Advanced Addiction Treatment and Texas Drug Rehabs

Advanced Addiction Treatment and Texas Drug Rehabs:

Have you ever thought about why it is that when an individual attends a 90-day treatment program the recovery rate increases versus a 30-day treatment program? It is very interesting because some people will claim it’s the treatment that is being delivered that makes all the difference between the two different modalities of care.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is in a very unique position on this topic because we offer 30, 60, and 90-day drug rehabs to all of the State of Texas. We believe in the treatment and how effective it is for an individual with a substance use disorder. When were talking about people living and dying because of an untreated illness like an addiction we understand why people care about this topic.

The Fact is “Treatment is the number #1 most effective way to stop an addiction from progressing” Scott Kelley, LCDC— President of Summer Sky Treatment Center®

Addiction is Progressive:

An addiction is a progressive illness which means it gets worse over time. The length of history of the addiction and the time that an individual is left untreated without treatment services also will affect the severity of the addiction. The addiction develops gradually over stages and as the progression increases with more severe consequences.

The severity level of the addiction will disrupt the individual’s life. The individual may or may not notice the increased disruptions as it is a very subtle illness that impairs the individual’s health, mind, and relationships. Normal functioning to outside individuals who are witnesses to the changes is more obvious, but the individual may struggle to see the changes or deny that they are experiencing problems.

The time, duration, and amount of the substance being ingested will also be factors on how fast and disruptive the addiction will increase or progress. Treatment is the number one way to stop the progression and the individual will need addiction treatment to make the progression stop.

Addiction & Treatment is All About Time:

You see we can’t avoid the fact that it takes time for an addiction to develop. Sometimes they develop quickly and other times the problem is stretched out over a long duration of time. There are of course factors that slow the process down and other factors that speed the process up as a person develops their addiction. However, there is still time involved throughout the entire addiction process.

Now, Let’s look at Treatment as it is related to time and why are there 10-day detox & stabilization programs, 30-day treatment programs, 60-day rehabs, and 90-day treatment programs. To effectively treat someone with an addiction there is always a screening process and in some cases, a pre-screening is performed before someone admits into a treatment program.

The screening process helps in determining if an individual will need more advanced addiction treatment services or will a general Texas Drug Rehab be sufficient to accommodate the individual’s immediate needs for treatment services. Addiction professionals will utilize diagnostic instruments to help the individual arrive at the correct decision for which type of treatment program is needed.

The Severity Level of The Addiction:

The Addiction will be either mild, moderate, or severe, and most severe addictions are candidates for medical detoxification programs followed by attending 30, 60, or 90-day treatment programs. Most mild to moderate substance use disorders are typically referred to partial hospitalization programs, Intensive outpatient treatment programs, or individual substance use disorder counseling.

If you are dealing with an advanced or more severe addiction, then the more time you choose for treatment services will determine better outcomes. You may be curious at this point as to why more time in treatment equals better outcomes. The answer is that the brain of someone who has a severe addiction requires more time away from the addictive substance to heal properly.

Severe addictions require 90 days free from addictive substances to heal properly!

So, to effectively heal from a severe addiction and individuals can choose a longer duration of treatment services and increase their chances of staying sober just by staying in treatment longer and allowing the brain to heal naturally from the damage that was created during the active addiction.

Now, think a little deeper on the subject for just a minute as I want to be very clear on the subject. This does not mean you can just do nothing in treatment to improve yourself while you’re staying in the treatment center. You still need to learn about addiction and learn effective ways to recover from the illness. You must engage in the skills necessary to remain free from addictive substances while you’re in the 30, 60, or 90-day rehab program.

 Addictions Have the Same Rates of Reoccurrence as Other Chronic Illnesses:

Here is the reality developing a chronic illness is never a good thing, but it is possible to deal with some chronic illnesses and treat the illness to the point where they can be effectively managed, and the individual can live a happy and productive life as long as they manage chronic illness.

If an individual develops diabetes, they typically seek help for the problem and they have to learn everything about the chronic illness as possible. They are given the proper managing skills to deal with the illness and encouraged to make lifestyle changes that will result in keeping diabetes treated.

The same for an addiction to alcohol or drugs the individual goes into a treatment program that provides effective tools to help the individual change their life to a point of a complete lifestyle change. During treatment, the individual will learn effective solutions to keep the chronic illness of addiction managed without returning to alcohol or drugs.

Rates of Reoccurrence of Chronic Medical Conditions (Including Addictions):

In looking at the data collected from the Journal of America Medical Association (JAMA) they put together this infographic showing below the caparison of relapse rates between Substance Use Disorders and other Illnesses.     

Addiction Chronic Health Rates & Comparison of Other Medical Conditions

How Severe is Your Addiction:

The important thing to think about is how severe is your addiction to drugs and alcohol. Since returning to drinking or drugs is comparable to other chronic medical conditions it makes sense that more time in treatment is a wise idea if you can afford the treatment and make a commitment to complete a longer duration of treatment services. We at Summer Sky Treatment Center do notice a definite difference between someone’s overall psychological and behaviors in treatment when you compare someone in the 30-day treatment program versus our 90-day treatment program.

For Immediate Help or Information Regarding Our Texas Drug Rehabs:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs with medical detox programs, and 30, 60, and 90-Day Treatment Programs you can access our services 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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