Alcohol Rehab in Iowa

The fine line between being a drinker and being an alcoholic can be somewhat confusing. There is a distinct difference between a non-dependent and dependent drinker.  One can quickly move from simply drinking for fun to being dependent upon alcohol. If you are unable to stop drinking for any period of time, you may suffer from alcohol abuse.  Alcohol abuse can affect you and those around you. It can replace priorities and halt life as we know it. If you are unable to stop drinking for any period of time, you may suffer from alcohol abuse. If you recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependency in yourself or a family member, addressing your issues at an alcohol rehab is the first step to getting back on track.

Who Does Alcohol Dependency Affect?

No one is exempt from the grip of alcohol abuse once it has taken hold of your life.  It can affect people of any gender, age, race, or social status. What once brought you feelings of happiness has quickly turned to feelings of depression or worthlessness.  Stability no longer exists in your life. You avoid social settings, seclude yourself, have significant mood swings, and feel an inability to cope any longer. If this describes you right now, know that you are not alone.  There is hope for alcohol dependency. Summer Sky alcohol rehab in Iowa has helped thousands of people that felt just as you do now overcome the grip of alcohol abuse.

What Should I Do Now?

If you can admit to an alcohol dependency problem, you have taken a crucial first step to getting well again.  Now that you know you have a problem, what is the next step? Many people have found freedom from alcohol addiction through support and guidance from Iowa inpatient alcohol rehab.  Summer Sky’s 30-day alcohol rehab or 90-day alcohol rehab programs can give you the tools and skills you will need to address the underlying issues of alcohol abuse and get sober.

Why Should I Choose Summer Sky?

Of all the alcohol rehabs in Iowa, what makes Summer Sky stand out?  Summer Sky is a top rated rehab facility that has achieved the highest level of certification available to alcohol rehabs as they are joint commission approved for drug treatment.  Not only are you guaranteed exceptional treatment and care, but you can also receive alcohol rehab at an affordable rate. In fact, Summer Sky offers the lowest treatment rate among alcohol rehabs in Iowa.  They also accept all major insurances to further help with the cost of alcohol rehab. Get your life back with the exceptional alcohol rehab programs at Summer Sky that are specifically individualized for you.  Find out more by calling us today or visiting our website at