Addiction Detox Frisco

Addiction Detox Frisco

Summer Sky Treatment Center has been helping residents of Frisco, Texas for over 37 years with alcohol or drug problems. We understand that many people become dependent upon alcohol, prescription medications, and illegal substances and require immediate addiction detox services. Our addiction detox programs are designed to help people intervene upon all associated withdrawal symptoms that are caused by an addiction to substances. When dealing with an alcohol or drug problem it’s important to understand that abruptly stopping an addictive substance can be dangerous without medical detoxification services.

Addiction Detox Screening

To determine if an individual is appropriate for admission into a medical detox program and the individual will need to be screened for the psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of an alcohol or drug problem. This is often performed over the phone by an addiction professional that is knowledgeable of substance-related disorders. During the phone screening, an individual will be asked a series of questions to determine if an individual is eligible to receive medical detox services.

Some people will need help with coexisting conditions that are medical, psychiatric, and physical problems that may require additional professional assessments or services. However, most addiction detox centers are easily able to accommodate most coexisting conditions along with substance-related problems.

Why Do People Need Addiction Detox Services?

People that develop alcohol or drug problems normally experience dysfunction in several different areas of their lives. The most common dysfunctions are related to physical dependence upon an addictive substance. Prolonged usage of an addictive substance is known to create withdrawal symptoms once a person reduces the amount of a substance that they are using or stops ingesting the substance. If you experience withdrawal symptoms in this manner it is suggested that you seriously consider attending an addiction detox center to help manage your withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Detox & Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Addiction treatment is an effective way to relieve a person from an addiction-related problem. Most people begin with the medical detox component of treatment. Every day across Texas and all around the United States people enter addiction rehab programs. Many people complete addiction detox programs and then transition into inpatient, residential, and then intensive outpatient treatment programs. While some people do choose detox-only programs it is always suggested that, and individuals continue treatment services after completing medical detox to prevent a relapse back into addictive usage.

What is Addiction Pharmacotherapy?

Addiction pharmacotherapy is the usage of medications to help prevent a relapse or craving from alcohol, heroin, or opioids. Addiction to alcohol or drugs can be treated by using various pharmacotherapy advancements as a component of the treatment process. In the last 10 years, pharmacotherapies for addiction have been utilized to help people deal with intense cravings for alcohol, heroin, or other opioid substance after an individual has completed addiction detox services.

There are currently several studies for cocaine and other stimulant drugs in research as pharmacotherapies, however, currently, it is suggested that people enter a residential treatment program to treat their addiction to cocaine, methamphetamine, or amphetamines. People that are addicted to alcohol, heroin, or opioids along with cocaine, methamphetamines, or amphetamines will often need medical detox services.

Important Considerations for People with Addictions

If you or a loved one has recently noticed or experienced physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal substances then addiction medical detox can help you become free from all associated withdrawal symptoms. There is no need to suffer when help is available by utilizing an addiction detox center.

When people attempt to reduce or abruptly stop their usage of an addictive substance, they often experience withdrawal symptoms. An addiction detox center will help an individual to manage addiction withdrawal symptoms by utilizing medications that are designed to manage the withdrawal process.

Addiction Detoxification

Very simply detoxification is a medical procedure that is designed to clear toxic substances from an individual that has become physically dependent upon an addictive substance. The removal of the addictive substance along with the management of potential withdrawal symptoms is a primary goal of the detoxification process.

The addiction detoxification process is a treatment component or procedure used to help an individual who has become physically dependent on alcohol or drugs. The addiction detoxification process will include a period for allowing a person’s body to physiologically adjust to the absence of either alcohol or drugs. It’s important to understand that detoxification is not a full treatment, but it is a component of the treatment process. The addiction detoxification process is primarily designed to alleviate the short-term symptoms of withdrawal.

The addiction detox process will also include time to begin healing along with a psychological readjustment period that will stabilize and normalize your body’s absence of an addictive substance. It is recommended that once a person is medically cleared from the detox process that the individual prepare for ongoing treatment in a lower level of treatment care.

Deciding to seek help from an addiction detox facility?

If you have a history of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you decrease your usage of an addictive substance or you have been drinking alcohol, using prescription drugs, or illegal substances for an extended period then seriously consider discussing with an addiction detox facility your desire to stop using alcohol or drugs. It can be dangerous to abruptly stop some addictive substance without using an addictive detox facility to help you become free from a substance.

Why is addiction detox critical to someone becoming successful in personal recovery?

People that enter medical detox will increase the likelihood that they will become chemical-free from an addictive substance by allowing themselves the opportunity to eliminate the toxic substances from their body as well as help the individual stabilize to normal levels without the addictive substance in their body. Most addictive substances disrupt the overall health of the individual who is addicted to substances. Often addiction detox is the first true separation from an addictive substance and the support that is offered while a person is in medical detox is compassionate and reassuring which encourages a successful attitude to help the individual in the detox process to complete detoxification.

Compassionate Care

Summer Sky has been helping men and women with medical detoxification for over 37 years and during that time we have helped thousands of people to become addiction-free. If you are living in Frisco, Texas, the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, or any other area of Texas you can contact our Summer Sky admissions department by calling us at 1-888-857-8857.

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