Addiction Detox El Paso

Addiction Detox El Paso

Do you or a loved one need addiction detox services? Many people develop substance use disorders and require medical detoxification to help them become addiction-free from alcohol or drugs. Summer Sky Treatment Center® a Texas-based alcohol & drug rehab has been helping residents of El Paso, Texas for over 37 years. We provide many different types of addiction treatment programs for individuals that suffer from substance use disorders. Our main treatment campus is located in Stephenville, Texas. We provide addiction detox, inpatient treatment, and residential treatment programs to help people recover from addictions.

For residents of El Paso, Texas that need medical detoxification and additional treatment services we also offer 30-day addiction treatment programs, 60-day drug rehabs, and 90-day addiction treatment programs as well as other specialized addiction treatment services. If you are living in the El Paso, Texas Area and you are looking to get out of the local city for a change in the environment then Summer Sky might just be a great fit to help you accomplish this while receiving addiction treatment at the same time.

For those flying out of El Paso to treatment, we do arrange for picks ups at several airports to accommodate a smooth process for those traveling to our treatment programs. We are proud to be an additional addiction treatment resource for individuals and families living in the Greater El Paso, Texas Region. If you are looking for a different experience than traditional addiction treatment services, then allow Summer Sky to help you become addiction-free from an addictive substance.

Medical Detoxification Services

Medical Detoxification is critical for individuals who need to become physically free from their addiction to substances. Nothing is more important than clearing the body of the toxic buildup of addictive substances that are causing physical and psychological damage to a person’s health. Detox is the first component of addiction treatment that is necessary for helping a person overcome physical withdrawal symptoms that surface once a person stops using an addictive substance.

Summer Sky provides detox services by utilizing FDA-approved medications that are known to help people safely detoxify from addictive substances. In addition to utilizing the best medical detox protocols, our staff is compassionate and understanding of your physical and psychological needs as you make the transition from active addiction to becoming abstinent from mood or mind-altering substances in our medical detoxification programs.

Summer Sky is grounded in Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Best Practices that are known to be effective at treating people with substance-use-related problems. Summer Sky offers two primary addiction detox programs that can accommodate individuals that require medical detox services. We offer a Detox & Stabilization Program called Detox Now™ and traditional medical detox programs designed for those entering our 30, 60, or 90-day addiction treatment programs. For individuals who are choosing one of our 30, 60, or 90-day addiction treatment programs we do include medical detox services with the addiction treatment programs.

The Pros & Cons of leaving El Paso to enter an addiction treatment Program!

We understand that deciding to stop using addictive substances takes a lot of courage. We also know that following through with action will most likely be one of the more important decisions you make in your life. Entering treatment is like shutting the door on the past and opening a door to new and exciting freedom that awaits you on the other side. Thousands of people choose to attend treatment programs daily across Texas and around the United States.

We also understand that seeking treatment services in your community has some advantages and comfort for most individuals. We at Summer Sky encourage people to utilize local substance use disorder providers in their area. People living in El Paso, Texas should always look at local services and investigate if those services will meet their individual needs.

However, if you discover that the local treatment providers do not provide the additional services you are seeking then we welcome you to contact our treatment program to discuss the treatment options we provide at our treatment center. Summer Sky is a National Provider of Substance Use Disorder Treatment and offers many unique services that a lot of treatment centers do not provide. We truly are among the best addiction treatment programs in the State of Texas.

People living in El Paso, Texas that choose to attend our treatment programs will discover that our treatment programs are innovative and that we offer many different additional treatment services to complement the healing process as you participate in our treatment programs. An extra benefit of attending Summer Sky Treatment Center is that individuals can leave behind local distractions and focus on healing their physical, psychological, and social health while attending our treatment programs.

Another advantage of choosing to travel to another location for treatment services is that you remove the urge to leave treatment early by putting some distance between yourself and the familiar area you reside. Sometimes the temptation to leave treatment early becomes strong when the treatment center is close to your home or neighborhood. The old friends are too close and the old associations can trigger you to leave treatment when you are not ready. Seeking alcohol or drug treatment in another city does remove immediate temptations.

Many people have so many drug or alcohol-related connections in the city they live in that they need temporary separation when they are beginning addiction treatment services. If you do decide to leave El Paso, Texas for addiction treatment services you will be placing extra protection for yourself by safeguarding, urges, desires, and temptations that can easily distract you or defocus your efforts to remain addiction-free. In treatment, we will teach you how to deal with outside distractions and help you to stay focused on healing your body and mind.

Untimely, the decision to seek addiction treatment services is yours to make and you know the level of your addiction better than anyone. Our experience with helping people from El Paso is that individuals have reported repeatedly that they were glad they left the area to receive addiction treatment services because it immediately minimized the desire to leave treatment by entering treatment in another city in Texas.

Why leave El Paso for drug treatment?

There are multiple good reasons people leave El Paso, Texas to receive treatment at our alcohol or drug treatment programs. One reason people attend our addiction treatment programs is that we have been helping people for over 37 years to recover from addictions. Experience matters when you are dealing with a life-threatening illness called addiction. Our front-line addiction treatment professionals have years of knowledge, experience, and skills in helping people with substance use disorders. Summer Sky Treatment Center® is among the best addiction treatment programs in the State of Texas and we desire to help individuals and families living in El Paso, Texas to experience freedom from addiction through our drug treatment programs.

Why Do People Need Addiction Detoxification (Detox)?

Addiction is a chronic illness that creates physical, psychological, and social damage as a result of becoming addicted to mood or mind-altering substances. Many people who become addicted to alcohol or other drugs develop a physical dependency on the substance. Their bodies begin to require the substance to function or to avoid serious withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal process is uncomfortable and can be fatal for those attempting to moderate or stop using the substance abruptly. We advise against abruptly stopping an addictive substance by yourself or at home. An individual should always seek medical detoxification before stopping their drinking or using especially considering there are dangerous withdrawal symptoms that can surface once a person stops drinking or using addictive substances.

Once having developed a reliance upon an addictive substance there is a higher likelihood that the individual will experience physical withdrawal symptoms once they discontinue drinking alcohol or using an addictive substance. An individual must arrange for an addiction detox service before stopping an addictive substance to mitigate immediate withdrawal symptoms.

Summer Sky Treatment Center Program Services

Summer Sky Special Feature Treatment Services


Summer Sky Accepts Most Major Private Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Anthem Beacon Health Options
Beechstreet PPO Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS HMO
BCBS of Texas PPO Cigna ComPsych
Federal BCBS     First Health Galaxy Health Network
Golden Rule-PPO Health Smart Humana
Life Synch Humana Magellan Optum
PHCS/Multiplan MHNet United Healthcare
United Behavioral Health (UMR) Scott and White Health Plan


We are an in-network substance use disorder treatment provider for most major insurance companies. If you do not see your insurance carrier above, please contact us and we can verify if your health plan is in-network with our substance use disorder treatment programs. For individuals or families that are not covered by health insurance, we do offer some affordable treatment options to help them receive treatment services. In addition to affordable treatment options, we do offer “Limited Time Only” promotional offers that individuals can take advantage of month to month. There is limited bed capacity for these promotional offers so please decide promptly if you plan on requesting any special offerings.


We Accept Most Major Health Insurance Plans

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