Alcohol Rehab in North Dakota

Alcohol addiction programs at Summer Sky address all aspects of alcohol addiction. We recognize that
the addictions that plague you may be different from others. The same treatment method that worked
for someone else may not work for you. Summer Sky alcohol rehab in North Dakota tailors our alcohol
rehab programs for each individual. We find what works for you and strive to meet your specific needs.
Thousands of men and women have found freedom from addiction at Summer Sky, and you can too.

What Is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a compulsive need for alcohol to cope and to ease withdrawal symptoms. It is the
inability to control one’s drinking. For some, alcohol use over time leads to needing more and more
alcohol to satisfy cravings. Heavy drinking can affect your health as well as your ability to maintain
stable relationships with family and friends. Because addiction is unique to everyone, it can sometimes
be hard to recognize a drinking problem. Alcohol rehabs in North Dakota such as Summer Sky, specialize
in recognizing and treating alcohol addiction so you can have control of your life back.

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is the first step in giving you the tools and skill you need for a successful recovery and to lead a clean and sober life. Programs can vary in length, ranging from 30- to 90-day stays or even
intensive outpatient programs if that is more suitable for you and your family. Supervised medical detox
allows you to remove all harmful substances from your system in a safe environment. Medical staff
monitors you around the clock and makes you as comfortable as possible throughout the withdrawal
process. Counseling session and therapy sessions give you the knowledge of how to to remain sober
and find support and encouragement to continue in recovery. Our 30-day alcohol rehab or 90-day
alcohol rehab programs provide you with a path for success and a bright future free from addiction.

About Summer Sky

Summer Sky’s North Dakota inpatient alcohol rehab programs are effective and affordable. They are in
network with most major insurances and offer some of the lowest treatment rates among alcohol
rehabs in North Dakota. Summer Sky is Joint Commission Approved for drug treatment, which is the
highest certification an alcohol rehab can receive. You know you are at a top rehab facility in North
Dakota when you choose Summer Sky.