Addiction Rehab Centers Abilene

Addiction Rehab Centers Abilene

Do you or a loved one need help becoming alcohol or drug-free? Addiction Rehab Centers help to provide immediate relief from the harmful consequence of addiction to substances. The reality is an addiction disrupts so many different areas of a person’s life.

While addiction is the most severe form of a substance use disorder it can be treated by entering an addiction rehab center. If you are living in Abilene there is good news because there are local addiction rehab centers and other facilities located a short distance away that can be easily accessed for immediate assistance to help someone stop the progression of their addiction.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is an addiction rehab center that has been helping residents of Abilene, Texas, and the surrounding Taylor County area for over 37 years. Our addiction rehab centers are among the best addiction rehab centers in Texas. People with an addiction often experience a compulsive or uncontrolled desire to keep using an addictive substance.

Our addiction treatment programs will help heal the addiction which is a chronic brain disease that has the potential for both recurrence (Relapse) and recovery. We focus a lot of effort on teaching someone to interrupt the relapse process. By providing individual coping skills and solutions to their underlying problems people with substance use disorders or addictions can actively participate in the recovery process.

When someone recognized that they have an addiction problem they usually start looking for ways to deal with their addiction. One of the best ways to deal with an addiction is to enter an alcohol or drug treatment program. This will help the individual to stop suffering from acute symptoms of their addiction. Some addiction rehab centers offer medical detoxification services onsite to intervene in the escalating and uncomfortable symptoms of the withdrawal syndrome.

Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the leading reasons that people stay locked into their addiction is the fear associated with experiencing addiction withdrawal symptoms. When people are dealing with an addiction, they experience long-term pain and discomfort. The discomfort and agitated feelings from the withdrawal process begin 4- to 6 hours after an individual stops drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance.

When these groups of symptoms emerge, the individual is prompted to use the substance again to avoid discomfort. This process is repeated to avoid withdrawal symptoms to the point where the individual experiences an obsession, compulsion, and loss of control.

The solution is to enter an addiction rehab center that provides medical detoxification. This will help keep escalating acute and severe physical and psychological symptoms of the withdrawal process from emerging by seeking help from the addiction detox center. If you or a loved one is living in Abilene, Texas or the Abilene Metropolitan area of Texas give Summer Sky a call and we can help you deal with your addiction to substances.

Summer Sky Treatment Center is a substance use disorder treatment facility that has been on the front lines of helping individuals and families recover from addictions. For over 37 years we have provided addiction treatment services to those requiring substance use disorder treatment.

Our addiction rehabs are among the best alcohol rehab & drug treatment programs in the State of Texas. When you discover that addiction is affecting you physically, psychologically, or socially we are here to guide you back to health. Helping people recover from their addiction problems is our specialty.

Summer Sky Treatment Center offers evidence-based substance use disorder treatment that is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Accredited by the Joint Commission. Our addiction rehab centers are making a difference for individuals and families that need physical and psychological treatment. Our addiction rehab centers are easy to access for those living in the Abilene, Texas Region.

Addiction Rehab Centers Providing Medical Detoxification Services

Many people that develop severe addictions to either alcohol or drugs will require the assistance of a medical detox program to help them stop the immediate progression of their addiction. Medical detoxification services play a critical role in helping a person stop their addiction and provide state-of-the-art medical protocols to relieve an individual’s symptoms of withdrawal.

If you have a history of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you have attempted to stop drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance, then reach out to an addiction rehab center that provides medical detoxification services. One thing is certain addiction only gets worse with time if left untreated and medical detox provides the needed assistance to stop an addiction.

A substance use disorder is a medical illness that is characterized by significant impairments in health, social function, and voluntary control over substance use. For this reason, individuals must be screened for the possibility of needing medical detox services before entering treatment. The good news is that our addiction rehab centers are equipped to provide screenings and assessments along with helping an individual determine which level of care is necessary for them to begin treatment services.

Most medical detoxification programs or more commonly called “Detox Programs” help eliminate addictive substances from someone’s body under the care of medical professionals trained in procedures that are designed to minimize the risk associated with the withdrawal process.

