Alcohol Rehab in Virginia

If you or someone you love dearly is going through any level of alcohol addiction, then you might already be thinking of potential ways to get treatment. Getting alcohol rehab in Virginia doesn’t need to be hard, even if it seems daunting or overwhelming at first. It’s normal to feel that way when you’re just getting started, but we are committed to helping you take your first steps and feel confident in your ability to get through alcohol rehab, whether you choose 30 day alcohol rehab, 90 day alcohol rehab, or any of our specialized rehabilitation programs.

Summer Sky wants you to make a feel recovery in any of our alcohol rehab programs and we want you to feel cared for throughout the entire process. Get started today and we’ll help you through every step of the way, ensuring that you meet your recovery goals.

Helping Patients with All Levels of Addiction

What You Can Expect from Alcohol Rehab

Below are a few key elements of alcohol rehabs in Virginia that you can expect.

  • Expect your rehabilitation to begin at check-in. It starts off with a simple interview to get an understanding of who you are, where you are at with your addiction or recovery, what you like, and more. This helps the rehabilitation center tailor a treatment and after-care plan to you and the goals that you have.
  • You’ll withdraw from alcohol and begin the detoxification process. This stage can be a little uncomfortable, or the hardest part, simply because of the body’s natural physical and psychological reactions when you pull yourself off of alcohol.
  • Behavioral therapy is common, which can be done individually or collectively with others. This type of therapy helps you to understand your personal triggers, motivations, behaviors, and more related to your addiction and what you can do to overcome it.
  • You’ll receive an after-care or post-treatment plan to help keep you on track after your program has ended. Alcohol rehabs in Virginia want you to stay on track with your recovery and/or sobriety long after your time with a rehab center.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but gives you a baseline of what to expect. You can always reach out to a rehabilitation center and ask what you can expect from one of the programs you are interested in.

Let Summer Sky Help You Overcome Your Alcohol Addiction

Whether you’re looking for Virginia inpatient alcohol rehab or outpatient care, Summer Sky is here to provide you with all of the best recovery education, resources, and strategies to help you succeed in overcoming your addiction and staying sober long after your time in rehab. We’ve been approved by the Joint Commission for drug treatment, offer some of the lowest rates in the region, accept all major insurances, and have a variety of treatment plans available to meet your needs. Give us a call today to get started!

Teaching the Skills Necessary for Success

Do Check in to an Alcohol Rehab That Treats You with Dignity

Our staff is understanding and knowledgeable about addiction, and we take each phase of recovery seriously, so you go through each step with dignity. Our Mississippi inpatient alcohol rehab is top-rated, and we are committed to be your solution for recovery. It doesn’t matter what stage of recovery you are in or if you need to check into the detoxification program to get started, we have an affordable price and accept insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments and the exceptional care we provide.