Addiction Detox Waco

Addiction Detox Waco

People who develop an addiction to a mood-altering substance produce changes in brain functioning by altering the chemistry of the brain over time. This process is progressive and leads to physical, psychological, and behavioral changes. In the beginning stages of addiction, individuals may not notice the direct impact of the physical changes that are created by their addiction. In some cases, it can go on for multiple years before individual notices health-related problems.

However, others may discover quickly that they are experiencing physical health consequences within 6-months to a year after the addiction is progressing. The interesting part about addiction is that everyone progresses through the stages of addiction at different rates. This can be a challenge for the individual or the family to recognize that a problem is out of control. Medical Detoxification is often needed for people who have developed physical health-related problems because of their alcohol or drug usage.

Physical Addiction Problems

The most common physical addiction problems are a group of symptoms associated with the withdrawal process. The withdrawal process includes physical and psychological changes that begin to surface after discontinuing the usage of a mood-altering substance. Once a person becomes dependent or addicted to a substance, they can begin to experience negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, or depression.

Some of the more physical symptoms that are common are nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and cramping, among others. Withdrawal symptoms often lead a person to use the substance again to avoid direct physical symptoms. Medical Addiction Detox Programs will address this issue by helping to intervene in the withdrawal process.

Psychological Addiction Problems

People that develop an addiction to alcohol or drugs tend to experience a wide range of psychological problems because of their addiction to substances. The most common initial psychological problem is a defense mechanism called “denial” which is the mind’s way of protecting itself from emotional overload. The reality is denial is a normal and natural psychological defense.

This psychological defense mechanism attempts to protect the mind from pain and problems. Sometimes the psychological defense utilized by people with addictions involves other denial techniques such as minimizing, hostility, diversion, blaming, rationalizing, and intellectualizing. All these denial techniques involve attempting to protect the individual from experiencing direct pain or discomfort about how bad the addiction problem is in their lives. Medical Addiction Detox Programs are equipped with the ability to help people begin to see the truth about their addictions.

Behavioral Addiction Problems

People with an addiction can experience a wide range of behavioral changes during their addiction to substances. One of the more common behavioral changes is giving up normal activities for the use of an addictive substance. This is associated with an intense activation of the reward system that propels an individual into using a substance in place of participating in their everyday activities.

In some cases, people will neglect important responsibilities in favor of using their addictive substances. Many people with an addiction will continue to use a substance despite knowing that they are experiencing significant substance-related problems. The behavioral effects of brain changes may contribute to repeated relapses and intense alcohol or drug cravings when an individual is exposed to drug-related stimuli. For this reason, it is suggested that these individuals consider long-term approaches to treatment.

Is Addiction Detox Enough to Recover?

To be clear addiction detoxification is a component of addiction treatment services. Think of addiction detox as the prerequisite to treating an addiction to substances. Until a person is detoxified and stable all other addiction treatment services are greatly reduced in their effectiveness.

People who have been using alcohol or drugs for over a year or more are more likely to have developed a severe substance use disorder. These individuals experience underlying changes in brain circuits that persist beyond detoxification. For this reason, addiction treatment services are suggested for people that have recently completed an addiction detox program.

What is alcohol & drug addiction?

In simple terms, addiction is a chronic relapsing disorder that involves compulsively drinking either alcohol or using drugs. An individual will continue to use a substance despite experiencing harmful consequences. The repeated usage of the substance creates long-lasting changes in the brain. Addiction is considered a complex brain disorder that can be treated medically and psychologically by utilizing addiction treatment services.

Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction can be treated by utilizing a full spectrum of addiction treatment services. Since substance use disorders are known to create a pathological pattern of behaviors related to the use of substances it is often important that people experiencing substance-related problems participate in addiction treatment.

People with addictions may require a medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, or intensive outpatient treatment. Depending on the severity of impaired control, social impairment, risky use, and pharmacological physical impairments will indicate which level of treatment services an individual will require for treatment services.

Substance Use Disorder Course of Action

People with substance use disorders may take a substance in larger amounts or over a longer period than they originally planned. They have been known to share with addiction professionals that they have had a persistent desire to cut down or regulate their substance use, but find it difficult to moderate their usage or describe multiple unsuccessful efforts to decrease or stop their substance use.

Some individuals will spend great amounts of time acquiring the substance or using the substance repeatedly. Other people may spend a great amount of time recovering from the effects of a substance only to repeat the cycle of usage. People with more severe substance use disorders may give up all normal activities or responsibilities to chase, seek, or use an addictive substance.

What addiction treatment options are effective?

It is always recommended that an individual or family member of a loved one contact an addiction treatment program to discuss their addiction-related problems. Most addiction treatment programs will discuss, guide, and recommend the best addiction treatment option available for their circumstance. Summer Sky Treatment Center has many different addiction treatment options available for individuals with alcohol or drug problems.

Effective Addiction Treatment Options at Summer Sky

Additional Addiction Treatment Features at Summer Sky

Addiction Detox Waco Services

If you are living in Central Texas or the Waco, Texas Region we can help you or a loved one with medical detox services. We can help assist individuals who are experiencing physiological signs of withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, sedatives, hypnotic, and anxiolytic drugs. We also help individuals that are using cannabis, stimulants, amphetamines, and cocaine as well as hundreds of other addictive substances including prescription drugs.

Do you need help now?

To inquire or discuss available treatment options our admissions department is available to help you answer and discuss addiction treatment options 24 hours a day 7-days a week. To reach our admissions department contact us at 1-888-857-8857.

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