Addiction Detox San Antonio

Addiction Detox San Antonio

When it is time to stop drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance it’s important to consider your physical & psychological needs related to becoming alcohol or drug-free from an addictive substance. Many people who stop using alcohol or drugs will require the assistance of an addiction detox center. Summer Sky Treatment Center® provides people in Texas with a wide range of addiction treatment services to help people recover from substance use disorders. We are proud to be able to offer addiction detox services to residents of San Antonio, Texas, and others across the great State of Texas.

Addiction Detox is critical for people who suffer from various addictions. People who become addicted to physically addictive substances develop substance-specific problematic behavioral change, along with physiological and cognitive impairments, that is due to the cessation of, or reduction in, heavy and prolonged substance use. Individuals experience substance-specific syndromes that have been known to cause significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other critical or important areas of functioning.

Addiction Detox Withdrawal is normally, but not always, associated with addiction or substance use disorders. People that attempt to detox without the help of a medical detox center often experience withdrawal symptoms and develop an urge to re-administer the addictive substance to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. For this reason, seeking help from an addiction detox center is ideal to help stop a person from returning to addictive substances.

Summer Sky has been providing alcohol and drug detoxification services to residents of San Antonio, Texas for over 37 years. Our substance use disorder facilities are privately owned and operated with a special focus to help people who suffer from all addictions to substances. Our mission is to help “Detox San Antonio” from alcohol and drugs. Our statewide campaign is helping individuals with addiction detox needs throughout the State of Texas.

What is addiction detox and how can it help you become free from addictive substances?

Addiction detox is the process of eliminating an addictive substance from one’s body that has developed a dependence upon either alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medications. Many addictive substances are dangerous to stop using without the help of an addiction detox center. Addictive substances create intoxication as well as withdrawal symptoms.

For people that have become addicted to substances, the withdrawal process is especially concerning for many users. Addiction detox centers are equipped with the ability to intervene in the withdrawal process and safely detoxify a person from the substance that an individual has become dependent on.

By utilizing detox protocols, the medical staff will initiate various medical interventions to safely remove the toxic buildup of the addictive substances from one’s body while simultaneously addressing the physical withdrawal symptoms. Our Texas Drug Rehabs can help you or a loved one break free from your addiction to substances.

Substance Intoxication

During the intoxication phase of using an addictive substance people sometimes display very erratic and significant problematic behaviors along with psychological changes associated with the intoxication. The substance intoxication phase is normally reversible; however, users may present in the form of belligerence, mood lability, and impaired judgment. This happens because of the physiological effects of the substance on the central nervous system.

Some of these disruptions develop during or shortly after the use of the substance is ingested. The most common intoxication disturbances are disruption of perception, wakefulness, attention, thinking, judgment, psychomotor behavior, and interpersonal behavior. Therefore, it’s important to seek help from an addiction detox center versus attempting to detox at home or by yourself.

Many families, friends, or co-workers may notice substance intoxication because of the obvious physiological symptoms displayed as well as the behavioral changes that they witness from someone who is using an addictive substance. Some individuals drinking or using an addictive substance may display physical or psychological changes that are not always problematic, but after careful observation, an individual may notice subtle changes in speech or behaviors. The intoxication may be slowed movement, slurred speech, or the opposite inability to sit still for periods or fidgety behaviors.

Some people who are experiencing intoxication along with physical and psychological changes in their behavior may notice intoxication that is persisting beyond the normal time that it takes for the liver to metabolize the substance from the body. It is believed that this is due to enduring central nervous system effects, which take a long time for the elimination of the substance.

An individual who desires to stop using an addictive substance must seek alcohol or drug rehabilitation or the continued cycle of intoxication will repeatedly take place. People that have a history of substance use disorders will need to monitor for withdrawal symptoms as the substance intoxication subsides or processes out of their bodies. The best option to stop the continued substance intoxication cycle is to seek help from an alcohol or drug treatment program.

Substance Withdrawal

Substance withdrawal is related to ingesting physically addicting substances for prolonged periods and often will require medical management to safely stop using an addictive substance. However, people that have been using an addictive substance for prolonged periods will need to watch for withdrawal symptoms and move quickly to seek help from an addiction detox center. An addiction detox center is the best option to help stop presenting withdrawal symptoms. It can be dangerous to attempt to stop using an addictive substance without addiction detox medical interventions.

Substance withdrawal along with addiction-related problems normally indicates the development of a substance use disorder. An addiction detox center can help an individual determine the level of severity of the substance use disorder through the process of screening and assessment tools. While many substances produce withdrawal symptoms an individual may need medical monitoring from an addiction detox program to safely mitigate physical problems. It is always best to be safe and seek the assistance of addiction detox programs before attempting to stop using a physically addictive substance because of substance withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Detoxification

Alcohol use disorders are the number one problem facing residents of San Antonio, Texas, and throughout the State of Texas. The Summer Sky Alcohol Detoxification Program will help those who need alcohol detoxification more commonly called alcohol detox to safely eliminate alcohol from their systems and manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If you or a loved one need help with an alcohol-related problem, contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857. We can help you schedule a time to admit to our alcohol detox services.

Drug Detoxification

Drug detoxification encompasses illegal drugs as well as prescription medications. There are hundreds of combinations of different drugs that create physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. People utilize addiction detox centers to prevent withdrawal symptoms from overwhelming an individual that desires to become drug-free from addictive substances. Summer Sky specializes in drug detoxification services as well as drug treatment services.

30-Day Addiction Rehabs

Summer Sky offers a very popular type of treatment program called the 30-day addiction rehab which is designed to continue the treatment process after an individual completes addiction detox services. To discuss in detail the benefits of attending our 30-day addiction rehab you can contact our admissions department to learn more about this type of treatment program.

90-Day Addiction Rehabs

The “Gold Standard of Addiction Rehabs” is the 90-day addiction rehab because of its comprehensive treatment approach it allows individuals the needed time to address more addiction-related problems and practice utilizing recovery skills before discharging from treatment. There are so many more benefits that 90-day addiction rehabs provide than other types of treatment programs. The major focus is on healing the brain chemistry disrupted by severe substance use disorders. Most top professional interventionist recommends utilizing 90-day addiction rehab to treat either alcohol or drug problems.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox & Addiction Treatment Programs

Summer Sky Treatment Center Additional Services

Do you need Immediate Help for an Alcohol or Drug Problem?

Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by the Joint Commission. We can help people access addiction detox or addiction treatment services on the same day that they call to request help for their alcohol or drug problems. Our treatment centers are open 24 hours a day 7-days a week. You can schedule an admission into our rehab programs by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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