Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers:

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers are designed to help people that are experiencing an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Many people across the United States become addicted to alcohol daily. Alcohol rehabilitation centers help people become free from their alcohol use disorders. If you or a loved one is experiencing alcohol-related problems, then it is a good idea to investigate the various types of alcohol rehabilitation centers in your state.

Summer Sky Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers:

Summer Sky is a nationally recognized alcohol and drug rehabilitation center located in Stephenville and Dallas, Texas. Our alcohol rehabilitation Centers are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services and accredited by The Joint Commission to operate alcohol rehabilitation Centers. Summer Sky is an alcohol use disorder treatment program that offers one of the most advanced alcohol and drug treatment centers in the State of Texas.

Summer Sky Alcohol Detox Programs:

People that become addicted to alcohol often need medical detox before they can benefit from the full potential of an alcohol rehabilitation center. Alcohol detox is often the first component of treatment that people enter for help with an alcohol problem. People that have become physically dependent on alcohol may need medical detoxification. Summer Sky offers a comprehensive medical detox program for people that have developed a physical addiction to alcohol or drugs. Our alcohol detox programs only use FDA-approved medications to help people become alcohol-free.

 Summer Sky Essential Components of our Alcohol Detox Programs:

  • 24-Hour monitoring and observation
  • We only use Approved FDA Medications
  • Evaluations
  • Stabilization
  • Prepare Individuals for entry into Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment
  • Manage Acute Abstinence Syndrome
  • Safely Eliminate Toxic Addictive Substances from one’s body

The Summer Sky Alcohol Detox staff is a group of caring, talented, and dedicated medical professionals who are passionate about helping people detox with dignity. We understand that becoming free from an addiction to alcohol takes a lot of courage. Our staff will work hard to provide you with a smooth and comfortable detox experience.

Summer Sky will only use the best and most advanced medical detox protocols to help you achieve freedom from alcohol or other drugs. Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to provide medical detox services and accreditation by The Joint Commission. In addition to being licensed and accredited, our treatment programs maintain a preferred provider status by many healthcare insurance companies. If you need medical detox, you can contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in Texas:

Currently, there are 754 licensed treatment provider sites in the State of Texas for substance use disorder treatment, and many of these programs are only licensed to provide outpatient treatment services. There are approximately 149 alcohol residential rehabilitation programs in Texas. Summer Sky offers the below levels of care of alcohol rehabilitation programs in Texas.

Summer Sky Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs in Texas:

If you are not sure which program is best for your situation, contact Summer Sky to inquire about the various programs that we provide for substance use disorder treatment programs at 1-888-857-8857.

What do I do if a family member will not go to treatment?

Often friends of a loved one run into a problem where their loved one needs alcohol rehabilitation or drug rehabilitation treatment but the friend or loved one cannot seem to get them to go to treatment. This can be a common problem that some people run into when they begin asking a loved one to get help for their alcohol or drug problem.

Summer Sky can help assist you in this situation by either guiding you in the right direction to help your friend or loved one or by recommending professional assistance by a trained interventionist that specializes in helping friends or families intervene on someone that has an alcohol or drug problem.

If you are in this situation call Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss ways to intervene with your loved one and if the need arises during the conversation, we can recommend a professional interventionist that we know and trust can help you with your situation.

How do I know if my healthcare insurance covers treatment at your Alcohol Rehabilitation Center?

Summer Sky makes the process of verifying insurance coverage simple and easy for you or your loved one. We are very fast at verifying a person’s health benefits. The first step is to contact our admissions department, and we will begin a pre-admission questionnaire that will help us to verify your insurance benefits, and we can even determine if our facility is covered by your health insurance plan. It takes a few mins to go over the information with you and a few mins to call on your behalf to verify coverage. The verifying of all healthcare benefits is a confidential process. Summer Sky is an In-Network Health Insurance Provider and is covered by many major healthcare insurance providers.

I want to enter your Alcohol Rehabilitation Center now what do I need to do?

If you are ready to enter treatment, then simply call our admissions department now, and our admissions specialist will help guide you through the pre-qualification process. The process is relatively simple and straightforward. We offer 24-hour admissions 7-days a week, and we are available every day to be of assistance to you or a loved one. Our 24-hour admissions line is 1-888-857-8857.

The Joint Commissions Seal of Approval

Summer Sky has earned The Joint Commissions Golden Seal of Approval

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