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It is the philosophy of Summer Sky Treatment Center that substance use disorders including chemical dependency is a treatable disease of the body, mind, and spirit. It is further believed that once an individual develops a substance use disorder, recovery can only occur if total abstinence is maintained from all non-competently prescribed mood/mind-altering chemicals. In order to accomplish this goal, a multi-disciplinary team approach is necessary with membership representing medicine, clinical counseling, 12 Step and spiritual counseling, nursing and activities therapy. We believe that individual and group counseling, didactic counseling and 12 Step/Big Book study are the most effective modalities of treatment for substance use disorders.

Patient Admission: Inventory Standards

By the very nature of the disorder, persons who seek treatment for chemical dependency bring with them many co-existing emotional, cognitive and behavioral problems. Those problems, which directly impede the initial recovery process, are dealt with here in treatment by means of clinical therapies. Recovery is an ongoing process and the early stages of recovery can only be dealt with in the short, discreet time frame that we have here in treatment. Ancillary problems that are identified as being relevant to the addictive process but which do not directly affect early growth are referred to resources that make up post-discharge aftercare.

Because recovery is life long, we believe that a strong foundation must be built here in treatment through a thorough involvement in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We also believe that following the principles of the 12 Steps while in treatment and post-discharge is the best way of maximizing the potential for full recovery.


Patients will need to bring in a 30 day supply of any medications they are currently on that are not contraindicated in treatment. Examples of these medications are: allergy medications, high blood pressure medications, heart disease medications, diabetic medications, thyroid medications, dermatology medications, etc… This cuts down on treatment costs for the patient during their stay.

Examples of medications that would be contraindicated for treatment would be: opiates (hydro-codone, vicodin, Darvocet); Benzodiazepines or anxiolytics (klonipin, Xanax, valium) classified stimulants (Ritalin, Adderall), etc… For questions on whether or not to bring in a medication, please contact the intake office who can provide you with further information.

During a patients’ stay it may be necessary for the physician to prescribe medications not related to treatment (e.g. antibiotics, allergy medications, etc…). These prescribed medications will be submitted to the pharmacy through the patient’s personal insurance plan. Patients who fall in this category, will be responsible for the co-pay of medication(s) upon discharge.

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Summer Sky allows patients to bring a limited number of personal items. All items that are not allowed will be stored in the locked luggage area and returned to patients when they are discharged. The patients are solely responsible for taking all of their personal items with them at time of discharge. Summer Sky accepts no responsibility for items that have been lost, loaned but not returned, stolen, broken, or damaged.

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Dress Code:

Shirts must cover the stomach and back, tank tops or spaghetti straps can be worn as under shirts only, they may not be worn alone; no low cut shirts; shorts must a minimum of a 6 inch inseam; skirts may be no more than 2 inches above the knee; tennis shoes are required for activities therapy; no jewelry valued over $100.00 with the exception of wedding rings is allowed; personal financial documents are stored. Patients have access to them during approved times, as well as having access to their personal account at approved times. We encourage no patient to have more than $100.00 to place in their personal accounts while with Summer Sky. We encourage families to provide Nicotine items and phone cards as warranted instead of leaving large amounts of money in their personal accounts.

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Personal computers, WiFi, cell phones or other personal phones/internet-capable communication devices are NOT ALLOWED.

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Patients are allowed to bring in the following items:

    • 1 pr Boots (no radio)
    • 2 Toothbrushes
    • 1 Alarm Clock
    • 1pr Tennis shoes (required for rec)
    • 2 Toothpastes
    • 2 Luggage
    • 3 pair shoes
    • 2 Deodorant / Antiperspirants
    • Unlimited Stamps
    • 10 Shirts
    • 2 Shampoos
    • Unlimited Stationary
    • 7 Pants
    • 2 Conditioners
    • 5 Books (recovery or spiritual only)
    • 3 Shorts
    • 1 Hairspray (no alcohol non-aerosol)
    • 10 Pieces Art Supplies (crayons, sketch pads, non-toxic items)
    • 8 pair Underwear
    • 3 Comb/Hairbrush
    • 2 Phone/calling cards
    • 8 Undershirts
    • 1 Mouthwash (alcohol free)
    • 1 Mirror
    • 8 pair Socks
    • 1 Shaving Cream
    • 1 Desk/Small Fan
    • 3 Pajama/sleep sets
    • 3 Disposable razors OR 1 Facial Electric razor
    • 1 Soap OR Bodywash
    • 1 Bathing suit (women 1 piece only)
    • 1 Hairdryer
    • Unlimited Blank writing paper or journals
    • 2 Sweatshirts
    • 1 Flat iron
    • 5 Recovery books
    • 2 Sweat pants
    • 1 Curling iron
    • 1 Pillow
    • 2 Sweaters
    • 2 Nail clipper/tweezers
    • 1 pair House shoes
    • 1 Lotion
    • 1 Robe
    • 25 Make up items
    • 2 Hats
    • 1 Face cleanser
    • 1 Jacket/Coat
    • 2 Moisturizer/toner
    • 2 Belts
    • 2 Hair Gel