Addiction Rehabs in Texas

Addiction Rehabs in Texas

The State of Texas is a large state with an estimated 29 million residents living State and it makes logical sense that the need for addiction rehab in Texas would be in higher demand than in most other States in the United States. Since Texas shares, a border with Mexico the free flow and easy access of illegal drugs coming into the State do contribute to addictive substances being readily available to all major metropolitan cities in Texas.

The major cities of Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, Lubbock, and San Antonio all trend up and down with illegal drug activity throughout the year. Drug trends are a concern for addiction rehabs in Texas as the Texas Rehab Programs will see and experience the first wave of any changing drug trend as people begin to reach out for help for their alcohol or drug problems.

What type of addiction rehabs are in Texas?

All types of addiction rehabs are in the State of Texas, but most people who have a substance use disorder will normally elect to access treatment in the below types of addiction rehab programs.

  • Medical Detoxification Programs
  • Inpatient Alcohol or Drug Rehabs
  • 30-Day Addiction Rehab Programs
  • 60-Day Addiction Rehab Programs
  • 90-Day Addiction Rehab Programs
  • Short-Term Detox & Stabilization Programs
  • Specialty Addiction Rehab Programs (Chronic Relapse Prevention Programs)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (6-week to 24-week programs)
  • Long-Term Treatment Programs (90-Day to 1-year of treatment)

All the above types of treatment programs are designed to help people with moderate to severe substance use disorders. They are located throughout the State of Texas. While drug use patterns continue to rise and fall throughout the year in Texas, people with a substance use disorder must seek help once they recognize they are experiencing an addiction.

What is an addiction?

Addiction is the most severe form of a substance use disorder. It is associated with the compulsive or uncontrolled use of one or more substances. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that has the potential for both recurrence (relapse) and recovery.

Medical Detoxification Programs

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers medical detoxification programs to help people eliminate all addictive substances. We call this the detox process which helps to manage acute intoxication and withdrawal. Detoxification is a set of interventions directed at clearing toxins from the body of the individual who is acutely intoxicated or experiencing physical dependency on an addictive substance. The goal is to minimize physical harm caused by the addictive substance while helping the individual deal with the acute physical & psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Alcohol or Drug Rehabs

Some people will require more physical & psychological help in the initial stage of becoming alcohol or drug-free from an addictive substance. Inpatient alcohol or drug rehabs focus attention on medical detox & stabilization and helping a person deal with other medical conditions along with a substance use disorder. The focus is on the overall stabilization of all medical conditions associated with addiction-related disruption to the individual.

Before, an individual can participate in other forms of treatment services an individual must be stabilized from alcohol, drugs, or other health conditions. If you have tried outpatient types of treatment and then returned to alcohol or drugs you may need to enter this type of treatment program.

People with extreme cravings, the inability to stop using a substance for any considerable period, or someone who is having obsessive desires to continue using an addictive substance is good reason to enter this type of treatment program. People with have co-existing disorders like hypertension, diabetes, liver-related problems, or other medical conditions along with an alcohol or drug problem do benefit from this level of care or treatment.

30-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

The 30-day addiction rehab program is the most utilized type of treatment program in Texas and throughout the United States. People who have never been to treatment before and have developed a severe substance use disorder utilize this type of treatment daily. It is a comprehensive type of treatment that helps with the acute care needs of the individual that is suffering from a substance use disorder, but the treatment also provides an opportunity to look at the causes and conditions of an individual’s addiction to substances. This type of treatment program is usually solution-driven and the more motivated the person is to follow through with treatment recommendations the better the treatment experience and success of remaining alcohol or drug-free will be after discharge.

60-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

The 60-day addiction rehab program expands on what is learned in the first 30 days of treatment and gives an individual more time to work through problems and learn to use recovery-based solutions. With the body slowly returning to a state of equilibrium and thoughts and actions changing during the treatment process the extra time associated with the 60-day treatment program does provide an opportunity to practice new principles and utilize guiding solutions to help a person stay in the recovery process. If you can enter treatment for 60 days, it is highly recommended to do so as it will further increase your chances to remain alcohol & drug-free after completion of the treatment program.

90-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

This type of treatment is often described as the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment”, and this is because scientific research supports this type of treatment over short-term types of treatment programs. People that attend this type of treatment often comment that if they had not gone to treatment for 90 days they would not be able to deal with the daily stress associated with normal living and stay alcohol or drug-free after they are discharged from treatment.

The research shows that approximately 2/3 of all people who relapse or return to addiction will occur within the first 90 days. This type of treatment uses a lot of different evidence-based practices to help people recover from their substance use disorders.

Short-Term Detox & Stabilization Programs

These types of services are a component of the overall treatment process. They normally are not considered treatment as a stand-alone service. It would be better to call them a stabilization service or treatment component. They are designed to stabilize the acute physical & psychological dependence on the addictive substance while preparing an individual for other forms of substance use disorder treatment services.

Managing acute intoxication and withdrawal is a primary function of these types of programs along with preventing life-threatening complications. The stabilization program will reduce the intensity of the withdrawal process. Once completed the individual is more likely to participate in other forms of substance use disorder treatment.

Specialty Addiction Rehab Programs (Chronic Relapse Prevention Programs)

There are all kinds of specialty addiction rehab programs provided by addiction rehabs in Texas. However, the most common type of specialty addiction rehab program is the Chronic Relapse Prevention Program. One specialty addiction rehab program is the Summer Sky Chronic Relapse Track™ which is designed as a brief treatment approach to helping someone with a history of relapse to stabilize and learn skills associated with how to prevent relapse.

The Relapse process will progress to the point of using an addictive substance after being in recovery if an individual does not have relapse prevention training. The program length is 21 days long and involves recovery planning, managing post-acute withdrawal symptoms, relapse warning sign identification, and everyone in the treatment program is taught how to use techniques to intervene in the relapse process.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs (6-week to 24-week programs)

The intensive outpatient treatment program can be utilized by people needing treatment for the first time or someone stepping down from short-term alcohol or drug rehab program. Most of the people who utilize this type of treatment program will not be showing physical withdrawal-related problems and do not have an addiction so severe that inpatient or residential treatment is needed to stabilize the addiction to a substance. If you have recently tried an outpatient treatment and then returned to alcohol or drugs, then this is normally not the right program for your situation.

If you have physical or mental health problems that are keeping you from participating in this type of treatment, then consider a residential type of treatment. If you’re living at home or your situation at home is making it hard to stay away from alcohol or drugs, then consider other forms of inpatient or residential treatment. However, if you can maintain abstinence from mood-or mind-altering substances then intensive outpatient treatment may be a good place to start your treatment.

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Addiction Rehabs in Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers a wide range of addiction rehabs in Texas. Our 30-day treatment programs & 90-day treatment programs are very popular addiction rehabs for people who desire to become alcohol or drug-free from addictive substances.

In addition to some of the best addiction rehabs in Texas, we also offer top Texas addiction medical detox programs to help you deal with medical detox & stabilization from any addictive substance. We are on a mission to help detox the State of Texas one individual at a time. Together we can detox Texas.

Addiction Rehab Private Pay Treatment Specials are listed below, and we hope that anyone looking for a great deal with the cost of rehabs in Texas will check out some of the promotional offers and choose one that fits your preference to recover from your addiction to substances.

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