Addiction Detox Mesquite

Addiction Detox Mesquite

Addiction detox services are critical to people who have been dealing with an addiction to mood-or mind-altering substances. Some people discover that substances like alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and other illegal substances will find it exceedingly difficult to deal with the withdrawal symptoms that surface once the individual begins to moderate or stop using an addictive substance.

Addiction detox facilities are designed to help a person deal with the physical & psychological dependence that is created by using addictive substances. If you are living in Mesquite, Texas or anywhere in Dallas County then Summer Sky Treatment Center® can help you break free from your substance-related problems. Our admissions department can answer questions and make recommendations for the best type of detox program to help you with your situation.

Addiction Detoxification Services

Medical detoxification services are often the first step toward helping someone get into personal recovery from a substance use disorder. A good way to view addiction detox is that it is a “First door” an individual enters to detoxify and stabilize from known addictive substances. Addiction detox centers are designed to help a person deal with the acute symptoms of addiction so that an individual can receive psychological treatment services.

Once the physical and mental acute symptoms of withdrawal are stabilized then a person is more likely to participate in other forms of treatment services to deal with their substance use disorder. All substance use disorders are treatable, and today with our ultra-modern advancements in addiction treatment more people are finding hope through recovery.

Substance Use Disorders are Brain Disorders

When a person discovers that they are addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, or other illegal substances they often do not realize that their usage of the addictive substances is altering their brain chemistry and causing neurological changes to take place in their brains. Scientific research and technological advances have increased our understanding of how the brain functions with addictive substances over the years.

Today, people are healing from substance use disorders because of research in neurobiology. We have discovered that people with addictions are affected by the usage of the addictive chemicals that enter the brain and impair people’s ability to utilize their self-control of these addictive substances. While the brain is a marvelous organ it is affected by the onslaught of repeated usage of chemicals and even begins to make adaptations at the chemical process level disrupting normal healthy functioning.

Substance use disorders are chronic conditions and if left untreated only get worse with continued usage. Substance use disorder treatment will help prevent negative health consequences from addictive substances. Addiction treatment programs are now recognizing that an individual will need ongoing treatment and time to properly heal the brain. There are now 30-day addiction treatment programs, 60-day addiction treatment programs, and 90-day addiction treatment programs. All are designed to help a person lead more healthy and productive lives while promoting a substance-free lifestyle.

Treatment Promotes Respect & Dignity

During treatment, the individual is always offered respect and dignity by our staff that is nonjudgmental and supportive of the recovery process. Helping a person make the transition from an addictive way of living to a substance-free lifestyle is important to a new person in recovery. Treatment also encourages social support from family, significant others, and employers. The Treatment staff will encourage family involvement and other support systems while respecting the individuals’ rights to privacy and confidentiality during treatment.

What are the most common substances that people become addicted to in Mesquite, Texas?

People can become addicted to any addictive substance, however, the top addictive substance for people in Mesquite, Texas are Alcohol, Xanax, Opioids, Methamphetamines, and Cocaine followed by Heroin and other prescription medications. There is a similar pattern of addictive substances in cities like Sunnyvale, Balch Springs, Travis Ranch, Forney, Garland, Heath, Rowlett & Seagoville, Texas.

It is not the environment that is the contributing factor to the addictive substances, but the substances themselves that are powerful and cause addictions. These addictive substances if used long enough and frequently have the potential to alter the individual using the substance’s brain chemistry which can create and develop into dependence problems or a substance use disorder. If you are struggling with an addiction to these substances, seriously consider reaching out to an addiction detox center for help.

What is an addiction?

In simple terms, addiction is a condition in which an individual develops a biological, psychological, and social dependence on a known addictive substance. The individual will use an addictive substance for short-term gratification. However, there will be a price to pay as an addiction develops or progresses to a point that it creates long-term pain and discomfort. The individual will develop an obsession, compulsion, and loss of control as the addiction begins to disrupt other major areas of their life.

What can you do to stop an addiction?

Once an individual realizes that they have an addiction the best course of action is to contact an addiction detox program to discuss the various approaches to treating addiction. You will discover that each detox center has an admissions department that can help guide you through the process of choosing the right type of treatment program for your situation. If you desire to stop an addiction, then entering an addiction treatment program is the first step to dealing with a substance-related problem. Depending on the severity of your addiction will determine what type of treatment you qualify for treatment services.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox & Inpatient Treatment Programs

Summer Sky offers multiple addiction detox & substance use disorder treatment programs for individuals living in Mesquite, Texas & the surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth area. Summer Sky has been helping residents of Texas with alcohol Detoxification & drug detoxification for Over 37 years. Our alcohol & drug rehabs are among the best rehabs in Texas. Below is a partial list of some of our substance use disorder treatment programs.

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