Addiction Detox Houston

Addiction Detox Houston

We are on a mission to help “Detox Texas” from addictive substances and we aim to help as many people who are suffering from a substance use disorder. If you or a family member is living in Houston, Texas, or the surrounding Houston Metro Area and you need addiction detox then give us a call and we will help you break free from any addiction to substances.

Summer Sky and Houston, Texas has a long history of helping men and women who suffer from substance use disorders. For over 37-years Summer Sky has provided addiction detox & alcohol & drug rehab services to thousands of people living in and around the Houston, Texas Metropolitan area. We provide a wide array of Texas drug rehab programs including medical detoxification, 30-day treatment programs, 60-day rehabs, and our famous Gold Standard 90-day addiction treatment programs. If you or a loved one are looking or searching for an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program, then Summer Sky can help you reclaim your life from addictions.

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What is an addiction detox program?

Addiction detox is the process of eliminating an addictive substance from an individual’s body and simultaneously helping them transition safely through the withdrawal process into physical abstinence. Addiction detox is a component of addiction treatment services. For individuals that are addicted to alcohol, sedative-hypnotics, and opioids an addiction detox is highly recommended. These types of addictive substances often have withdrawal syndromes that require 24-hour medical care and monitoring.

Do you or a loved one need addiction detoxification and do you live in the Houston, Texas area?

Many people living in Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area of Texas choose to utilize our addiction detox services. Our addiction detox program is in a small town in Texas called Stephenville, Texas. Many people in the Houston, Texas region appreciate getting away from the big city to experience addiction treatment services. We are close enough to access our treatment services on the same day a person calls for treatment, but far enough away to not be distracted or tempted by outside influences during the treatment process. Most people in Houston, Texas that utilize our treatment services elect to attend multiple treatment programs offered by Summer Sky.

Texas Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Specials

Addiction Treatment Programs Offered by Summer Sky

What happens after the addiction detox is completed?

Summer Sky believes in offering the people we serve multiple choices related to their addiction treatment options while at Summer Sky. We offer multiple types of addiction treatment programs to help people recover from substance-related disorders. Many people who complete addiction detoxification services while at our addiction detox center choose to transition into other treatment programs offered at Summer Sky. One of our most popular addiction treatment programs is the 30-day addiction treatment program. This type of treatment program will help an individual deal with acute care issues that arise after medical detox is completed.

The 30-day addiction treatment program is designed to offer knowledge, courage, strength, humility, and wisdom in treating an individual’s substance use disorder. 30-Day Addiction treatment programs will help a person to transform their lives away from addiction to a new way of living without the use of addictive substances. Our 30-day addiction treatment programs are leading individuals into a life of recovery with meaning and purpose. Treatment is effective at helping people become alcohol and drug-free from addictive substances. Helping people deal with the physical, psychological, and social disruptions that substance use disorders affect is at the heart of our treatment programs.

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs

Many people will require more than 30-days of addiction treatment to recover from their addiction. If you are an individual that will require more treatment to help you recover, we offer a 90-day addiction treatment program to help you with your substance use disorder. You may be asking yourself why would a person need a 90-day addiction treatment program? The first reason is the 90-day addiction treatment program allows those who suffer from severe substance use disorders more time to heal and address the physical, psychological, behavioral, and social problems created during a substance use disorder. Research has demonstrated that individuals that are engaged in treatment services for a minimum of 90-days show better outcomes in recovering from a substance use disorder. This does not mean that a 30-day treatment program is not effective, it just means that if you attend a 30-day addiction treatment program its very important that you dedicate a minimal 60 more days after your discharge from a 30-day treatment program to actively stay involved in the treatment process to continually treat your substance use disorder. Some people would rather stay in a 90-day addiction treatment program and address as many of their addiction-related problems to maximize their chances to stay free from substances. Summer Sky provides this addiction treatment option for those that require or need a 90-days of addiction treatment services.

Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track

Relapse can be a big problem for people with substance use disorders. Research has shown that substance use disorders are similar in the course, management, and outcome to other chronic illnesses, such as hypertension, diabetes, and asthma. Since addiction is a chronic health condition that sometimes involves a return to active usage of either alcohol or drugs an individual that is experiencing an active usage episode can contact us and enroll in our Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track™ to stop the progression of their addiction to substances. If you have recently completed a treatment program and returned to active alcohol or drugs, contact us immediately so that we can help you detox & stabilize and stop the progression of your addiction. Some people that have been in personal recovery may relapse and require help for their addiction. We accept into the relapse track people that have recently relapsed or those with a history of relapse.

Summer Sky provides a specialty treatment program designed to interrupt and stop an active relapse episode. These individuals can utilize this treatment program to interrupt the cycle of addiction and identify problems related to the relapse process that contributed to their return to usage. The Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track™ was specifically created to help those who have a history of relapse and need to discover the reasons why they continue to experience relapse episodes.

Many people who experience a return to drinking alcohol or drugs need assistance in learning was to cope with sobriety-based symptoms that surface during the recovery process of healing from their addiction to substances. Individuals will need to manage these sobriety-based symptoms during the recovery process to remain in personal recovery. Failure to identify and manage these symptoms often contributes to an increased likelihood that a person will enter the relapse process during recovery. Summer Sky will help these individuals to stabilize their active usage of addictive substances and then help the individual learn ways to interrupt the relapse process during the Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track™ as well as develop sound recovery plans to prevent a future relapse from occurring.

Summer Sky provides this assistance by offering individuals an opportunity to stabilize, identify and learn solutions to prevent a relapse from occurring. Some people need this extra help to set them on a path to success after experiencing repeated relapses back to active usage. Relapse does eventually involve a return to drug use after a significant period of abstinence.

The Summer Sky Relapse Prevention Track™ is a treatment program that was created to help stabilize and interrupt an addiction that has escalated to out-of-control usage of either alcohol or drugs. It is designed specifically for individuals with a history of experiencing the relapse process in their recovery. These individuals find themselves repeatedly relapsing back into their substance use disorder and drinking or using addictive substances. While we understand that active usage is frustrating and it can be difficult for an individual to admit they need help or seek out treatment services to interrupt the relapse process we know that once a person makes up their mind to seek treatment services we can help them get back on track and into personal recovery.

Substance Use Disorders are Chronic Health Conditions

Substance use disorders are chronic medical health conditions that can be managed through a process called substance use disorder treatment and personal recovery. Once a person completes treatment they enter a process of recovery. Substance use disorder treatment programs utilize evidence-based behavioral interventions, medications, social support services, clinical monitoring, substance use disorder counseling, and recovery-based solutions to help an individual treat their addictions to substances. Our nation is involved in an epidemic that has caused great suffering and individuals and families living in Houston, Texas and other parts of Texas will need help solving their addiction problems. Summer Sky is available to help residents of Houston and the surrounding area to receive help for their substance use disorders. If you need treatment or you or a family member is dealing with alcohol-related problems, drug-related problems, illegal drug usage, and prescription drug addictions we have a treatment program that can help you recover from your addiction to substances.

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Do you need immediate help with an alcohol or drug problem?

Summer Sky offers many addiction rehabs to help people recover from a substance use disorder. Our admissions department is available 24-hours a day 7-days a week to help you schedule an admission into one of our drug rehabs. We can be reached at 1-888-857-8857.

Texas Alcohol & Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Specials 2022

30-Day Addiction Treatment Program (Detox Included) $8000.00

90-Day Addiction Treatment Programs (Detox Included) $21,000.00

Summer Sky Celebrates 37-Years of Addiction Treatment & Recovery

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