Alcohol Rehab in Vermont

Alcohol addiction causes both short term and long-term health concerns that will affect your body
function. It can affect your heart, liver, pancreas and immune system. It also increases the risk of
developing certain types of cancers such as mouth, throat, liver, or esophagus cancer. If you have
admitted that you have a problem, the next step is to get the help you need from Summer Sky, an
alcohol rehab in Vermont that has helped others overcome alcohol addiction for over 30 years.

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

Alcohol Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms

Once you decide it’s time to take back control of your life, you may begin to experience withdrawal
symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can begin anywhere from 6 to 24 hours after your last drink. The
severity of your symptoms will depend on several factors such as how long you have been drinking, your
medical history, family history, and past trauma. Initially, many people feel they can detox on their own,
but withdrawal symptoms may just become too much to handle. Symptoms include increased rate of
breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweating, and irritability. Additionally, triggers in your environment can
cause relapse. Summer Sky Vermont inpatient alcohol rehab has effective 30 to 90-day programs that
can assist you in overcoming substance abuse in a safe environment.

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Medical Detox

Summer Sky alcohol rehab offers medical detox programs where you are monitored around the clock to
ensure your safety throughout the process. Withdrawal symptoms are managed and medications can
be given to make you as comfortable as possible. A neutral environment gives you a space that is free
from triggers and temptation while you remove toxins from the body. Alcohol rehabs in Vermont can
help you overcome substance abuse to feel great and begin your recovery journey.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

One of the Best Alcohol Rehabs in Vermont

Our rehab programs at Summer Sky are some of the best. Summer Sky is a top-rated alcohol rehab in
Vermont with both 30-day alcohol rehab programs and 90-day alcohol rehab programs. We believe
everyone deserves a chance to get the help they need to overcome addiction. That is why we make our
programs affordable by offering some of the lowest treatment rates. Additionally, we also are in-
network with most all major insurances. You don’t have to sacrifice high-quality care for a lower price.
Summer Sky has received one of the highest certifications an alcohol rehab can achieve as they are Joint
Commission approved for drug treatment. Get the best care at a price your family can afford. Call
Summer Sky today to find out more about our exceptional alcohol rehab programs.