Addiction Detox Round Rock Texas

Addiction Detox Round Rock Texas

Do you or a loved one have a problem with alcohol, prescription drugs, or any other addictive substance? If you are living in Round Rock, Texas, or the Greater Austin Area of Texas then seriously consider utilizing the services of Summer Sky for your Addiction Detoxification needs to help you become alcohol or drug-free. Our addiction medical detoxification center has been helping people living in Round Rock, Texas for over 37 years.

Summer Sky is a Nationally Recognized Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program that helps men and women recover from their addictions. We are known for our innovative treatment approaches as well as an evidence-based treatment. Helping people discover a solution to their substance use disorders involves a team approach and at Summer Sky you or your loved one is our number one priority. We help people detox with dignity.

What is addiction detox?

Detox is a term used to describe “Detoxification” and detox is a process of helping an individual that has become addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances to eliminate the toxic substance from their body while simultaneously intervening in an individual’s withdrawal symptoms. It is a specific medical procedure or intervention designed to help stabilize the immediate addiction withdrawal syndrome so that a person can be safely returned to a state of abstinence.

What is addiction withdrawal syndrome?

The withdrawal syndrome is made up of a group of symptoms that begin present as an individual reduces the amount of substance that they are placing into their bodies, or it may be experienced shortly after an addictive substance is abruptly stopped or discontinued. All addictive substances have a pre-defined withdrawal syndrome that can be experienced; however, some substances create a higher potential for medical detox services than other substances.

Keep in mind that not all addictive substances are created equal when it comes to addiction withdrawal syndrome. Substance Withdrawal is the development of a substance-specific maladaptive behavioral change, usually, with uncomfortable physiological and cognitive consequences, that is the result of a cessation of, or reduction in, heavy and prolonged substance use.

What are common withdrawal symptoms that indicate the need for Addiction Detox?

Generally, if you have been addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, or any sedative-hypnotic substance, benzodiazepine class of drugs, or are addicted to more than one substance like alcohol or cocaine combined then addiction detoxification is a good idea. There are so many different types of addictive substances so it’s always best to talk to the addiction detox facility before deciding to reduce or discontinue any addictive substance before entering addiction detox.

Most Observed Withdrawal Symptoms

Agitation Anxiety Irritability
Restlessness Reduced appetite Lack of appetite
Nausea Vomiting Tremor (shakiness)
Elevated heart rate Increased blood pressure Insomnia
Intense dreaming Nightmares Poor concentration
Impaired memory Impaired Judgement Increased sensitivity to sound
Increased Sensitivity to light Tactile sensations Hallucinations
Delusions Sudden paranoid thoughts Muscle spasms
Muscle rigidity Muscle jerking Tachycardia (fast pulse)
High blood pressure High body temperature Mydriasis (enlarged pupils)
Hyperreflexia Diaphoresis (sweating) Piloerection (gooseflesh)
Increased respiratory rate Lacrimation (tearing), yawning Rhinorrhea (runny nose)
Abdominal cramps Diarrhea Bone and muscle pain


Symptoms and Signs of Conditions That Require Immediate Medical Attention

Grand mal seizures Loss of consciousness Cessation of breathing
Increasing anxiety and panic Hallucinations Seizures
Abdominal pain Increases blood pressure Decreases in heart rate
Upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding Changes in the responsiveness of pupils Temperature greater than 100.4° F


Note: If you or a loved one experiences seizures, loss of consciousness, or cessation of breathing, and this is followed by; a brief period of sleep, awakening later with some mild to even severe confusion please go to an emergency room immediately or call 911 for emergency help.  

Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms by Entering Addiction Detox Program

If you or a loved one is living in Round Rock, Texas, or the surrounding Austin Metro Area and you need medical detoxification services contact Summer Sky at 1-888-857-8857 to schedule a time to enter our addiction detox center. It is always better to plan out medical detox before allowing withdrawal symptoms to emerge. Our admissions staff can assist you in scheduling addiction detox on the same day as you call if needed. Our Addiction Medical Detoxification Program is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you have an alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder, call us and we can help you arrange for treatment services today.

It is always best to not let the symptoms of withdrawal emerge and to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms you can plan your detox ahead of time by scheduling your admission into the addiction detox program before stopping your usage of an addictive substance. Detoxification services do not offer a “cure” for substance use disorders. However, by entering detox you can avoid unnecessary and dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can be medically managed by trained addiction professionals.

Substance use disorders are treatable, and there is hope for recovery!


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Do you need Addiction Detox Now?

Summer Sky is offering many different Texas drug rehab programs to people living in the Round Rock and Central Texas Region. If you need assistance with addiction detox services, substance use disorder treatment or prescription drug treatment give us a call and one of our admissions specialists can help assist you with finding the right alcohol or drug rehab program that is best for your individual needs. All calls are confidential and free to inquire about addiction treatment options. We can be reached by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

Helping Residents of Round Rock, Texas for Over 37 years!

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