If you or a loved one needs medical detoxification or have questions regarding the detox process, you can contact one of our addiction rehab centers and our admissions department will discuss medical detox-related questions as well as help schedule you for detox if you need immediate assistance. Our Summer Sky Detox Center can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857 and we are open 24 hours a day 7-days a week.

What is Addiction Rehab Detoxification?

Detoxification is a set of medical interventions that are aimed at managing acute intoxication as well as the withdrawal process. In simple terms detox involves clearing addictive substances from the body. Some people will need addiction detox because they have built up acutely intoxicated levels of a substance and will need medical management to help clear the substance out of their bodies.

Many of these individuals have become physically and psychologically dependent on an addictive substance and will require withdrawal symptom management. The detox process will help minimize any associated physical harm caused by the addiction to a substance.

Addiction Rehab Centers Offer Specialty Treatment Services

There are different modalities of care offered by addiction rehab centers in Texas. For residents of the Abilene, Texas Region different addiction treatment options can help you recover from a substance use disorder. The most common types of specialty addiction rehab centers are listed below:

Addiction Rehab Centers Speciality Treatment Programs

Medical Detoxification Programs Inpatient Treatment Programs Residential Treatment Programs
Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs Chronic Relapse Prevention Track
Young Adult Treatment 30-Day Addiction Rehabs 60-Day Addiction Rehabs
Detox & Stabilization Programs Christian Rehab Programs Extended Care Programs

All these different types of addiction rehab programs are designed to help people recover from their addictions. Texas Addiction Rehab Centers are among some of the best substance use disorder treatment programs in the United States.

Addiction Inpatient Treatment Programs

For individuals that are residents of Abilene, Texas, or people living in other parts of Texas there may arise a need for a higher intensity of medical intervention during the initial stages of addiction treatment. For those requiring medical detoxification and rehabilitation services addiction inpatient treatment programs rise to a higher level of care to treat people with substance use disorders. Often people that are in treatment will require around-the-clock intensive observation, especially at the beginning of addiction treatment services.

For those who have multiple addictions to substances or need medical stabilization because of a dual diagnosis problem, this level of care helps with preparing an individual for treatment services. Nursing care is needed along with continuous observation and monitoring during addiction inpatient treatment. This level of treatment helps to address acute care issues during treatment services. Once the addiction is stabilized along with other medical conditions then an individual is often transitioned to a less intense level of care or treatment services.

Summer Sky Addiction Inpatient Treatment Programs will help a person safely adjust to becoming newly sober and free from addictive substances while stabilizing other medical conditions that were disrupted during an individual’s addiction. An individual will be under the care of our medical doctors and have access to 24-hour nursing care during inpatient treatment. Some individuals will require this higher level of monitoring at the beginning of their treatment experience.

Addiction Residential Treatment Programs

Addiction Residential Treatment Programs provide valuable core treatment services that help individuals learn about their addiction and introduce recovery skills that will help a person to heal the physical, psychological, and social disruptions that were experienced while in their addiction. This is the main phase of treatment, and this level of care is known for helping individuals change behaviors, attitudes, and mistaken beliefs, and learn recovery-based skills to recover from their addictions. During residential treatment, an individual will have an opportunity to learn coping skills to help them with their addiction and recovery.

Clinical therapy and counseling are utilized during this phase of treatment services. Individuals are encouraged to participate in group therapy along with personalized counseling during this phase of treatment. The focus is on healing the body and mind along with accomplishing treatment goals identified during the treatment planning phase. Everyone entering treatment will design a treatment plan that will help guide the individual through the treatment process.

During residential treatment, an individual will work to accomplish personal goals that are identified from their individualized treatment plan. The treatment plan is a guide that will help a person through the treatment process. The overall goal is to help a person deal with their addiction-related problems and offer immediate short-term solutions and long-term solutions that will help the individual stay in personal recovery as they move forward in the treatment process to prepare for recovery.  Relapse prevention is a big part of addiction residential treatment programs.

