Addiction Treatment Centers Austin

Addiction Treatment Centers Austin

Across the State of Texas people are searching for effective addiction treatment centers that can provide individuals and families who are struggling to cope with substance use, misuse, and substance use disorders. When an individual needs help for either an alcohol or drug problem they usually need immediate help for the problem.

Addiction by its very nature is a progressive illness that affects the entire life of the individual that has an addiction. The areas of physical health, psychological health, and behavioral health are impacted by an addiction to substances. Once treatment is received the health of the individual begins to improve and damage from their addiction is stopped.

Entering treatment is the most effective way to stop an addiction to either alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center® provides many effective addiction treatment programs for those living in the Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area.

Our Texas-based addiction treatment centers help men and women with addictions to all addictive chemical substances. People travel to our treatment centers from all parts of Texas to enter our addiction treatment programs. We have been serving the Austin Community for over 37 years and we are grateful to provide comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment services to help people recover from their addictions.

Summer Sky is among the Best Addiction Treatment Centers located in Texas. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission to provide substance use disorder treatment services. If you are looking to get into an addiction treatment center today, we can make that possible since we schedule admissions into our treatment programs daily.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Centers

Summer Sky Special Addiction Treatment Center Features

Summer Sky recognizes that substance misuse and substance use disorders have devastating effects if a person does not receive addiction treatment. We go out of our way to help people get into treatment for their addiction to substances. Summer Sky has benefited from decades of scientific research and advances in the neurobiology of the brain with substance use disorders.

We help people learn about how substance use affects their brain chemistry and we provide solutions to help the body heal faster so that individuals can regain self-control. Addiction is a chronic neurological disorder and is treated as all other chronic conditions at Summer Sky.

Medical Detoxification

Many people who become addicted to either alcohol or drugs will require medical detoxification to help eliminate the addictive substances from their bodies. Detox is a process that helps to remove the addictive substance from the body while managing the acute symptoms of withdrawal during the detox process.

Medical detox is a component of addiction treatment that is a prerequisite to other forms of addiction treatment like inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient treatment. Before other types of treatment can be utilized a person will need to be screened and assessed for the acute symptoms of withdrawal.

The Summer Sky Medical Detoxification Program is open 24 hours a day 7-days a week to help those needing immediate detox from an addictive substance. Our medical detox facility will help an individual who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal is a set of symptoms that are experienced when a person discontinues the use of an addictive substance. Sometimes a person can experience negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, or depression as well as physical effects such as nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and cramping.

Our Medical Detox programs will interrupt these symptoms with FDA Medications and detox protocols designed to minimize these symptoms and the individual will detoxify comfortably in our detox program.

Do you need transportation support to our addiction treatment center?

If you need help with transportation to our facility, we can arrange this service from our transportation team. Mention at the time you call to schedule your admission into our treatment programs that you need this service and our admissions department will schedule a time and date to pick you up for treatment.

We would much rather you utilize this service to prevent driving while under the influence or getting arrested for being intoxicated. Our transportation team frequently travels to Austin, Texas to pick up individuals desiring to come into our treatment programs.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options

Our treatment programs offer many different addiction treatment options for those needing addiction treatment services. There are many things that differentiate our treatment programs from other traditional treatment programs. However, our Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Options™ is unlike any other Texas Addiction Treatment Center. We believe in matching people to the right treatment center and offering addiction treatment options in the process.

30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

One of our more popular treatment options is the 30-Day Addiction Treatment Program. This type of treatment program is great for helping men or women who need treatment after medical detox is completed. Its primary objective is to help a person deal with the acute effects of their substance use disorders. Treatment Planning is at the heart of this type of treatment program, which will help chart the course of treatment and recovery into the future. Learning new skills and ways of dealing with life after addiction is important during this phase of treatment.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

After the acute effects of addiction are addressed many people utilize our 90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs to look deeper into the physical, psychological and behavioral aspects of healing from their addiction. The 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program is considered the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” and is important for those with more severe addictions. The 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program allows for more time to heal from the chronic condition of a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Relapse Track™

The Summer Sky Relapse Track™ is designed to help those with a history of relapse receive addiction treatment that is focused on their individual needs. Since most people that have been going in and out of addiction treatment programs need a special focus on the rationale of why they keep experiencing a relapse this treatment and relapse track can truly awaken the individual that has a history of relapse.

Learning exactly why they keep returning to alcohol or drugs is a relief for many of these individuals. Most importantly these individuals will learn how to prevent a relapse from taking place, which restores their confidence in personal recovery. If you need this additional help then mention at the time of your call to the admissions department that you are interested in this service.

Do you need addiction treatment today?

If you are ready to change your life and entering treatment is an interest of yours then give our admissions department a call today. When you need an addiction treatment center in Austin, Texas, or the surrounding area, we can provide you with a great opportunity to get clean or sober from addictive substances. We can be reached by calling 1-888-857-8857. Let us help you become addiction-free.

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