Alcohol Rehab in Alabama

Alcohol rehab at Summer Sky is a positive experience because we take each patient seriously and treat you with integrity. Our facility has earned the highest level of certification from the Joint Commission, and we hold ourselves to these standards because our mission is to help patients recovery in a safe and healthy environment. We treat the mind body and soul at our alcohol rehab in Alabama, and we never rush the process or gloss over the emotional aspects of addiction.

We treat the whole body, and you can choose the best treatment based on your level of addiction and dependency. Many patients find the 90 day alcohol rehab is the best options because it gives you the time and space you need in a neutral and calming environment to learn the coping skills that prevent relapse. Other patients discover that the 30 day alcohol rehab makes sense for them because it allows them to safely detox and develop good coping habits to move forward at home.

Don’t Let Alcohol Drive Your Family Apart

Count On Us for Support and Guidance

You can rely on us to do more than offer a top rated alcohol rehab facility. We provide you with a personalized experience and are here to support and guide you through each stage of recovery. Our activities are tailored to our patients and the needs of those that are recovering from addiction. Pet therapy, family counseling, and Equine Therapy, and more are there, so you can experience daily life without addiction, and learn how to find happiness.

Beyond activities and a friendly staff at alcohol rehabs in Alabama, you have access to doctors and addiction professionals that can guide you towards the best ways to keep your body and mind healthy. By focusing on your health, you increase energy and confidence.

We Encourage You to Reach Out

Recover with Dignity in a Relaxing Atmosphere

Our Alabama inpatient alcohol rehab is for anyone that suffers from an addiction. We help everyone recover with dignity in an environment that is relaxing. By being away from your daily life, you can combat bad habits and stress that may be associated with your home or work. Our alcohol rehab is a phone call away, and you can also reach out by filling out our contact form. Let’s get started today.