Addiction Detox College Station

Addiction Detox College Station

Do you live in the Bryan-College Station metropolitan area, and you are dealing with a personal problem related to alcohol or drugs? You are not alone because thousands of individuals across Texas and throughout the United States discover daily that they are struggling with alcohol or drug problems that have turned into addictions. You may even be asking yourself how I deal with my addiction.

A good idea is to reach out to an addiction treatment center to discuss with their admissions department your situation. Most addiction treatment programs offer 24-hour a-day confidential hotlines in which you can talk to someone about your situation. It is also important to consider that once an addiction does develop it will only progress to more severe levels of disruption over time.

Addiction Detox Intervention

Addiction detox is often a needed intervention to help a person relieve symptoms of their addiction to substances. An addictive disorder is a condition in which a person develops biological, psychological, and social dependence on any mood-altering substance. When a person reaches out for help for an addictive disorder an addiction detox program can help evaluate the psychological, social, and physiological signs and symptoms of alcohol and other drug use. This screening process will help determine who is appropriate and eligible for admission into an addiction detox facility.

What is an addiction detox facility?

An addiction detox facility is designed to help people deal with the medical detoxification process associated with addictive substances. All addictive substances create symptoms of withdrawal once an individual begins to cut down or discontinue using an addictive substance. For some people, the withdrawal symptoms are more severe depending on the substance, quantities, and overall length of usage of the addictive substance being consumed. An addiction detox program will help an individual to return to normal physical & mental health functioning.

Addiction Detox Assessments

Addiction Detox Programs will help to identify medical, psychiatric & physical problems associated with addiction. The addiction detox facility staff will help a person determine how a coexisting condition has been impacted by an individual’s addiction to substances. If more professional assessments are needed, then the addiction detox facility will make referrals or recommendations for additional services.

The assessments that begin during medical detox will help an individual to determine if medical detox, inpatient treatment, residential treatment, or an intensive outpatient program will be needed after detox & stabilization occurs. The assessment process will also help a person with developing a treatment plan that will be utilized for treatment services.

The Most Common Addiction Detox Withdrawal Symptoms?

When a person cuts back their usage or abruptly stops ingesting an addictive substance into their body an individual may notice symptoms of the withdrawal process begin to surface. Some symptoms may be noticeable while others may not be obvious at the beginning. The withdrawal symptoms become more obvious after the body metabolizes an addictive substance and the acute intoxication phase has diminished.

Below is a brief listing of symptoms and signs or conditions that require immediate medical attention. Some of the top addiction-related medical & psychological withdrawal symptoms that are most observed with addiction withdrawal symptoms are also listed below and all addiction withdrawal symptoms should be taken seriously because failure to enter addiction detox to deal with the withdrawal process can create uncomfortable experiences and even be life-threatening with some substances.

Symptoms and Signs of Conditions That Require Immediate Medical Attention

Change in mental status Increasing anxiety and panic Hallucinations
Seizures Increases in blood pressure Decreases in blood pressure
Elevated heart rate Decreased heart rate Insomnia
Abdominal pain Upper gastrointestinal bleeding Lower gastrointestinal bleeding
Changes in the responsiveness of pupils Heightened deep tendon reflexes A reflex beating of the foot when pressed rostrally


Top Addiction-Related Medical & Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Restlessness Irritability Anxiety
Agitation Anorexia (lack of appetite) Nausea
Vomiting Tremor (shakiness) Elevated heart rate
Increased blood pressure Insomnia Intense dreaming
Nightmares Poor concentration Impaired memory
Impaired judgment Increased sensitivity to sound Increased sensitivity to light
Tactile sensations Hallucinations (auditory) Hallucinations (visual)
Hallucinations (sound) Delusions Paranoia or paranoid feelings
Grand mal seizures Loss of consciousness Muscle rigidity
Muscle jerking A brief period of sleep Mild or Severe confusion
Hyperthermia (high fever) Delirium Disorientation to Time   
Disorientation to place Disorientation to person Disorientation to situation
Consciousness Fluctuations Delirium tremens Decreased appetite
Difficulty sleeping Obvious trembling of the hands Sweating
Elevation of pulse above 100 Blood pressure over (140/90) Hypersensitivity to noises
Hypersensitivity to light Racing thoughts Cravings


What is medical detoxification?

Detoxification is a set of interventions aimed at managing acute intoxication and withdrawal. Detoxification is a process that involves clearing toxins from the body while simultaneously managing withdrawal symptoms. Some people are acutely intoxicated or recently abstinent at the time of administering medications to help them deal with withdrawal symptoms. The entire detox process involves minimizing the physical harm that can be caused by the addictive usage of substances.

When should a person seek medical detoxification?

The sooner a person enters an addiction detox center the easier it is to begin removing an addictive substance from the body. There is always a higher risk of problems or complications when a person waits too long to begin the detox process. So, it is always a good idea to set up and plan to enter a medical detox center as soon as the individual is desiring to stop using the addictive substance.

It is important to realize that detoxification services do not offer a “cure” for substance use disorders. They often are the first step toward recovery and the “first door” through which patients pass to treatment. Medical detox is a necessary component of substance use disorder treatment, but by itself, it is not to be substituted as a full treatment. It is one part of the treatment process, and not a treatment all by itself.

What happens after a person completes medical detoxification?

Once a person has completed the addiction medical detox process the individual is offered different courses of action to continue in their treatment. Since a treatment plan will have been established during the medical detox phase most people elect to either enter inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization programs, or intensive outpatient treatment programs. People with moderate to severe substance use disorders normally choose to attend either 30-day addiction treatment programs, 60-day addiction treatment programs, or 90-day addiction treatment programs. It is always important that an individual continues treatment after detox with some form of a treatment program to address other areas of their addiction to substances.

Do you living in the Bryan/College Station area and need addiction detox?

If you are a resident of the twin cities of Bryan and the College Station region then Summer Sky Treatment Center® may be a good option to help you get free from alcohol or drugs.  We have been helping people living in the Brazos Valley Region of Texas for over 37 years with alcohol or drug problems.

Many people from the area choose our treatment programs to get away from the area to minimize the risk associated with people, places, and things that trigger their desire to keep drinking alcohol or using drugs. Others choose one of our treatment programs because we are nationally recognized as one of the top alcohol rehabs & drug rehabs in Texas. The main thing is that if you have an addiction problem, we can help you recover.

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