Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services:

If you are seeking help for an alcohol or drug problem and you need immediate help for alcohol or drug problem, then you can contact Summer Sky’s Admissions Department at 1-888-857-8857 for help dealing with a substance use disorder. We offer 24-hour medical detoxification programs for people who are dealing with immediate problems associated with people who are experiencing withdrawal symptoms or other alcohol or drug-related problems.

What Are The Top Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services?

It is important to understand that there are various types of alcohol & drug rehabilitation services that are designed to help a person become substance-free from addictive substances. People choose to attend different types of treatment programs based on the severity of their addiction to substances.

Top Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services

Medical Detoxification Programs Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment
Residential Alcohol & Drug Treatment Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) Substance Outpatient Counseling


Most Common Forms of Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services:

The above forms of alcohol & drug rehabilitation services are the most common types of treatment services utilized in the State of Texas or across the United States. While no treatment is preferred over another, there are major differences in the levels of care of treatment services.

The severity of someone’s addiction is important to consider when choosing an alcohol & drug rehabilitation program to attend to deal with a substance use disorder. The level of disruption that is being experienced by the individual with the substance use disorder is another consideration.

It’s always best to choose a treatment program that is going to help you deal with your problems and in some cases, a higher level of treatment care is needed to stabilize an individual from the physical, psychological, and social disturbances caused by the substance use disorder.

Medical Detoxification Program Example:

If you are dealing with either a dependency or physical addiction to alcohol or drugs and you have a history of experiencing withdrawal symptoms in the past, then consider medical detox levels of care for treatment services. Many individuals experience physical & psychological withdrawals.

Some people discover this by attempting to cut back their usage of a particular addictive substance and quickly learn of the uncomfortable associated withdrawal syndrome. Other people abruptly attempt to stop using a substance and are overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms.

When a person has developed a severe addiction, they are at risk of experiencing adverse health effects associated with the withdrawal syndrome. If you happen to be someone that has, and elevated risk factors then are safe and enter a medical detoxification program.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program Example:

Another type of treatment program is the Intensive outpatient treatment program which is on the opposite side of the spectrum of detoxification services. It is one of the milder forms of treatment compared to other types of treatment programs.

The Intensive outpatient treatment program is longer in duration, but most IOP provides treatment for a minimum of 10 hours a week of substance use counseling, group counseling, and alcohol & drug education groups. Typically, there is also an individual counseling session provided weekly.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs Advantages

Simple & Easy Process to Attend Maintain Daily Living While in Treatment
Reasonably Affordable Cost Flexible Schedules
Comprehensive Education Provided Practice Real-Time New Techniques
Learn More Coping Skills to Stay Clean & Sober Increase Sober Support Network
Learn Relapse Prevention Skills Introduction to 12-step Programs


Residential Alcohol & Drug Treatment:

There is no doubt that there are many advantages to utilizing residential alcohol & drug treatment program. The overall comprehensive nature of residential treatment programs is designed to deliver as much treatment as possible in a structured environment.

Residential Alcohol & Drug Treatment Advantages

Time to Focus on Treatment & Recovery Distraction Free Environment
Full Immersion into Recovery Lifestyle Time to Heal Away from Daily Stress
Environment Promotes Healing & Wellness Removes Direct Triggers to Use or Drink 
Provides a Structured Environment to Recover Time to Reflect and Gain Insights
Group Therapy Sessions Learn How to Meditate
Helps People with Co-Existing Disorders Medication Management & Monitoring  
Promotes Living a Healthy & Sober Lifestyle Well-Balanced Meals & Nutritional Support
Treatment is Tailored to Individual’s Needs Physical Health Restoration


Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Treatment:

There are different reasons why an individual will need inpatient alcohol & drug treatment services. Inpatient treatment is a level of care for alcohol & drug treatment. This type of treatment care does require an individual to stay overnight in the treatment program.

The treatment is monitored by medical professionals 24 hours a day and is normally monitoring an individual’s acute medical needs during inpatient treatment. Since the care provided is more intense and individuals with extended medical detox services or other co-occurring medical conditions are observed and monitored during an inpatient treatment stay.

Inpatient care is designed to minimize the risk associated with serious withdrawal symptoms and to stabilize an individual from sometimes serious life-threatening conditions from developing. Each individual that is transitioned into inpatient treatment services will have different severity levels of substance use disorder problems. Once inpatient treatment is completed most people transition into a residential level of care or treatment services.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP):

The partial hospitalization treatment program (PHP) is a level of care of treatment services that are designed to be less intense than a residential treatment program, but more comprehensive than an intensive outpatient treatment program.

The Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program or PHP is for people that are transitioning from residential treatment or requiring a higher level of services than intensive outpatient treatment. The benefit of attending a partial hospitalization treatment program is coordinated, intensive, multidisciplinary, and acute short-term treatment.

People that utilize partial hospitalization programs are monitored with ongoing safety protocols and supportive treatment care, however, the individual must be able to demonstrate to the staff that they can maintain physical abstinence from alcohol & drugs while in this level of treatment.

The typical partial hospitalization program is a time-limited phase of the treatment process. There are different therapeutic techniques offered while in the treatment milieu. The duration of treatment can range from 10 to 21 days with most programs somewhere in between.

Substance Use Outpatient Counseling:

In general substance use counseling is offered throughout the treatment process at all levels of care treatment. The individual will find that the more intensive levels of treatment will involve more individualized counseling sessions.  It is always a good idea for people to transition from substance use disorder treatment programs into substance use outpatient counseling services.

This helps to maintain safety from acute crises and brings an individual a more balanced approach to recovery and the transition from higher levels of treatment care into daily living. When someone is engaged in substance use disorder counseling a safety net is available to reduce the likelihood of re-emergence of acute symptoms of the substance use disorder.

During this phase of treatment, individuals are primarily focused on the day-to-day participation of ongoing recovery, behavioral control, engaging in community returning to work, parenting, school, family life, or other activities of daily living. Counseling becomes a tool for reducing stress.

Immediate Help for Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Services:

To discuss all the various available addiction treatment options or to schedule an admission into one of our Texas drug rehab programs you can call our admissions department 24 hours a day 7 days a week and one of our admissions specialists will help facilitate the process of scheduling treatment.

If you are just not sure which program is best for your situation, then go ahead and call our confidential phone number at 1-888-857-8857 and we will help explain the benefits of each treatment program. We look forward to helping you or a family member to recover from any substance use disorder.

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