Alcohol Rehab in Wyoming

One of the first steps to take in overcoming addiction is to choose an alcohol rehab program. However, many may hesitate to take this crucial initial step because they feel the cost will be a burden to their family members or friends. Summer Sky alcohol rehab in Wyoming is an affordable rehab program that will meet and exceed your wants and needs. Summer Sky values your commitment to getting free from addiction and will work with you to make treatment an affordable option. In fact, Summer Sky has one of the most affordable treatment rates in the area. They also accept all major forms of insurance so that Wyoming alcohol inpatient rehab is possible.

About Summer Sky Alcohol Rehab

Summer Sky is a privately owned and operated rehab center that has been in business for over 30 years. They have opened their doors to thousands of people looking to overcome addiction. Their 30-day alcohol rehab or 90-day alcohol rehab programs have high success rates. With knowledgeable staff and a proven program that works, Summer Sky is one of the top rated rehab facilities in Wyoming. In fact, they have received the Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment, which is one of the highest certifications among alcohol rehabs in Wyoming. Our goal is for men and women alike to find freedom from addiction for a recovery that lasts. Contact our specialists today if you are ready to begin the recovery journey to get free from alcohol addiction.

Our Program Works

At Summer Sky, we stand behind our uniquely designed programs. From 30-day inpatient programs or 90-day inpatient programs to medical detox, partial hospitalization, or even intensive outpatient treatment, our programs are specifically created with you in mind. We strive to plan a program that revolved around you and your individual needs. For this reason, no two treatment plans are exactly alike. Your alcohol rehab treatment may look different from someone else who checked in at the same time because we tailor each program to the individual. This is a key to our success in helping patients get free from addictions. Know that when you walk in the doors at Summer Sky to seek treatment, you are a top priority right from the start.

What We Have to Offer

While each individual plan is different, we still strive to offer the best for every single treatment option. For those who like to work out or are committed to getting healthy, we have a state of the art gym facility with personal trainers available to help. Additionally, our counselors lead both individual and group therapy sessions to help you through this difficult process. Pet therapy is even an option for emotional support during the hardest times. Our team of medical professionals is experts in their field who can monitor the detox period and ensure you are well taken care of. Don’t just pick from a list of Alcohol rehabs in Wyoming when you can choose a highly reputable facility at an affordable cost to everyone. If your time to take back your life is now, contact Summer Sky today.