Advanced Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

Advanced Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Program:

Summer Sky offers an advanced Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Program for those that have severe alcohol or drug problems. Sometimes individuals need more advanced medical care along with medical detox and our Advanced Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Program can help these individuals become free from addictive substances while simultaneously helping them to stabilize other disorders that are impacting their health.

The reality is that people that are long-term alcohol or drug users sometimes develop other difficult illness that compacts their ability to deal with their substance use disorders. For these individuals attempting to manage a substance use disorder along with other medical and psychological problems can be very frustrating to the individual experiencing both a substance use disorder or other medical conditions.

Co-occurring Disorders & Substance Use Disorders:

The Summer Sky Medical Team can help you solve your substance use disorders along with treating a co-occurring disorder while in our advanced Texas inpatient drug rehab program. We understand it is difficult to deal with multiple disorders and that a person’s substance use disorder only complicates other medical conditions. Our medical and clinical team will work diligently with you to help stabilize your conditions so that you can be free from addictive substances and help you restore balance in your life and help you begin to heal your body and mind.

Advanced Texas Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs:

Treatment for alcohol or drugs involves addressing the needs of sometimes very complex physical, psychological, and social problems, along with a person’s substance use disorders. When a person makes the choice to attend an inpatient drug rehab program, they are beginning the process of taking charge of their life. This simple act of asking for help and saying to themselves, “I have to do something different because the alcohol or drugs are destroying my life” is all it takes to start the process of change. Reaching out and asking for help and then following through with attending treatment is key to making a change in their lives.

How Do You Begin the Process of Change?

Realizing that you have a problem with alcohol or drugs is an important first step in the right direction and then asking for help to solve your alcohol or drug problem is the next step. Entering an addiction treatment center will help you begin the process of change. An inpatient drug rehab program will assist you in developing a plan of action to address your medical, psychological, and social problems that have been affected by using alcohol or drugs.

Developing a Plan of Action:

Everyone that enters treatment will develop a comprehensive plan of action to treat their alcohol or drug problem. This is important because it charts the course of treatment and allows you to help participate in the development of the treatment plan, which is important since you are the individual that must follow the plan of action. When you enter treatment, you are assigned a counselor who specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders.

The counselor works on your behalf to help you navigate through the treatment process. When you begin to develop your plan of action or your treatment plan you will identify and rank problems that need resolution in your life; with your counselor and your input, you will establish agreed-upon immediate and long-term goals. In addition to identifying the problems, you need to work on you will also explore the treatment process to achieve completing the goals.

Examples of Individuals Requiring More Advance Care

Everyone is different, and each person has unique problems and difficulties that they struggle to overcome. People with substance use disorders are no different when it comes to solving their problems with alcohol or drugs. No one sets out to become dependent on alcohol or drugs. Most people don’t even realize that using alcohol or drugs can turn into an addiction.

They innocently believed that “Addiction could not happen to them or that they could stop drinking or using drugs at any time they wanted” and once they found that they were addicted to the substances they either deny a problem existed or continue using the substances until they begin to experience negative consequences. Therefore, it is so important to seek help once you realize that alcohol or drugs are impacting, your life. The reality is treatment works, and there is a solution to your problems.

Common Examples of Individuals Requiring Advanced Inpatient Drug Rehabs

  • Individuals with Co-occurring Disorders or Dual Diagnosis
  • Severe Alcohol Use Disorders
  • Alcohol Use Disorders with Diabetes
  • Individuals with Higher-Liver Enzymes
  • Pregnant Women with Addictions
  • People with a History of Seizure Disorders
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver
  • Other Alcohol or Drug caused Medical Problems

*The above list is not comprehensive and is only provided as an example of people that use the more advanced inpatient drug rehab program at Summer Sky Treatment Center. If you do not have the above problems, we also treat all other alcohol or drug problems without complex addiction-related problems. If you have any type of substance use disorder or addiction-related problems, contact our admissions department for a discussion on what treatments we offer to solve your problem.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options & Programs

People with co-occurring disorders with alcohol or substance use disorders will find that our comprehensive treatment services can help them treat almost all substance-related disorders. Individuals with multiple psychiatric problems like anxiety, depression, and other dual-diagnosis problems enjoy simultaneous treatment in our treatment programs.

Do you need assistance with alcohol rehab or drug rehab?

If you need medical detox, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, or intensive outpatient treatment then contact our admissions department to speak with an admissions specialist at 1-888-857-8857 we are available 24 hours a day 7-days a week.

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