Addiction Treatment Centers Dallas

Addiction Treatment Centers Dallas

When you are faced with an alcohol or drug problem it’s important to understand that treatment is the single most effective way to stop an addiction to any addictive substance. Addiction treatment centers are designed to help a person stop their addiction.

Individuals who attend addiction treatment centers learn ways to remain addiction-free while in treatment. The most common types of addiction treatment centers for those living in Dallas, Texas are medical detoxification programs, inpatient treatment centers, residential treatment centers, partial hospitalization programs, and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Determining which type of treatment is best for your situation requires making a phone call to discuss your individual situation with an addiction treatment center. This is one of the best options to take to become more informed about the different types of treatment programs. Most addiction treatment centers offer a 24-hour helpline to answer questions or to schedule an admission into one of their treatment programs.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Centers

If you need immediate treatment and have questions or need immediate addiction treatment you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857. Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help you with questions about our addiction treatment programs. Summer Sky offers the below addiction treatment programs.

Each type of addiction treatment program is designed to help a person who is in a different phase of their addiction. Not everyone will require the same level of intensity of treatment services. However, those with more severe addiction-related problems will want to consider medical detoxification and inpatient treatment services to begin their journey into recovery.

Addictions are chronic conditions with physical acute care needs that must be addressed before psychological measures can have a maximum benefit from addiction treatment services. Addictions that are left untreated will only progress over time to more severe addiction-related problems. It is best to seek addiction treatment services as soon as a person realizes that they have a problem.

Severe Addiction-Related Problems

Those who are suffering from an addiction and experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms once they stop using an addictive substance will require medical detoxification services to address their physical withdrawal symptoms. These individuals will require physical separation from the substance & medical detox services. Medical Detox programs can help the individual safely remove the addictive substance from the body.

Some addiction treatment centers provide medical detox and stabilization programs to help people deal with the acute effects of their addiction to substances. The acute effects that are experienced during the medical detoxification phase of treatment must be managed and brought under control before an individual can benefit from the full potential of psychological treatment services. Individuals that require medical detoxification services will need to immediately enter treatment to safely eliminate the addictive substance.

Once medical detox & stabilization is achieved then psychological measures can be worked on to help a person break free from their addiction to substances. If you are living in Dallas, Texas, or the North Texas Region of the State of Texas there are resources available to help you accomplish the goal of becoming addiction-free. Summer Sky Treatment Center does offer residents living in Dallas, Texas access to medical detoxification services.

Addiction Treatment Centers Detoxification

The Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Center offers a medical detoxification & Stabilization Program called Detox Now Program™ which is a detox component of our addiction treatment services. This program has been proven effective in the elimination of addictive substances. During the detox program, Doctors and Nurses manage the acute effects of a person’s addiction withdrawal symptoms.

Once a person stops using an addictive substance there is a high probability that withdrawal symptoms can begin to surface. Addiction withdrawal symptoms must be brought under control to keep a person from returning to an addictive substance. The Summer Sky Detox Now Program™ is designed to help a person accomplish medical stabilization.

How do I know I need medical detox?

This question often arises for people that are concerned about their alcohol or drug usage. If you desire to stop drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance it is important to consider how long you have been drinking or using, how much you’re consuming, and if you have developed a tolerance to the substance.

Contacting a medical detox program and discussing your situation with the admissions department is always a good idea when you suspect that an alcohol or drug problem is taking place in your life. Our Texas Drug Rehabs offer access to a 24-hour admissions department that can help you determine if you need medical detox or if you should enter addiction treatment without medical detox services.

We recommend that when you are choosing an addiction treatment center for addiction services you pick a facility that offers both medical detox and addiction treatment services. Having access to medical detox onsite is a clear advantage over facilities that do not offer this service.

Safety is important when a person abruptly stops using an addictive substance and having access to a 24-hour medical detox program will help you intervene on any addiction withdrawal symptoms if they appear when you stop using an addictive substance. The screening and assessment process performed by an addiction treatment center will help you determine if medical detox is needed.

What are the most common withdrawal symptoms that people experience when they stop using an addictive substance?

There are thousands of addictive substances in today’s world and every substance is different however there are some common withdrawal symptoms that addiction treatment centers screen for and monitor when a person stops using an addictive substance.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Cravings Depression Nausea
Vomiting Isolation Diarrhea
Anxiety Tremors (shakiness) Sweats
Chills Paranoia Anger or Agitation
Headaches Tearful Low Energy
Trouble Sleeping Sensitive to Light Pins and Needle Sensations
Hallucinations History of Delirium Tremens Withdrawal Seizure History
Restlessness Irritability Anorexia (lack of appetite)
Elevated Heart Rate Increased Blood Pressure Insomnia
Intense Dreaming (nightmares) Poor Concentration Impaired Memory & Judgement
Sensitive to Sound Tactile Sensations Auditory Hallucinations
Visual Hallucinations Delusions (paranoid-related) Grand mal Seizures


Note* The above withdrawal symptoms are monitored and managed during medical detoxification. You can clearly see the importance of having access to an addiction treatment center that also has an onsite medical detox facility in case any of these withdrawal symptoms become apparent during the process of stopping an addictive substance.

Addiction Treatment Centers Inpatient Treatment

Addiction Treatment Centers provide a level of care called inpatient treatment. This is an important aspect of an addiction treatment center because it allows for more medical and psychological support after the medical detoxification is complete. During inpatient treatment, a person does stay in the facility 24 hours a day.

They have access to the medical department and psychological departments during this phase of treatment. In some cases, there is a need for addressing co-existing medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, behavioral health conditions, depression, and other mood disorders along with countless other medical conditions while participating in treatment services.

Treatment plans are designed and updated during inpatient treatment to guide the individual on a course of action to help them deal with their substance-related disorders and medical conditions if any are identified.

Do you need immediate help with an addiction-related problem?

If you are living in Dallas, Texas or the surrounding area ® can help you with any addiction to a substance. Our admissions department often arranges admissions into our addiction treatment centers on the same day a person calls for treatment services. Summer Sky can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become addiction-free.

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