Addiction Detox in Texas

Addiction Detox in Texas:

Summer Sky Treatment Center® is offering addiction detox in Texas. Our addiction detoxification center has helped over 25, 000 people to successfully detoxify from addictive substances. If you need medical detox or addiction treatment services, we can help you break free from addiction. When its time to get sober from alcohol or drugs our addiction detoxification centers can help you remove all the addictive substances from your body and put you on the right track to becoming free free of addictive substances.

Our advanced medical detox protocols along with understanding and compassionate staff can help you transition from withdrawal symptoms to true freedom from the acute effects of your addiction to alcohol drugs. We help people to experience freedom so they can move forward with a life in recovery.

What is an addiction to alcohol or drugs?

People all over Texas & United States develop problems with alcohol or drugs daily. Some of these individuals cross over into developing an addiction. Once addiction takes place the individual will progress from mild, moderate, and severe levels of addiction.

The longer a person is engaged in their addiction will depend upon which level of severity the individual will progress to with their addiction disorder. All addictions are progressive and the individual’s ability to control their usage becomes less and less over time. We help to restore the balance back into an individual’s life so that they can gain the freedom that they need and deserve.


According to the Surgeon General Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health The most severe form of a substance use disorder, is associated with compulsive or uncontrolled use of one or more substances. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that has the potential for both recurrence (relapse) and recovery.

Addiction Medical Detoxification:

People who develop a severe addiction are often in need of addiction medical detoxification and substance use disorder treatment to become free from their addiction. The addiction medical detoxification program is a life-saving service for people with an addiction.

It is vital for people that have developed a physical and psychological dependency on addictive drugs. These individuals are at risk of experiencing dangerous withdrawal symptoms without the help of an addiction medical detoxification program.

An addiction medical detoxification program or addiction detox can be accessed by calling a treatment center that offers medical detox services. Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers addiction medical detox in Texas. For Immediate access to addiction detox services call 1-888-857-8857.

Withdrawal Symptoms:

Addiction often creates withdrawal symptoms when an individual reduces the amount of the substance they are ingesting into their body, or abruptly discontinues using the addictive substance. When this happens, the individual goes into a process we call withdrawal.

The withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous for people with severe substance use disorders. It is always recommended that people attempting to stop using an addictive substance contact an addiction detox center in Texas before attempting to reduce or abruptly stop usage. This is suggested so that an individual will avoid adverse health-related problems.

Addiction Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Restlessness Irritability Anxiety
Agitation lack of appetite Nausea
Vomiting Tremor(shakiness) Elevated heart rate
Increased blood pressure Insomnia Intense dreaming
Nightmares Poor concentration Impaired memory
Impaired judgment Increased sensitivity to sound Increased sensitivity to light
Tactile sensations Hallucinations Delusions
Grand mal seizures Muscle rigidity Elevated temperature fever


Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms & Other Opioid Drugs

Tachycardia (fast pulse)


Hypertension (high blood pressure)


Hyperthermia (high body temperature)




Mydriasis (enlarged pupils)


Hyperreflexia (abnormally heightened reflexes)


Diaphoresis (sweating)


Piloerection (gooseflesh)


Increased respiratory rate


Lacrimation (tearing), yawning


Rhinorrhea (runny nose)


Muscle spasms


Abdominal cramps Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
Bone and muscle pain





Benzodiazepines & Sedative Hypnotic Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

Poor physical coordination Monitor for Overdose
Seizures High Blood Pressure
Delirium Distortion in Taste, Smell, or Perceptions
Anxious Feelings Panic Attacks
Higher Risk of Falls Myocardial Infractions
Shakiness Anxiety
Agitation Insomnia
Overactive reflexes Increased heart rate
Temperature with sweating Severe cravings or Hallucinations


Note: Benzodiazepine Withdrawal is never recommended to begin without proper medical supervision. These drugs are tapered rather than stopped abruptly.

Other Addicted Drug Withdrawal Symptoms:

All addictive drugs create withdrawal symptoms, and some are more serious than others. It is best to reach out to an addiction detox center in Texas and schedule an admission into one of the Texas Drug Rehabs that provide addiction detox services before attempting to stop abruptly from an addictive drug.


Detoxification is a medical procedure utilized for the safe discontinuation of an addictive substance. An individual that has developed a dependence on or an addiction normally will need detoxification. The withdrawal symptoms that emerge will require detox procedures to manage symptoms of withdrawal.

Sometimes multiple combinations of drugs along with co-existing medical conditions can prolong the detox process as well as the duration, and severity of usage of an addictive substance. The safest way to experience detox is to enter a 24-hour medically supervised addiction detox center.

Addiction Detox Facilities in Texas Utilize Pharmacological Treatments:

It is best if an individual enters an addiction detox facility in Texas that utilized pharmacological treatments. This is a best practice and a part of evidence-based treatment services. If you need immediate assistance, then contact Summer Sky and we can help you detoxify from addictive substances.

Detoxification from alcohol or drugs usually takes between a few days and a few weeks to complete, depending on the substance being ingested or the duration or severity of the dependency being experienced. The medical staff at the addiction detox facility will help support the individual through the detox process and manage any acute care symptoms with pharmacological treatments.

The Goal of Detoxification Programs

The overall goal of a detoxification program is to alleviate all withdrawal symptoms and transition an individual to a state of stabilization and abstinence. Detoxification is the safest and most effective way to discontinue an addictive substance.

The detox process will involve treatments that are designed to minimize any withdrawal effects and alleviate side effects, with a primary objective of helping a person to go through the withdrawal procedure and therefore helping an individual meet the goal of abstinence.

The first step is detoxification for a person then it is best to transition into either an inpatient treatment program or a residential treatment program after completing medical detox services. Detox alone is only a partial treatment for a substance use disorder. More treatment is required after detoxification services.

Addiction Treatment Services After Medical Detoxification:

Treatment is normally the next course of action after completing detoxification. Treatment prepares an individual for an individual personal journey in recovery. The treatment process will involve utilizing techniques and therapy to help a person remain in a state of abstinence from addictive drugs.

The treatment process will help an individual to discover a lifestyle of recovery and show an individual how to not return to addictive substances. Treatment is the most effective way for a person with a substance use disorder to learn how to stay alcohol or drug-free.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox in Texas

In Texas, there are all kinds of different types of treatment programs. However, if you are dealing with a serious addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal substances then there is a high likelihood that you will require a medical detox center to help you stop an addiction. Addiction detox in Texas is relatively easy to access if you are ready to make the change and you want to stop drinking alcohol or using addictive substances.

Summer Sky Treatment Center® offers addiction detox in Texas along with substance use disorder treatment programs. To learn more about our addiction detox program in Texas you can contact our admissions department at 1-888-857-8857 and we can typically provide same day admissions into our detox centers.

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