Alcohol Rehab in Wisconsin

Alcohol rehab will not only assist you in overcoming substance abuse but can also help you address the
underlying problems as to why you turn to alcohol. But what really constitutes a drinking problem? A
few glasses of wine before bed may not be a big deal to some, but if you are dependent upon alcohol,
then you may have a problem. Summer Sky alcohol rehab in Wisconsin can provide you with the
knowledge and tools to help you fight substance abuse and experience sobriety long-term.

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

What Should I Expect from Rehab?

Alcoholism usually stems from triggers around your environment that cause you unwanted stress or
anxiety. Summer Sky Wisconsin inpatient alcohol rehab gives you a chance to get away from unhealthy
environments and learn to balance your everyday life in a neutral environment free from temptation. A
family oriented environment gives you the care and support you will need to get through a challenging
time. Support groups surround you with people who know what you are going through and can
encourage you along the way. Counselors give you the means to express yourself. They also equip you
with coping skills so you can transition into your community and workplace once again. You may enter
rehab feeling nervous and uncertain, but you are sure to leave feeling very supported by friends who
have become almost like family.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

World-Class Treatment

Summer Sky treatment program is a step above all other alcohol rehabs in Wisconsin. Traditional
methods combined with innovative therapy sessions offer a world-class treatment program that is
designed specifically for you. Because no two addictions are alike, no two treatment plans should be
exactly the same. Patients are our top priority. That is why we create an individualized plan for each
and every person who walks through our doors. Over 30,000 men and women alike have found
freedom through Summer Sky’s 30-day alcohol rehab program, and you can too.

A Top-Rated Rehab Facility

Summer Sky is a top-rated 30-day and 90-day alcohol rehab facility. They have undergone extensive
training in order to achieve the top certification of Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment. Our
staff uses best practices for alcohol rehab as you begin the recovery process. To offset the cost of
alcohol rehab, Summer Sky is in-network with most major insurance companies. Additionally, we offer
the lowest treatment rates available. Your sobriety is our main goal, so we do whatever it takes to get
you the help and care you deserve. Choose Summer Sky and begin your path to recovery.