Alcohol Rehab in Connecticut

If you think of rehab, you may think of drug addiction.  But alcohol is still one of the most common addictions in America that many people, men and women alike, suffer from.  Alcohol is a way for many to cope with the stresses of life that can seem too difficult to manage. But the reality is that alcohol tears families apart, ruins friendships, and destroys lives.  Before alcohol ruins your life, seek treatment to address your addiction. Summer Sky alcohol rehab in Connecticut is a reputable alcohol rehab program that has helped thousands of people overcome addiction in the 30 plus years since opening its doors, and they can help you too.  

Treatment Tailored to You

We believe that no two addictions are exactly alike and so no two treatment methods should be exactly the same.  A one size fits all approach to addiction simply doesn’t work. Instead, Summer Sky’s alcohol rehab in Connecticut offers innovative and unique programs that are tailored to meet you right where you are.  We offer both traditional treatment methods and newer treatment options. Traditional treatment methods include one on one counseling sessions to address the root cause of alcohol addiction as well a group therapy sessions so that you can get support and encouragement throughout your time in alcohol rehab.  Newer, cutting-edge treatment methods may include physical exercise, nutrition plans, goat yoga, or a variety of therapies such as art therapy, equine therapy, or pet therapy. The overall goal is to address the needs of you as a whole person, physically as well as mentally and emotionally to give you the skills and knowledge to get sober and stay sober.

Summer Sky Is Exceptional

Among alcohol rehabs in Connecticut, Summer Sky stand out.  They are a top-rated rehab facility that has achieved the highest certification available as they are joint commission approved for drug treatment.  Additionally, Summer Sky Connecticut inpatient alcohol rehab programs are some of the most affordable around. You are guaranteed to receive high-quality care at a price you can afford.  They also accept most all major insurances to further help with the cost of treatment. Whether you are looking for a 30-day alcohol rehab or a 90-day alcohol rehab, turn to Summer Sky. For over 30 years, men and women have found hope and freedom with Summer Sky.  Call us today or visit our website at for more information.