Addiction Detox San Angelo

Addiction Detox San Angelo

Addiction detox or medical detoxification is the process of removing an addictive substance from the body while simultaneously managing acute intoxication and withdrawal symptoms. Detoxification utilizes a set of interventions aimed at stabilizing an individual from the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal.

The detoxification process can prevent life-threatening problems and complications that appear once an individual stops using alcohol or drugs. If you or a loved one is living in San Angelo or Tom Green County, Texas and you are struggling with an alcohol or drug problem then contact Summer Sky Treatment Center® at 1-888-857-8857 to discuss addiction treatment services or medical detoxification services.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox Facility

Every year thousands of people all around Texas utilize the services of Summer Sky Treatment Center for their addiction detox needs & addiction treatment services. Summer Sky is a Texas-based addiction detox & addiction treatment center that has been serving residents of San Angelo and the Concho Valley region for the last 37 years. If you have a problem with alcohol or drugs, then Summer Sky can help you end your addiction to substances.

Summer Sky is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to provide substance use disorder treatment for medical detoxification, inpatient addiction treatment, residential addiction treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment. Summer Sky is a licensed substance abuse facility accredited by the Joint Commission.

Addiction Detox Services for People Living in West Texas

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is a national addiction detox center & substance use disorder treatment facility that has helped thousands of people all around the West Texas region to recover from various substance use disorders. Our addiction detox centers are designed to help individuals reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms during detoxification.

The detox process will help an individual to return to a stable equilibrium as physiological processes are returned to normal. This detox process will require 24-hour medical monitoring to help a person safely detoxify from an addictive substance. Once an individual completes medical detox & stabilizes from their substance-related problem then an individual can prepare for ongoing treatment services which will be needed after detoxification.

Medical Detoxification or Detox

When a person is ready to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs then the next step is choosing what type of treatment services is best to treat their substance-related disorder. Our medical detox programs are designed to help a person figure out what the best approach will be to help them overcome their addiction to substances. It takes courage to reach out and ask for help when you realize that alcohol or drugs are causing major disruptions in your life. The fact is that many people with alcohol use disorders or substance use disorders will require medical detox before entering other forms of addiction treatment services.

Acute Intoxication with Alcohol

The acute intoxication of alcohol can present in many ways based on blood alcohol levels and the level of previously developed tolerance. When a person has alcohol concentrations between 20mg percent to 80mg percent then an individual can experience loss of muscular coordination, changes in mood, personality alterations, and increases in motor activity will begin to be noticed.

People that have blood alcohol levels of 80 to 200mg percent, may notice more progressive neurological impairment. One of the most notable observations is the inability to coordinate muscular activity and slurring of a person’s speech.

When a person reaches higher concentrations of blood alcohol levels between 200 and 300mg percent they may begin to experience nausea and vomiting. This is always a concern because the potential for sedation may place an individual at risk for aspiration of stomach contents.

People with severe alcohol intoxication are monitored closely when blood alcohol levels are greater than 300mg percent because of hypothermia (low body temperature). However, people that have developed a tolerance to alcohol may not experience impairment of levels that are known to lose a person’s consciousness. This is often because of a long history of alcohol usage and the development of a tolerance to alcohol.

Most people who experience blood alcohol levels of 400 to 600mg percent would experience a coma, however, those who have severe alcohol use disorders have been known to not go into a coma because their body has adapted and developed a tolerance to the drug alcohol.

Blood Alcohol Concentrations that are Fatal

There are always some exceptions to alcohol intoxication for those with severe alcohol use disorders but for most people that reach 600 to 800mg percent of blood alcohol concentration it can be fatal for the person that is intoxicated. Fatal usage causes higher concentrations of the substance in the bloodstream and can cause respiratory failure, cardiovascular disruptions, and body temperature control problems.

Alcohol Detoxification

For those with moderate to severe alcohol use disorders, it is always best to contact an alcohol detoxification program before attempting to abruptly stop drinking alcohol or reducing the amount of alcohol that you are consuming daily. Some withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous if not medically managed by an alcohol detoxification program.

What are the most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

restlessness irritability anxiety
agitation anorexia nausea
vomiting tremors elevated heart rate
increased blood pressure      insomnia intense dreaming
nightmares impaired concentration impaired memory
Increased sensitivity to sounds Impaired judgment alteration in tactile sensations
delirium hallucinations delusions (usually paranoid)
grand mal seizures elevated temperature intense sweating


Assessing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

It is always best to allow an alcohol use disorder treatment program to assess for alcohol withdrawal symptoms before stopping alcohol abruptly. People can experience acute alcohol abstinence syndrome symptoms within the first 6 to 24 hours after someone takes his or her last drink of alcohol. Alcohol detox programs will monitor an individual during the acute phase of alcohol abstinence syndrome and prescribe medications to the individual to help intervene in alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

When a person is in detox the medical detoxification program will be monitoring for symptoms that progress from mild to severe in a predictable fashion. In some cases, certain patients have been known to experience a grand mal seizure. Alcohol detox programs monitor for these manifestations because acute alcohol abstinence syndrome is dangerous without medical intervention with detox medications.

Removing Alcohol or Drugs During Detox Services

The constant and repeated usage of an addictive substance normally must be removed from a person’s body if they are going to effectively heal from their substance use disorder. People with moderate to severe substance use disorders are the ideal candidates for medical detox services. Medical detox alone is not a complete substance use disorder treatment; however, it is a necessary component of the substance use disorder treatment process.

Without medical detox, many people return to drinking alcohol, prescription drugs, or using illegal substances because of the intense desire or craving to put more substances back into their bodies. Another reason people continue to use an addictive substance is that they do not want to experience withdrawal symptoms when they reduce the amount of a substance they are using, or they have a history of past withdrawal symptoms when they attempted to stop an addictive substance.

How to Get Help for Alcohol or Drugs

The simplest way to get help for an alcohol or drug problem is by calling the Summer Sky Admissions Department to discuss your individual needs related to your alcohol or drug problem. Our Admissions department operates a 24-hour 7-day-a-week phone line that can help facilitate scheduled admissions or same-day admissions into our detox programs or other treatment programs. To begin the discussion about your problem call us at 1-888-857-8857.

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