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Addiction Treatment & Creative Song Writing:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® merges the use of creative songwriting, music, music entertainers, and musical artist along with other creative arts to help heal the individual from their addiction to substances. We encourage the power of music in our Texas Drug Rehabs to help the people we serve.

When you choose treatment at Summer Sky, we want to introduce you to the power of healing through music while staying in our treatment programs. A part of the treatment experience includes offering a variety of different tools to help you achieve success in treatment and recovery.

Some people discover that music can be a motivating tool to help you through the recovery process. There is nothing like becoming aware of your inner self while healing the soul at the same time. We know that music helps the limbic system of the brain and addiction does impact this area of the brain.

The limbic system is the part of the brain involved in our behaviors and emotional responses. Deep inside the brain our limbic system the thalamus and the hypothalamus produce hormones and regulate our thirst, hunger, and moods. An individual can use music to help heal these areas of their brain and get in touch with themselves as they go through the treatment process.

Inspiration is Good for the soul:

When an individual discovers that music can create inspiration by using it as a tool their creativity is awakened, and inspiration begins to flow freely. An individual can unlock this tool by listening to music, creating songs, and poetry, or searching the soul with various techniques that empower and promote healing during the treatment process.

Music Heals the Soul:

Have you ever put on some music and begun to play your favorite song and lost yourself in the song forgetting about the worries of the day or the stress of life while that song played in the background? The daily stress just fades into the background. People with addictions deal with an abnormal amount of stress when they are becoming alcohol or drug-free.

There is a part of relapse prevention that promotes people learning ways to reduce their stress and paying close attention to the rise of stress in their life. An individual can use music as a tool to reduce stress and in some cases change their overall mood from negative to positive just by listening to music.

The beats, rhythm, and overall message of a song can change your feelings and thoughts and bring inspiration and even relief as your mind listens to music. Some people even tap into the creative writing of music and activate other areas of the healing process.

We encourage each individual to tap into that inner resource that lives deep within that is yearning to come alive clean & sober. When it comes to learning about music and the creative writing associated with developing your songs, we can guide you in this process as well at Summer Sky Treatment Center® as we introduce you to other entertaining artists during the treatment process.

Some of the newest research indicates that music can help with your overall health and satisfaction with life, and this means developing healthier ways to express yourself without the use of alcohol or drugs. Music can be a source of positive pleasure and for many, it creates a state of contentment.

Music Psychological Benefits:

Music no doubt can relax the mind and re-energize someone’s body. Some people report it can even help them deal with managing their physical & psychological pains. The psychological benefits of using music to influence your thoughts, feeling, and behaviors by music have been a trusted source of inspiration for people throughout the ages.

The power of music can pull you out of moods from a fast-paced rock song or move you to tears with an emotional live performance of watching or listening to your favorite music artist. To say depression be gone for a moment in time is an understatement. We even like to use music to work out and motivate ourselves during physical exercise. Music can inspire positive moods and help us produce action.

The physiological effect of music has endless possibilities at Summer Sky Treatment Center® as some participants in the therapeutic relationship of music promote increased emotional health and stress reduction by adding music as one of their tools for personal recovery.

Below is a sample of songs from Texas Music Artist Grace Kelley who often performs her singer & songwriter music with the individuals that are enrolled in treatment at Summer Sky. We hope you can easily see the power of music by listening to her songs. You may even relieve some of your stress, anxiety, depression, and nervousness right here on this website page.

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Original Song: Dreaming by Grace Kelley

Original Song: Little Prayer by Grace Kelley

Original Song: Tides by Grace Kelley

Cover Song: Creep by Grace Kelley

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