Addiction Rehab Centers Dallas

Addiction Rehab Centers Dallas

The first step in treating an addiction is to locate an addiction rehab center and request help for your addiction-related problems. One of the best addiction rehab centers for people living in Dallas, Texas is a facility named Summer Sky. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers an amazing opportunity for people who need substance use disorder treatment to get the help they deserve. Our Texas Drug Rehabs are utilized by people living in Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex daily.

Our addiction rehab center is a nationally recognized addiction rehab program that provides a wide variety of drug rehabilitation services to help people recover from their substance use disorders. Some of the addiction rehab services that people living in Dallas, Texas utilize are listed below.

Our addiction rehabs are private facilities that are Texas-owned and operated by veteran addiction treatment professionals. We also offer 30, 60 & 90-day addiction rehab programs for people living in Dallas, Texas that are looking for a longer duration of treatment services. We believe it’s necessary to provide people with substance use disorders with many addiction treatment options.

Addiction Rehab Centers Serving Dallas, Texas Residents for Over 37 years!

Experienced Addiction Rehab Centers

Summer Sky is an experienced addiction rehab center that specializes in the treatment of substance use disorders. Our addiction rehab centers are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by the Joint Commission. In addition to being licensed and accredited, we are also an in-network treatment provider for most major health insurance companies.

We strive to provide access to affordable addiction treatment options to all people living in Texas & across the United States. In 1985 we begin treating people with alcohol addictions and over the years expanded to treating alcohol & drug problems. Many of our addiction treatment professionals have been treating people with addictions for over 25 years or more, with some of our addiction professionals winning awards at the national and state level for their contribution to the addiction & recovery treatment community.

Innovative Addiction Rehab Centers

When it comes to addiction rehab centers our innovative addiction rehabs are helping men and women to change their addictive behavior into recovery-centered behavior which helps in the process of healing from an addiction. Since addiction is a condition in which a person develops bio-psycho-social reliance on mood-altering substances the addiction must be treated by addressing the biological (Body) Psychological (Mind) and Social (Relationships). Below is an example:

Johns “Alcohol Use Disorder” Case Example

John is a 43-year-old male who has been addicted to alcohol for the last 17 years. His drinking progressed to the point where he began to experience physical problems in the last five years, his medical doctors have repeatedly warned him that he needs to stop drinking alcohol because he is slowly killing himself through the usage of the alcohol, however, John ignores the urgency of his doctor’s advice and his family request to stop drinking. His wife did some research and learned that an alcohol rehab program could help John stop drinking if she could only get him to go to the rehab program. She presented her findings and discovery to John and he disagreed with her idea of going to rehab but promised he would stop drinking alcohol and all would be ok when he stopped drinking.

John decided to stop drinking alcohol not knowing what he was fixing to experience. He honestly believed he could stop drinking alcohol and so he proceeded to stop drinking. Within a few hours John began to experience shaking in his hands, he thought to himself this is not supposed to be happening as he drank coffee instead of alcohol this one early morning. Another hour passed and his mind began to race with many different thoughts “ You should take a drink”, “ I am not hurting anyone, it’s just alcohol” his mind would whirl all kinds of thoughts around urging him to take a drink of alcohol. John then began to experience physically sick in his stomach and other uneasy feelings began to take place.

He noticed a rising tension in his muscles and body. Then he began to experience an intense craving to use alcohol, he described it as the most hellish desire to drink alcohol. His nerves and anxious feelings along with intense sweating all came next and the idea that a drink would stop this feeling hit him like a ton of bricks at this point, John began to search for alcohol, his wife had hidden the alcohol and he began to call out to her becoming louder and panicked as he yelled “ I need a drink I can’t take this feeling, what is happening to me. John was entering the alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

However, his body and mind were telling him a drink would fix it or stop it from taking place. He did take a drink of alcohol and the process immediately stopped. His wife urged him that he needs to get some help and that this drinking problem is bigger than him she explained.

John did agree to enter an alcohol detoxification program and John is alcohol-free today. However, he explained that he had never thought he would experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms much less become addicted to alcohol.

He was amazed that he was not aware of this problem until he attempted to try and stop drinking. He didn’t realize he was hurting himself or the people around him when he drank alcohol. Today, he realizes he can never safely use alcohol in any form because he is addicted to the substance. His family is happy and so is John as he and his wife grow their relationship stronger now that he is alcohol-free. John is glad that his wife was there for him and that the doctors kept urging him to stop drinking.                          

Do you or a family member need immediate help for either an alcohol or drug problem?

If you or a loved one needs an alcohol rehab or drug rehab program Summer Sky can help you stop drinking alcohol or doing drugs. There is no reason to try and stop by yourself. Our innovative addiction rehab centers can provide medical detoxification services and help a person to stop drinking and recover from any substance use disorder. We can be reached by calling us 24 hours a day 7-days a week at 1-888-857-8857.

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehabs for Texans for Over 37 years!

Summer Sky Addiction Rehab Center Services

Summer Sky Addiction Rehab Center Special Features

Below is a sample of major health insurance plans accepted at our Addiction Rehab Centers

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO BCBS of Texas PPO
Cigna ComPsych Federal BCBS
First Health Galaxy Health Network Health Smart
Humana Life Synch Humana Magellan
MHNet Optum PHCS/Multiplan
United Healthcare United Behavioral Health Scott and White Health Plan


Don’t see your health plan listed? Call us for other health plans not listed above at 1-888-857-8857
Summer Sky Provides Quick Access to Medical Detoxification Services (Same Day Placement)

Do you need immediate alcohol or drug rehab services?

Summer Sky Treatment Center accepts individuals with substance use disorders that are living in Dallas, Texas, Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, and the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington areas of Texas. Our admissions department is available 24 hours a day 7-days a week to schedule your admission into one of our addiction rehabs.

We normally can help an individual or family member get their loved one scheduled for treatment on the same day that a person calls for treatment services. The same-day placement is available for those individuals that require immediate addiction treatment services.

Immediate Addiction Detox Services for Dallas, Texas click here for information regarding addiction detox  

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Providing Alcohol Rehab & Drug Rehabs for Residents of Texas

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30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $8,000.00 (Detox Included)

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs $24,000.00 (Detox Included) Limited Bed Availability

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