Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol detoxification is not treatment by itself, however, it is a necessary component of the alcohol treatment process. Without becoming detoxified appropriately from alcohol, a person who has developed an alcohol use disorder is sure to find themselves in a vicious cycle of repeated drinking episodes.

Alcohol addictions are difficult to break free from without the help of a trained alcohol detoxification program. Alcohol detoxification is the necessary first step in the treatment process. It is dangerous to attempt to detoxify yourself from alcohol without the aid of trained medical professionals who understand alcohol use disorders. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers multiple Texas Drug Rehabs to help you solve your alcohol problem.

What does alcohol detoxification provide?

Summer Sky Treatment Center® provides alcohol detoxification services to individuals that require medical management of alcohol withdrawal symptoms from a severe alcohol use disorder. This is a 24-hour service that is monitored and managed by medical professionals to ensure that an individual is properly detoxified and stabilized from the addictive substance alcohol and any other addictive substance if needed.

  • 24-Hour Medical Monitoring & Stabilization
  • Management of associated alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Eliminate alcohol from the body & prepare a person for treatment services
  • FDA-Approved Medical Detoxification Protocols
  • Safe & Effective Alcohol Detox Services
  • Evidence-Based Medical Detoxification Services
  • Licensed & Accredited Detox Facility
  • Restore Proper Nutrition Balance
  • Supportive services during the detox process
  • Alleviate short-term symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol dependence & alcohol disorders
  • Minimize physical discomfort & cravings
  • Stabilize emotions and mood changes

What is alcohol detoxification?

Detoxification is a process of eliminating alcohol & managing acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol detoxification medical staff utilize a set of interventions designed to clear the alcohol out of the body for those with a history of being addicted to the substance. Detox alone is an effective component of the treatment process that will help restore balance and physically manage withdrawal symptoms once alcohol is discontinued.

Alcohol detoxification is a necessary component of helping people minimize the physical harm caused by becoming addicted to alcohol especially those with severe alcohol use disorders. During alcohol detoxification, the acute medical management of all life-threatening intoxication and related medical problems is monitored to make sure an individual is safe while in the alcohol detoxification treatment program.

Purpose of Alcohol Detoxification

The purpose of alcohol detoxification is to help an individual to stabilize physically and psychologically as the body becomes free from alcohol. During the alcohol detoxification process, additional objectives are targeted during medical detox. The overall concern of an individual’s safety and health is a primary focus for medical detox professionals helping an individual to become alcohol-free. Careful attention is made to enhance the detox process to alleviate discomfort as the withdrawal process proceeds forward through the detox phase.

Alcohol Detoxification Withdrawal Symptoms

Following withdrawal from alcohol, an individual who needs alcohol medical detoxification may experience several possible alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

  • Sleep disturbances & eating disruption
  • Tremors (Involuntary trembling, shaking of hands & other body parts)
  • Delirium Tremens (Shaking, confusion, high blood pressure, fever, and hallucinations)
  • Sweating or more commonly referred to as the sweats
  • Inability to think clearly or concentrate
  • Agitation
  • Elevated temperature
  • Change in pulse rate & convulsions or seizures

Many of the above withdrawal symptoms can be considered life-threatening and it is advised to contact an alcohol detoxification treatment program and arrange for alcohol detox before a person immediately stops drinking alcohol to prevent withdrawal symptoms from forming. Attempting to deal with these withdrawal symptoms without medical intervention can result in harm or death to the individual.

Alcohol Detoxification Withdrawal Symptom Timeline

People will often ask how long does it take to go through the alcohol detoxification process? Since alcohol is considered a short-acting drug the most severe signs and symptoms of withdrawal usually begin within a few hours of an individual’s last use. So, depending on how fast a person gets to the alcohol detox facility and begins a medical detox protocol to remove the substance will depend on how quickly the process will begin to eliminate the signs and symptoms of withdrawal.

Most people will need to prepare for 5 to 7 days of alcohol detoxification monitoring to be safe, however, in some cases, people have required up to 10-days of alcohol detoxification services. People that are addicted to alcohol and have co-existing medical conditions may need additional time, however, every case is different.

The most severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms are dealt with at the initial stages of detoxification. Taking care of a person’s acute abstinence syndrome is the most important aspect of alcohol detoxification in the first phase of medical detoxification. After alcohol detoxification is completed many people will be transitioned into other levels of care or treatment services.

Summer Sky Alcohol Detoxification Programs

Summer Sky offers alcohol detoxification services to anyone living in Texas and those throughout the United States. People travel from all over Texas to utilize our alcohol detoxification services and many decide to enter our alcohol rehabs for post-treatment services.

Alcohol detoxification is an effective component of alcohol treatment services that is generally required for someone to participate in other forms of alcohol treatment or therapy. It is imperative that men or women receive help from a medical detox facility before other psychological treatments can be effectively utilized in therapy.

Alcohol detoxification alone is not a complete treatment, but one part of the treatment process. Many people will need a comprehensive alcohol rehab program to fully recover from their alcohol use disorder. Summer Sky offers many different alcohol rehabs so that people have alcohol treatment options. Below are some of the additional alcohol treatment programs we offer along with other treatment features for your consideration.

Summer Sky Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Alcohol Treatment Center Additional Special Features

Some Major Health Insurance Companies Accepted at Summer Sky

  • United Healthcare PP0 & HMO
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PP0 & HMO
  • Cigna PP0 & HMO
  • Scott and White Health Plan
  • Multiplan PHCS
  • Anthem
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Magellan Health
  • GEHA
  • (UMR)
  • Other Texas and nationwide health insurance plans (Call 1-888-857-8857 for inquiry about other health plans accepted at Summer Sky)

Need Immediate Alcohol Detoxification or Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment?

Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) & Accredited by The Joint Commission. We are an in-network treatment provider for most major health insurance companies and we also offer affordable private pay options. To access our admissions department, we can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857.

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