Addiction Rehab Programs

Addiction Rehab Programs

An addiction rehab program is an essential and cost-effective way to help someone who is suffering from an addiction to psychoactive substances. These psychoactive drugs change the nervous system functions that alter a person’s perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior. However, when people develop an addiction there is more to it than altering an individual’s mind or behavior.

The individual with an addiction to substances will ingest the drug in a chronic, compulsive, or uncontrollable way. Someone with an addiction will consume the addictive substance to the point of experiencing adverse effects. Many people will experience potential health problems or social consequences. When an individual experiences out-of-control thoughts, feelings, and behaviors or any combination it is often a good idea to investigate seeking help from addiction rehab programs.

What is an addiction rehab program?

An addiction rehab program is a facility that helps people with severe forms of substance use disorders. Most addiction rehab programs are designed to help a person intervene in substance-related problems and treat the underlying conditions that set-in motion an addiction to substances. The addiction rehab program is a treatment service that is based on physical, psychological, and social health that is addressed during the treatment process.

An addiction rehab program is designed to treat health problems and prevent further health deterioration caused by addiction to drugs. People who become addicted to alcohol, mood-altering drugs, and a variety of illegal and legal substances choose to enter addiction rehab programs to stop the progression of the substance use disorder.

The fact is that highly addictive substances are difficult to stop or stay stopped without the assistance of treatment to help the individual break free from their addiction to substances. An addictive drug can impair an individual physically, and psychologically and create social problems. Deciding to enter an addiction rehab program is one way to stop the physical, social, and psychological consequences of addiction.

The Types of Addiction Rehab Programs

Millions of people in Texas and across the United States deal with an addiction to alcohol or other addictive substances. You may have recently heard about the Opioid Crisis and widespread fentanyl overdose problems across America, but the fact is addictions have been claiming lives daily with alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and other addictive substances for years.

Prescription drug problems and addictions are not new as emergency rooms, jails, treatment centers, and social agencies have been waving the surrender flag for years. The addictive properties of these substances, and related physical, social, and psychological consequences precipitate, that people enter substance use disorder treatment programs for help.

People that enter an addiction rehab program can recover from a substance use disorder. However, many of these people with substance use disorder will be required to enter treatment to achieve abstinence and recovery. The good news is there are several types of addiction rehab programs to help a person with their addiction. Below are some of the most common types of addiction rehab programs.

Common Types of Addiction Rehab Programs

30-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

Treatment is often for people who cannot or will not stop their use of alcohol or drugs and while there are a few different severity levels of a substance use disorder the 30-day addiction rehab program is often utilized because people who enter this type of addiction treatment program can immediately benefit from the medical detoxification program that is merged within the 30-day treatment program.

One way to view a 30-day addiction rehab program is immediate acute care help for the withdrawal process and access to psychological care to deal with the substance use disorder. The combined services available during treatment are attractive to people who desire to recover from an addiction.

During this type of treatment, there is an emphasis placed on recovery or the chance to learn more productive ways to deal with life in general without the use of addictive substances. Many people will need time to examine their role in society and learn ways not to return to alcohol or drugs.

People with substance use disorders that suffer from a broad range of severity levels of addiction enroll in these treatment programs. It can include mild, moderate, or severe substance use disorder, but often people with more serious cases of addiction will use this service.

The 30-day addiction rehab program is one of the most popular types of addiction treatment programs in Texas and across the United States. Most 30-day treatment programs offer medical detox services and primary treatment during the 30-day treatment experience.

60-Day Addiction Rehab Programs

People with substance use disorders deal with a chronic and relapsing nature as a result of their addiction disorders. This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of a substance use disorder for the individual with the disorder and for the family members of the loved one with an addiction. There just are no quick solutions to treating a substance use disorder. The entire treatment process takes time and relapse prevention therapy is a major component of the treatment process.

Most people with a substance use disorder want the emotional pain and suffering of the addiction to stop immediately which is understandable. However, the physical withdrawal process is something that must be dealt with before an individual can experience freedom and peace. Detoxification is always suggested for people with severe substance use disorders.

The 60-day addiction rehab is great for people with a more complex addictive illness. Addiction is a lifelong disease, and it makes sense that people with more complex medical conditions, severe substance use disorders, and psychiatric illnesses will require additional time to heal from their substance-related problems. This is where the 60-day addiction rehab program comes to the rescue.

A 60-day addiction rehab program recognizes that a substance use disorder is progressive, incurable, chronic, and re-occurring. Which are all characteristics that make treating a substance use disorder a challenge, but with extended addiction rehab programs like the 60-day addiction rehab model an individual now has more time to deal with the issues and problems that are complicating their recovery,

90-day Addiction Rehab Programs

There is no doubt that people with substance use disorders desire a quick result to treat their addictions. Instant gratification is something our entire society seeks in one way or another, and for people who can commit to the treatment process, the 90-day addiction rehab program is the most comprehensive and in-depth treatment program available to help people with an addiction.

While the 30 & 60-Day addiction rehab programs are effective at treating addiction the fact is that the 90-day addiction rehab program is the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” when it comes to treating a substance use disorder. Freedom from addiction requires self-discipline and the practice of recovery skills along with a comprehensive plan of action followed by learning relapse prevention skills.

A 90-day addiction rehab program uses “Time” as one of the healing aspects of treating addiction. Research has indicated that approximately 2/3 of all people return to active alcohol or drugs within the first 90 days of becoming alcohol or drug-free. It makes sense that just by entering a 90-day addiction treatment program an individual automatically increases their chances of remaining alcohol or drug-free. If you have never been to treatment before then choosing a 90-day treatment program gives you an upper advantage by the time factor alone.

If you are someone who has had two or more 30-day treatment episodes in the last -5-years, then seriously consider a 60-day or 90-day addiction rehab program. Let the treatment provider help you figure out what is causing you to relapse or return to alcohol or drug use after completing treatment. Summer Sky can help you get down to the causes and conditions of what’s causing the relapse so you can make corrections and get back on the road to recovery.

Addiction Rehab Programs & Relapse Prevention:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® Offers 30, 60, and 90-day addiction rehab programs to help people with their treatment needs. The reality is some people will need the assistance of our 60-day rehab or 90-day rehab programs. However, our 30-day addiction rehab is the most popular substance use disorder treatment program for most people in Texas and throughout the United States.

Relapse Prevention is an entire recovery system of tools used to interrupt the relapse process. The more time in treatment that an individual dedicates to the treatment process the more time they can learn the skills to remain in recovery while in the treatment.

Relapse prevention planning is a core set of tools used by people to interrupt the relapse process, especially considering that relapse begins before an individual even uses the addictive substance. We help people to learn these relapse prevention tools while in all our treatment programs.

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The reality is we offer top Texas addiction medical detox programs and addiction rehab programs to people living in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arkansas to recover from their substance use disorders. People choose our addiction rehab programs from all around the United States.

We strive to provide excellent addiction treatment programs and medical detoxification services for people that need affordable addiction treatment program options. Our 30-day rehabs, 60-day rehabs, and 90-day rehabs are attended by people from all over the multi-state region of the United States.

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