Alcohol Rehab in Washington

For those who are 21 years old and over, drinking alcohol is legal in the U.S. However, that does not make it a safe choice. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can lead to poor decisions. Additionally, alcohol is an extremely addictive substance that can destroy the lives of those who don’t seek treatment for alcohol abuse. If alcohol has become an addiction that you just can’t seem to live without, then it may be time to seek help from a reputable Washington inpatient alcohol rehab facility.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detoxification

If you have taken the first steps and decided to visit an alcohol rehab in Washington, the process begins with removing all substance from your system through detoxing. At Summer Sky, our top-rated rehab facility has expert professionals on hand to assist in the medical detox process. They will evaluate you and then monitor you throughout the entire detoxification process to ensure you remain stable and safe, making you as comfortable as possible. Withdrawal is not to be taken lightly as symptoms are dangerous, especially if you attempt to detox alone. Don’t take the chance for further harm by detoxing on your own. Get help from an alcohol rehab in Washington to make sure you safely detox.

The Next Steps in the Alcohol Rehab Process

After detoxing, it’s time to take the next steps and get treatment from an alcohol rehab program. At Summer Sky, we offer a variety of treatment options to fit your needs. Our 30-day alcohol rehab or 90-day day alcohol rehab programs are tailored specifically to meet your needs and are some of the most innovational and cutting-edge treatment programs available. Group therapy sessions are available to meet with those who are going through exactly what you are right along with you. Pet therapy and equine therapy are also options for emotional support during a hard time. Additionally, our professional team knows that taking care of your body is also just as important as taking care of your mind. That is why we have a state of the art gym and Olympic-sized swimming pool. Personal trainers are also on hand to assist you in becoming a healthier person. You are in qualified hands at Summer Sky alcohol rehab

About Summer Sky

Summer Sky is a top-rated rehab facility among Washington alcohol rehabs that has helped thousands overcome addiction in its 30 plus years since opening its doors. Our facility is Joint Commission Approved for Drug Treatment. We take pride in having received this highest level of certification. Our top priority is helping you become drug- and alcohol-free. That is why we offer the lowest treatment rates around so that rehab is affordable for all. Summer Sky also accepts all major insurances. You can confidently place your trust in the experts at Summer Sky, knowing that they will do whatever it takes to help you get sober and maintain your sobriety. Give us a call today.