Alcohol Rehab in Mississippi

Alcohol Rehab in Mississippi is a treatment that many people go through, and the hardest part is often admitting you have a problem or letting a loved one know that you have witnessed the signs that they need professional treatment. Whether you need assistance with the intervention for a loved one, or you are ready to find the right treatment for you at Summer Sky, you can reach out to an admissions expert and begin your journey to sobriety. Our alcohol rehab is designed to be comforting and relaxing, so you can have a peaceful and effective recovery.

Helping Patients with All Levels of Addiction

Don’t Let Alcoholism Control Your Life for One More Day

When you suffer from alcoholism, it takes over your life and it can feel like you are out of control. If you are hiding the amount you drink or even trying to keep that you drink at all from your family, you need to reach out to alcohol rehabs in Mississippi. There are different options based on your level of addiction and goals, and you can start by learning more about Mississippi inpatient alcohol rehab options.

We have a 30 day alcohol rehab for those that aren’t able to commit to three months of inpatient care or that have a lower dependency or haven’t been addicted for a long time. We also have a 90 day alcohol rehab for patients that have a heavier level of addiction and want to take the time to fully recover and learn social and coping skills for when they return to work and home life. We have many treatments and activities that are tailored to the needs of the individuals that visit Summer Sky.

Teaching the Skills Necessary for Success

Do Check in to an Alcohol Rehab That Treats You with Dignity

Our staff is understanding and knowledgeable about addiction, and we take each phase of recovery seriously, so you go through each step with dignity. Our Mississippi inpatient alcohol rehab is top-rated, and we are committed to be your solution for recovery. It doesn’t matter what stage of recovery you are in or if you need to check into the detoxification program to get started, we have an affordable price and accept insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments and the exceptional care we provide.