Addiction Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs

Addiction Partial Hospitalization Treatment Programs provide an intense level of care that helps a person deal with acute addiction-related problems. However, this acute level of treatment is a short-term treatment that is ideal for those that can maintain personal safety with support from their peers, recovery community, and family support. An individual must be able to maintain abstinence from alcohol or drugs to participate in this level of treatment services.

For this reason, most people first complete residential treatment services before entering an addiction partial hospitalization treatment program. Partial hospitalization treatment programs (PHPs) are a treatment that is considered time-limited and therapeutic for individuals that have completed acute crisis stabilization. People that are in these types of treatment programs normally are not exhibiting acute symptoms of their addiction during this level of care. The focus is on maintaining abstinence and participating in personal recovery.

Addiction Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

People that utilize addiction-intensive outpatient treatment programs are normally motivated to remain abstinent from alcohol or drugs. If you are having difficulty with withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol or drugs, then you should seek treatment at a higher level of care for addiction treatment services. Medical detoxification or inpatient treatment programs are more realistic for those that are experiencing withdrawal symptoms related to alcohol or drugs.

Addiction Intensive outpatient treatment programs are great for individuals that can make basic decisions for themselves. If you can accept responsibility for your actions and behavior and participate in individual counseling, group therapy, and complete therapy assignments assigned to you by the intensive outpatient counselor then this type of treatment may be a good treatment program to enter for addiction treatment services. People that benefit from intensive outpatient treatment services and who have minimal stressors and family support are ideal for this level of treatment. Clinical interventions offered during treatment will include individual, couple, family, and group psychotherapies.

Addiction Relapse Tracks

Summer Sky offers people living in Abilene, Texas a unique specialty treatment program called a relapse track. Our Summer Sky Relapse Track™ is designed for people that have a history of relapse and need treatment to discover why they continue to relapse back into their addiction. The primary objective of our relapse track is to remove the stigma of addiction and relapse and help a person to learn ways to stop the relapse process. Helping an individual design a personal recovery plan is also very important for people participating in our relapse track.

Addiction 30-Day Addiction Treatment Programs:

Summer Sky offers 30-day addiction treatment programs that will help you treat your immediate acute care needs along with physical, psychological, and social stabilization. This treatment program is based on evidence-based treatment therapies that are designed to help you recover from your addiction. Our addiction 30-day treatment programs are popular treatment programs for residents living in Abilene as well as other areas of Texas. Developing continuing care plans that an individual can utilize during and after treatment is important and our treatment program will help you design realistic plans to succeed in personal recovery. This is a solution-based treatment program that will help you become sober and clean and guide you into recovery.

Addiction 60-Day Treatment Programs:

The addiction 60-day treatment program at Summer Sky is designed to help a person deal with post-acute withdrawal symptoms after medical detoxification and inpatient treatment are completed. Individuals that have severe addiction problems often elect to participate in our 60-day treatment program. The more time that a person can dedicate to treatment the better the outcome is especially for those that have dual diagnosis-related problems. This is a recovery-centered treatment program that allows an individual more time to heal from their addictions.

Addiction 90-Day Treatment Programs

Addiction 90-day treatment programs are the “Gold Standard of Addiction Treatment” Research supports that 90-day treatment programs are best for those that have severe addiction-related problems. It has been shown repeatedly that participating in a treatment program for 90-days or more will increase the likelihood that a person will remain addiction-free from addictive substances.

It does take a commitment to dedicate time to participate in this type of treatment program. Some people need more time than others to recover from their addictions. If you have a relapse history a 90-day treatment program may be a better option than shorter types of treatment programs. Our 90-day treatment programs will help with severe substance use disorders (addiction).

Do you need treatment now?

Summer Sky can help you receive alcohol or drug treatment services if you or a family member is living in Abilene, Texas Region, or other areas of the State of Texas. To access our addiction rehab centers you can contact our admissions department to schedule an admission into one of our treatment programs by calling Summer Sky Treatment Center at 1-888-857-8857.


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