Residential Rehabs Alcohol Partial Hospitalization Alcohol Intensive Outpatient
Alcohol 30-Day Rehabs Alcohol 60-Day Rehabs Alcohol 90-Day Rehabs

Summer Sky Special Rehab Features

Pet Therapy Equine Therapy R.O.P.E.S Challenge Course
Music Therapy Access to Professional Gym Personal Trainer (Fitness)
Relapse Track™ (For people with a History of Relapse) Family Program Professional Intervention Services
GOGA YOGA (Baby Goat Yoga) As seen on ABC Shark Tank Medical Detoxification & Stabilization Programs (Detox Now Program™)


Most Common Health Insurance Companies Accepted

Aetna Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cigna GEHA    Humana
Magellan Health Multiplan PHCS Scott and White Health Plan
(UMR) United Healthcare Texas & National Health Plans


Don’t see your health plan listed? Call us for other health plans not listed above at 1-888-857-8857

Need Immediate Help Now?

Summer Sky is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help! Do you want to discuss treatment options?  If so, contact our confidential treatment line to discuss addiction treatment options. We can be reached by calling our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857.

Providing Substance Use Disorder Treatment & Addiction Rehabs in Texas for Over 37 years!

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