Addiction Rehabs in Waco

Addiction Rehabs in Waco:

When it comes to people who are dealing with an addiction-related disorder or alcohol use disorders Summer Sky Treatment Center® is available to help people with their substance use disorders. Our addiction rehabs have helped thousands of people living in Waco, Texas, and the surrounding Central Texas region with their addictions to alcohol or drugs. For over 37 years our addiction rehabs have served thousands of people who are living in Waco, Texas to recover from their addictions.

Alcohol Addiction Rehabs

If you’re an individual that is dealing with alcohol addiction and you’re living in Waco, Texas and you’re looking for an alcohol addiction rehab then consider utilizing the services of Summer Sky to help you break the cycle of addiction and enter the process of recovery. Our addiction rehabs can help you recover from an alcohol addiction or alcohol use disorder.

What is alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder that is associated with compulsive alcohol drinking. Typically, people refer to having an alcohol addiction when there is a loss of control over the ability to stop ingesting alcohol into the body. When alcohol is no longer available an individual will experience the emergence of a negative emotional state without more alcohol to put into their body.

What is an alcohol use disorder?

An alcohol use disorder is a primary condition that is characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use or consumption once it is introduced into the body. People with an alcohol use disorder will often continue to drink alcohol despite experiencing adverse social, occupational, or health consequences. There are three primary severity levels of an alcohol use disorder. An individual who has an alcohol use disorder will experience mild, moderate, or severe symptoms.

Alcohol use disorders are described by many people as alcohol addictions or people refer to the disorder as alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, alcoholism, etc. Today, people will refer to alcohol addiction to include more moderate to severe symptoms of the condition.

Addiction Rehab Medical Detoxification

It is important to note that not all addiction rehab programs offer medical detoxification services. If you are dealing with an alcohol use disorder or will require alcohol detoxification services, then look for an addiction rehab facility that offers medical detoxification services. Summer Sky does offer addiction rehab and medical detoxification services.

Addiction Rehab Inpatient Treatment

When a person needs inpatient treatment it’s normally because the individual is dealing with a moderate to severe substance use disorder. During inpatient treatment, a person is stabilizing from the physical & psychological disruptions of their addiction to the substance. Medical care is still a focus along with the body returning to a state of equilibrium.

Addiction Rehab 30-Day Treatment Programs

The most popular and most utilized type of treatment program is the 30-day rehab program. More people utilize this type of treatment than any other type of treatment program. A 30-day addiction rehab program will help stabilize the acute effects of addiction to substances.

Addiction Rehab 60-Day Treatment Programs

Many people will need more than 30 days of addiction treatment. The 60-day treatment program is a good addition to more traditional types of treatment programs. Learning to put into practice recovery skills and learning to apply the skills needed to remain alcohol & drug-free is critical to staying alcohol or drug-free. Some people have extended medical detoxification needs at the beginning of treatment and the additional time in treatment helps them to meet the challenges of recovery after discharge.

Addiction Rehab 90-Day Treatment Programs

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” is the 90-day treatment program. Summer Sky offers this type of treatment program to help people recover from their addictions. 90-day addiction treatment programs often include relapse prevention therapy along with a more comprehensive substance use disorder therapy and education. Improving the physical body along with learning stress reduction techniques are equally as important during the 90-day treatment program. Below is a small list of the topic learned and practiced during the 90-day treatment program.

90-Day Relapse Prevention Focus

Relapse Prevention Therapy Stages of Relapse Identifying Emotional Relapse
Rules of Recovery Mental Relapse Physical Relapse
Importance of Self-Care Denial Process Defense Mechanisms
Identifying High-risk Situations   Mind-Body Relaxation  Mindfulness Skills
Managing Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms 12-Step Facilitation Therapy & 12-Step Work Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT Skills
Stages of Recovery Abstinence vs Recovery Healing the Brain
Recovery Growth State Co-Dependency in Recovery Identifying Relapse Triggers


Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track

This unique treatment program was created to bridge the gap between people with a history of relapse who have been to traditional treatment programs in the past but need more focused help with learning how to prevent a relapse from occurring. The program includes medical detox at the beginning followed by intensive relapse prevention therapy. Recovery-based skills are also included in the treatment process to make sure the individual is off to a good start in recovery after discharge.

Detox & Stabilization Program (10-Day Program)

This program is dedicated to making sure that the severe symptoms of withdrawal are stabilized so that the individual can participate in other types of treatment program services or recovery support services following completing the 10 days. It is recommended that people that utilize this type of treatment program follow up with more care after completion of the program.

Why choose Summer Sky Treatment Center?

People living in Waco, Texas, and the surrounding Central Texas area choose our treatment programs because we offer addiction treatment options™ and we help people to recover with dignity. Our wide variety of addiction rehabs and choices is unparalleled and unmatched in Texas. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are utilized by people from all over Texas.

Why Choose Summer Sky

Experienced Addiction Treatment Staff


Employee Assistance Professional Friendly


Preferred Provider for Managed Care Organizations


Adult Residential Treatment


Residential Treatment


Individualized Counseling


Group Counseling


Relapse Prevention Planning


Relapse/ Recovery Groups


Continuum of Care Planning


Aftercare Programs


Managed Care Friendly


Medical Detoxification Program Holistic Care


Compassionate Staff


Affordable Private Pay Options


Intensive Family Program Structured Environment


12- Step Programs


Recovery Support Services


Alumni Support


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Dual Diagnosis Services


Intervention Services


Addiction Education Groups


24- Hour Nursing Care


Inpatient Rehabilitation


R.O.P.E.S Challenge Course


Equine Therapy


Therapeutic Riding


Physical Exercise


Therapeutic Activities


Creative Activities


Intensive Family Program


Meditation Groups


Denial Management








Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Staff


In-house and Outside 12-Groups


Accept Individuals with Co-Existing Disorders


Life Skills


Anger Management


Community Integration




Outings in Community

 Summer Sky Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Additional Treatment Features

Addiction Rehabs in Waco, Texas:

If you’re looking for addiction rehabs and you live in the Waco, Texas area Summer Sky Treatment Center® would love to help you with your addiction or substance use disorder. We have been helping people living in the Waco, Texas, and Central Texas Region of the State for over 37 years.

We have an extensive network of alumni who have completed our addiction rehab programs and returned to live in Waco, Texas. Our Texas Drug Rehabs have provided individuals and families with solutions to their substance use disorders for many years.

Helping Residents of Texas for Over 37 years

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