Addiction Detox Denton

Addiction Detox Denton

Do you live in Denton, Texas, or the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth metro area and you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug problem? If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to stop or moderate your usage of alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal substances then it may be time to seek help for a substance use disorder treatment program. While there are many paths of help available for people who are experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs there are some important considerations to keep in mind when seeking treatment.

Many individuals with alcohol or drug problems will require the assistance of an addiction detox center to help them become substance-free from alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. Many of these individuals develop substance-related problems so severe that they will require medical detoxification to help them become addiction-free. In general people with substance-related problems suffer from a broad range of severity of symptoms. The symptoms can be mild to severe in the way that they show up once a person stops or begins to moderate their usage of an addictive substance.

Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

As mentioned above there are important considerations that an individual will need to be aware of when seeking help for an alcohol or drug problem. If an individual has a history of experiencing addiction withdrawal symptoms it is always a good idea to utilize the services of an addiction detox facility. For some individuals who have been using alcohol or drugs for an extended period or multiple years, the risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms is increased. If an individual is consuming large amounts or quantities of a substance, there is a tendency for an individual to develop a tolerance to alcohol or drugs which also can contribute to the need for addiction detox services.

People that consume large amounts of alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or a combination of these substances often are at a higher risk of developing withdrawal symptoms. Since most persons who have a substance use disorder are addicted to a combination of alcohol and/or other drugs it is often recommended that these individuals seek help from a medical detoxification facility when using multiple substances.

When someone who is addicted to a substance begins to reduce the amount of a substance or abruptly stops ingesting an addictive substance there is always a risk of the individual developing addiction withdrawal symptoms. Addiction withdrawal symptoms can be physical or psychological and some symptoms can be dangerous. It is always safer to enter a medical detox program if an individual is planning on becoming free from addictive substances.

What is Addiction Detoxification?

Addiction detoxification is the process through which a person who is physically dependent on alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or a combination of addictive substances is withdrawn from a drug or drugs that cause dependence or addiction. Addiction detoxification will involve utilizing a set of interventions that are designed to help a person to remove addictive toxic substances from their body.

Alcohol or drug addiction is a complex disease that involves changes in the physical & mental states of a person’s body. Addiction is a disease that mentally attempts to keep the individual engaged in putting the substance repeatedly into their bodies. Addiction is a chronic disease that progresses to more harmful consequences over time. It is critical that once someone recognizes that they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms that they immediately enter an addiction detox facility.

Addiction Detoxification & Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

People who develop addictions can experience withdrawal symptoms once they begin to limit the amount of an addictive substance or abruptly stop ingesting the substance into their bodies. The symptoms can range from mild to severe and vary depending on what substance is being consumed, how long the individual has been using the substance as well as the pharmacological properties of the addictive substance.

The most common addiction withdrawal symptoms are listed below; however, it should be noted that this is not a comprehensive listing of all possible addiction withdrawal symptoms. If you are living in Denton, Texas, or the surrounding Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex and you are experiencing any of these addiction withdrawal symptoms then you should seriously consider entering an addiction detox center for help. Many addiction withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous without medical detox.

Common Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms


irritability anxiety
agitation anorexia nausea



elevated heart rate

increased blood pressure     insomnia intense dreaming
nightmares impaired concentration impaired memory
Increased sensitivity to sounds Impaired judgment alteration in tactile sensations
delirium hallucinations delusions (usually paranoid)
grand mal seizures elevated temperature

intense sweating


Summer Sky Medical Detox & Stabilization Program

Residents of Denton, Texas, or people living in Denton, County will discover that the Summer Sky Medical Detox & Stabilization Program is a great option if you need medical detoxification services. Summer Sky operates a 24-hour-a-day 7-day-a-week medical detox program along with inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), and intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Summer Sky Addiction Detox Programs are designed to help men & women to become addiction-free from alcohol or drugs. The process of healing from addiction often begins with substance use disorder treatment services. Medical Detox is a component of an addiction treatment program and is a part of a comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders.

Helping Residents of Denton, Texas for Over 37 years

When should a person consider entering an addiction detox center?

Once a person notices any negative consequences from their usage of an addictive substance then it is time to contact an addiction detox center or addiction treatment program. By reaching out and talking to a substance use disorder treatment program you can prevent further negative consequences from progressing. A substance use disorder is a progressive and chronic disease and if left untreated can be fatal. It is suggested that if you are experiencing physical or psychological problems because of your usage of alcohol or drugs you seek help immediately. You can contact Summer Sky and talk with one of our confidential admissions specialists at 1-888-857-8857.

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