Alcohol Rehab in Alabama

Are you ready to begin your journey through alcohol rehab in North Carolina? No matter how light or how significant your alcohol addiction is, know that it’s possible to make a full recovery and reclaim your sobriety! Whatever your goals are, we can help you get started with alcohol rehab and take you all the way to overcoming your addictions.

Summer Sky provides a variety of treatment options for alcohol rehabilitation, including 30-day alcohol rehab and 90-day alcohol rehab solutions. We want you to feel cared for and for you to develop confidence in your own ability to overcome addiction and meet your sobriety goals.

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

“What Can I Expect from Alcohol Rehab in North Carolina?”

Although every North Carolina inpatient alcohol rehab facility will be different and have varying levels of quality care, many alcohol rehabs in North Carolina will provide a similar method for treatment from start to finish. The specifics of the treatment is what commonly will vary between treatment centers.

  • You’ll begin your alcohol rehab at check-in, where a staff member will have an interview with you in order to build a profile about who you are, what you like, the details of your addiction, and so on. This is simply so that the rehab center can curate a unique treatment plan specifically for you.
  • Then you will begin a process of detoxification and withdrawal. In order to take care of alcoholism, you’ll have to completely cut out alcohol. This likely will create some unpleasant side-effects, physically and psychologically, with varying degrees of intensity based on your level of alcoholism.
  • You’ll go through some behavior therapy to help you understand your personal triggers, behaviors, and motivations. This will equip you with more information to keep yourself on track.
  • At the end you’ll create a post-treatment plan that will help keep you on track, by yourself, with established systems, and through your support network long after you’ve left the rehab center.

Get Your Start in Alcohol Rehab in North Carolina Today with Summer Sky

Summer Sky is a top rated rehabilitation center for alcohol and drugs. We are Joint Commission approved for drug treatment (the highest level of certification that rehab centers in North Carolina can achieve). Our staff is friendly and we’ve created a family-like environment to help you get the most support possible during your rehabilitation and recovery process.

Contact us today at Summer Sky to learn how we can help you overcome your alcohol addiction based on your unique situation, your budget, and your schedule. We have a variety of programs available, offer some of the lowest rates in the North Carolina area, and accept all major insurances.

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Recover with Dignity in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Our Alabama inpatient alcohol rehab is for anyone that suffers from an addiction. We help everyone recover with dignity in an environment that is relaxing. By being away from your daily life, you can combat bad habits and stress that may be associated with your home or work. Our alcohol rehab is a phone call away, and you can also reach out by filling out our contact form. Let’s get started today.