Addiction Detox Carrollton Texas

Addiction Detox Carrollton Texas

When people living in Carrolton, Texas discover they are addicted to either alcohol, prescription medications, or other addictive drugs it can be difficult or challenging to know what to do next to deal with the alcohol or drug problem. If you are someone who has developed physical symptoms of withdrawal, then addiction detox services will be the necessary first step in dealing with the addiction problem. Addiction detox services are a lifeline for people who are experiencing dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms because of their alcohol or drug problems.

Recently, an individual entered our medical detox program who was experiencing withdrawal symptoms from daily alcohol usage. They had explained to our medical detox staff that for the last three years they had been drinking alcohol continuously and had never attempted to stop drinking alcohol. However, a few days before they had called and entered our detox center, they had attempted to cut back their alcohol usage.

They were surprised when about 4 hours after their last drink of alcohol they may have noticed their hands began to shake when they went to drink a glass of water. They switched hands and noticed both hands would shake while holding the glass of water. Then around 6 hours without a drink of alcohol they noticed a panic feeling along with elevated anxious feelings coming over them followed by an intense desire or craving to drink alcohol to stop the feelings and physical withdrawal symptoms.

When an individual notices withdrawal symptoms it can be a very shocking experience and normally indicates a need for addiction detox services. The reality is many addictive substances can create physical dependency when used over time. In addition to developing a physical dependence upon the substance, it’s always important to consider the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with each substance before attempting to cut back or attempting to stop your usage altogether. A well-thought-out plan, along with addiction detox & treatment is a good idea for a person that wants to become free from an addictive substance.

Addiction Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms

Addiction detox or detoxification is the process of eliminating a harmful substance from the body using a set of medical interventions designed to safely help an individual manage the associated withdrawal symptoms. While not all addictive substances are created equal there are certain dangers associated with discontinuing an addictive drug from one’s system. Below is a partial listing of the most common withdrawal symptoms that present when an individual stops using an addictive drug.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

Restlessness Irritability Anxiety
Agitation Lack of appetite Nausea
Vomiting Tremor (shakiness) Elevated heart rate
Increased blood pressure Insomnia Intense dreaming
Nightmares Physical Cravings Poor concentration
Impaired memory Impaired judgment Sensitivity to sound
Increased sensitivity to light Tactile sensations Hallucinations (auditory)
Hallucinations (visual) Hallucinations (tactile) Delusions (paranoid)
Delusions (persecutory) Diaphoresis (sweating) Rhinorrhea (runny nose)


Symptoms and Signs of Conditions that Require Immediate Medical Attention

  • Change in mental status
  • Increasing anxiety and panic
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Temperature greater than 100.4° F
  • Significant increases and/or decreases in blood pressure and heart rate
  • Abdominal pain
  • Upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Changes in the responsiveness of pupils
  • Heightened deep tendon reflexes and ankle clonus, a reflex beating of the foot when pressed rostrally (i.e., toward the mouth of the patient), indicating profound central nervous system irritability and the potential for seizures

Medical Complications or Fatal Outcomes  

Grand mal seizures Loss of consciousness Breathing Problems
Muscle rigidity Muscle jerking Severe confusion
Hyperthermia (high fever) Delirium tremens Trembling
Infections Hypoglycemia gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding
Undetected trauma Fluctuating body Temp Fluctuating Pulse
High or Low blood pressure Hepatic failure Cardiomyopathy
Pancreatitis Encephalopathy Racing heart


Note: To avoid the above medical complications or fatal outcomes an individual should seek addiction detox services to avoid these issues. If you suspect you or a loved one are already experiencing the above medical issues, please seek help at an emergency room or hospital immediately.

What addictive substances are recommended for addiction detoxification?

If you are in Carrollton, Texas or the greater Dallas Metroplex Area then consider utilizing the services of Summer Sky Treatment Center for addiction detox or addiction treatment services. Summer Sky has been helping people with addiction detox & treatment for over 37 years. We offer multiple detox programs to accommodate those who require medical detoxification services.


Since alcohol is the most widely used substance in the United States it makes sense that more people will develop an alcohol addiction to the substance. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to abruptly stop using without the assistance of medical detoxification services. If you are addicted to alcohol and are planning to stop drinking, we urge you to contact our addiction detox center immediately. We can safely detoxify you from alcohol and help you create a detox plan. To schedule, an admission contact Summer Sky immediately at 1-888-857-8857.


An individual who has become addicted to a benzodiazepine drug normally requires medical detoxification to safely remove the drug from their system. Seeking help from an addiction detox center will help to prevent harmful or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. People experience withdrawal symptoms when they abruptly stop using a benzodiazepine drug or reduce the amount they are taking the drug. When a person is intoxicated, they often appear much like someone who is using alcohol and people may notice slurred speech, ataxia, with poor physical coordination.

If you are using these drugs along with alcohol and planning to stop using these addictive substances it is always a good idea to enter an addiction detox facility and allow a trained medical professional to help you with the detox process. Combining alcohol with benzodiazepines has been known to create accidental overdoses so it’s important to seek medical intervention from an addiction detox center before completely discontinuing your usage of the drug.

Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax™, more commonly referred to as Alprazolam one of the most addictive types of prescription medications that will require withdrawal management at an addiction detox center. We often call addictions to benzodiazepines and benzodiazepine use disorder.

Sedative Hypnotic or Anxiolytic Drugs

This class of drugs is often treated with medical detoxification protocols because of the severe withdrawal symptoms that present with the discontinuation of the substance. This is a wide category of drugs that are classified under this category of drugs. This class of substances includes all prescription sleeping medications and almost all prescription antianxiety medications. When combined with alcohol they are even more dangerous. We recommend detoxing from sedative-hypnotic drug addictions.

Sedative, Hypnotic, or Anxiolytic Withdrawal Symptoms

Autonomic hyperactivity Sweating   Pulse rate greater than 100
Hand tremor Insomnia Nausea or vomiting
Visual hallucinations Tactile hallucinations Auditory hallucinations
Illusions Psychomotor agitation Anxiety
Grand mal seizures Significant distress Significant impairment


Note: The withdrawal process can begin when medication is stopped or reduced so if you have developed an addiction to these types of drugs it’s always a good idea to utilize an addiction detox program to help you become free from these types of drugs.


This opioid drug is synthesized from morphine-like substances that are extracted from various opium poppy plants. It can be white, brown or a black sticky substance more commonly referred to as black tar heroin. It is recommended that people who have become addicted to this drug seek addiction detox services when attempting to stop using this substance. People who are addicted to heroin and then stop using the drug abruptly will have severe withdrawal symptoms emerge. Withdrawal Symptoms can begin as early as a few hours after the drug was last taken.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Restlessness Severe muscle and bone pain Sleep problems
Diarrhea and vomiting Cold flashes with goosebumps Experience (“cold turkey”)
Uncontrollable leg movements Severe heroin cravings Elevated Agitation


Do you or a loved one need help?

If you are suffering from any substance use disorder and you are living in Carrollton, Texas or the surrounding Dallas area then contact Summer Sky Treatment Center for help with your addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit substances. Summer Sky can help you recover from a substance use disorder and restore balance to your life. Below is a sample of some of the addiction detox & addiction treatment programs we off to people living in Carrollton, Texas.

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