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Physical Health and a Personal Trainer:

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Centers provides a full spectrum of substance use disorder treatment services. Our substance abuse treatment programs include access to a personal trainer. This service helps with all our patients who choose to enhance their physical health during treatment — addictions decrease an individuals vitamins intake and overall nutrition. Physical health is just as important as dealing with the mental and emotional needs during treatment. Healing the brain and body is vital to successful recovery. Summer Sky encourages all individuals to work on healing their bodies. Providing access to a personal trainer, professional gym and therapeutic activities while in treatment helps with comprehensive healing.

Interconnected Substance Use Disorder Treatment:

Physical Health and Fitness is a part of healthy living and recovery. When someone finishes medical detoxification, it is always a good idea to begin working on the restoration of your overall health. This includes learning about proper nutrition and creating a good physical fitness plan to help the body heal correctly. The healing of the brain and body can be achieved at an increased rate of healing once physical fitness and proper exercise are added to one’s treatment and recovery.

Physical Fitness in Recovery:

Learning to take care of your body is a part of learning how to be responsible for yourself. During treatment, you can utilize our personal trainer and attend groups focused on physical training and health-related topics. Increasing your overall physical well-being will help you in the healing of your body that has been damaged from alcohol or drugs. The ability to increase your stamina in daily activities will naturally help you feel good about yourself.

Balanced Living in Recovery:

Substance use affects the entire body system. Our Masters level Personal Trainer is available to help you learn the proper techniques of taking care of your body. Summer Sky Treatment Center places a high priority on helping men and women achieve healthy living. Recovery involves healing the body, mind, and emotional states of being. When the body is healing the mind is easier to heal from addiction. When you feel better physically, then it is easier to look at the psychological aspects of one’s alcohol or drug problems.

Healing the body with Physical Fitness:

Since Physical Fitness is a state of health and helps with increasing one’s overall well-being, it is important to learn all about proper nutrition and how to apply this to one’s life. The goal is to help your body function at optimal levels. Engaging in moderate physical exercise at the beginning of starting a workout plan and then gradually increasing to vigorous physical exercises as your endurance is increased can be learned from our personal trainer. You will also learn about how adequate rest also improves the healing of the body.

Physical Fitness Program:

Our personal trainer is aware that not everyone is at the same workout level. You may not have engaged in physical activities in years. Our Physical Fitness Program and personal trainer goes out of his way to create and design the right workout a schedule. Each workout plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs. Your health is important and physical needs are considered in the development of your individual physical fitness plan.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Consequence:

For many people that have been addicted to alcohol or drugs and have had a long-term past usage history may have experienced severe consequences in one’s health. Often the nervous system and different neurological processes that take place in the brain are altered. The heart and liver can be damaged from alcohol use or drug usage. Deciding to go to treatment can stop the severe consequences from alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center wants to help you or a loved one change this reality. Contact Summer Sky Treatment Center at 1-888-857-8857. We look forward to helping you become free from alcohol and drugs and restoring your life back to healthy living.

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