Alcohol Rehab in Kentucky

At Summer Sky alcohol rehab in Kentucky, we know that getting help is hard for your whole family. But, know that checking in to alcohol rehab is the right decision. Leading a clean and sober life can feel out of reach, but with the friendly and experienced staff members at our alcohol rehab center by your side, you can achieve the inner peace you’ve been searching for.

The journey to a complete recovery begins when you sign up to be admitted to a 90 day alcohol rehab, or a 30 day program. You know you are in good hands at Summer Sky because we are top rated facility that has earned the highest level of certification from the Joint Commission. We have a full staff to ensure our patients get one-on-one attention and the undivided care that they need.

Helping Patients with All Levels of Addiction

Alcohol Rehab That Is Committed to Your Recovery

Everything that our alcohol rehabs in Kentucky embody is created to ensure the entire process is committed to a healthy and full recovery. Alcohol addiction comes with its own set of challenges because it is part of many social activities. We help prepare you with skills to avoid temptation and stay on the right track.

Helping from Intervention to Relapse-Prevention

When you are admitted to the Kentucky inpatient alcohol rehab, you have help for each step. We don’t rush the process because we know that it takes one day at a time to ensure you stay healthy. If you have a loved one that is going through addiction and don’t know how to tell them, we are available to assist with the intervention. During the treatment, there are family programs to help you rebuild your relationship. You can also sign up for 30 day alcohol rehab or stay for 90 days based on your dependence level.

Enjoy a Healthy and Happy Life of Sobriety

Come to Summer Sky if you want to lead a clean and sober life that is fulfilling. We’ll teach you coping skills that help you avoid temptations and social skills that allow you to enjoy time with friends. Our rates are extremely affordable, and we accept insurance. Please call with any questions about our rehab services and our admissions specialist will assist yo

Teaching the Skills Necessary for Success

Do Check in to an Alcohol Rehab That Treats You with Dignity

Our staff is understanding and knowledgeable about addiction, and we take each phase of recovery seriously, so you go through each step with dignity. Our Mississippi inpatient alcohol rehab is top-rated, and we are committed to be your solution for recovery. It doesn’t matter what stage of recovery you are in or if you need to check into the detoxification program to get started, we have an affordable price and accept insurance. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments and the exceptional care we provide.