Addiction Detox Lubbock

Addiction Detox Lubbock

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers the Best Medical Detox Programs in Texas and innovative Drug addiction treatment programs for residents of Lubbock, Texas. Our alcohol and drug detox programs are designed to help people deal with the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with addictions. If you or a loved one needs help with any substance use disorder, then give our admissions department a call to discuss how we can help you get free from addictive substances.

Addiction detox is a necessary first step to eliminating addictive substances from the body. Once a person is physically detoxified from an addictive substance then treatment will be more effective at helping a person to overcome their addiction to substances. Many people will require addiction detox followed by residential addiction treatment to become abstinent from alcohol or drugs. Once a person is physically cleared from the acute symptoms of their substance use disorder then enhanced psychological treatment services can then be utilized.

Why is abstinence important for people with substance use disorders?

Abstinence is the total avoidance of a specific substance such as alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. Abstinence that is accompanied by addiction counseling, addiction education, relapse prevention training, enhanced therapy techniques, and other recovery support services all work together to help treat a person’s substance-related problems. Without abstinence, it is difficult for most people to deal with their substance use disorders.

The process of changing attitudes, and behaviors, or identifying core issues that contribute to a person’s alcohol or drug usage is much easier if an individual is cleared physically and psychologically from an addictive drug.

Addiction detox services are suggested for people that have previously attempted to moderate or stop using alcohol or drugs and found it difficult to accomplish. If you have stopped using an addictive substance and discovered that you experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, then consider utilizing an addiction detox center to help you stop drinking alcohol or using drugs.

What is the Addiction Detoxification Process?

Detoxification is a medical procedure that involves the total removal of the addictive substance and easing as much as possible the intense physiological withdrawal symptoms experienced. Detoxification is essential for people that are heavy users of alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive drugs.

The primary focus of addiction detoxification is to safely remove addictive substances from an individual’s body and then help the individual to achieve abstinence from addictive substances. Detox alone is not enough to treat a substance use disorder. Once a person completes addiction detox the individual should enter either a 30-day residential treatment program or a 90-day addiction rehab program.

What are the most common withdrawal symptoms that people with addictions experience?

Since there are so many different addictions that exist it is important to realize that each addictive substance will display a  group of withdrawal symptoms that are unique to a specific substance. The listing below is common withdrawal symptoms for alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription medications, and benzodiazepines. It must be noted that this is a general listing only.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Anxiety Depression Increased REM Insomnia
Irritability Restlessness Hypersomnia
Fatigue Poor Concentration Psychomotor retardation
Increased appetite Paranoia Drug craving
Slurred speech Tachycardia (fast pulse) Hypertension
Enlarged pupil Diaphoresis (sweating) Hyperreflexia
Piloerection (gooseflesh) Abdominal cramps Increased respiratory rate
Lacrimation (tearing) yawning Grand mal seizures
Rhinorrhea (runny nose) Muscle spasms Nausea Vomiting
Diarrhea Bone and muscle pain Agitation
Anorexia (lack of appetite) Tremor (shakiness) Intense dreaming
Nightmares Impaired memory & judgment Increased sensitivity to sound


Some withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and when attempting to moderate or stop using an addictive substance it is always best to seek help from an addiction detox center for help in stopping your alcohol or drug usage. Addiction detox programs will keep you safe and effectively detoxify the substance correctly from your body.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Program Options

Summer Sky Treatment Center has been helping residents living in Lubbock, Texas for over 37 years and as a result of our success, we offer multiple addiction treatment options to help people recover from their substance-related problems. People are in different places when they request help for a substance use disorder and as a result, we have designed evidence-based addiction treatment programs that an individual can choose from to treat their addictions.

We believe that by offering more addiction treatment options we can help individuals become empowered to overcome their addiction to substances. Often the choice to use addictive substances has been clouded by and controlled by the addiction itself and by offering different addiction treatment options we help bring choice back into the picture to help you heal and recover from a substance use disorder.

Summer Sky Addiction Treatment Program Options

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Helping Residents of Lubbock, Texas for Over 37 years


Do You Require Immediate Help for Alcohol or Drugs and Need Addiction Treatment?

If you or a family member are living in Lubbock, Texas, or anywhere in the State of Texas and you require immediate help with treatment for alcohol, prescription drugs, or other addictive substance we can schedule an admission into our addiction detox programs with you today. The process for admission is quite simple. We are available 24 hours a day 7-days a week and you can call us for immediate assistance at 1-888-857-8857.

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